Effects of Radiation on Materials: 23rd International Symposium

    Lott Randy, Busby Jeremy
    Published: 2008

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    Eighteen peer-reviewed papers focus on the irradiation embrittlement of reactor pressure vessel steels. This new publication provides a broad perspective on the development and application of trend curves used to predict fracture toughness transition temperatures in irradiated reactor pressure vessel steels. Papers cover materials ranging from erbium-tritide films to oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) ferritic steels.

    Table of Contents

    Master Integrated Reactor Vessel Surveillance Program
    Hall J., Spond D.

    The Feasibility of Using a Risk-informed Approach for Calculating Reactor Pressure Vessel Heatup and Cooldown Operating Curves
    Carter R., Gamble R., Server W.

    Monitoring of Radiation Embrittlement of the First and Second Generation of VVER RPV Steels
    Nikolaev Y., Shtrombakh Y.

    Analysis of the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition Temperature Shift in a Commercial Power Plant With High Nickel Containing Weld Material
    Efsing P., Embring G., Jansson C., Mager T.

    Radiation Embrittlement of Cr-Ni-Mo and Cr-Mo RPV Steels
    Nikolaev Y.

    Attenuation of Neutron Radiation Damage Through a Simulated RPV Wall
    Brumovsky M., Kytka M., Rosinski S., Server W., Spanner J.

    Phosphorus Segregation and Intergranular Embrittlement in Thermally Aged and Neutron Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Nishiyama Y., Onizawa K., Suzuki M.

    Information Fusion Embrittlement Models for U.S. Power Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Konduri S., Rao N., Wang J.

    Strain Hardening During Mechanical Twinning and Dislocation Channeling in Irradiated 316 Stainless Steels
    Byun T., Hashimoto N.

    Notch Strengthening and Its Impact on the Deformation and Fracture of 316L Stainless Steel
    Pan X., Stubbins J., Wu X.

    Irradiation Hardening and Microstructure Evolution of Ion-irradiated ODS Ferritic Steels
    Kasada R., Kimura A., Kishimoto H., Yutani K.

    Modelling of Radiation Damage in Fe-Cr Alloys
    Barashev A., Bjorkas C., Bonny G., Domain C., Juslin N., Malerba L., Nordlund K., Olsson P., Sandberg N., Terentyev D., Wallenius J.

    Kinetics of the Migration and Clustering of Extrinsic Gas in bcc Metals
    Baskes M., Deo C., James M., Maloy S., Okuniewski M., Srinivasan S., Stubbins J.

    Modeling the Interaction of Helium with Dislocations and Grain Boundaries in Alpha-Iron
    Gao F., Heinisch H., Kurtz R.

    DD Simulations of Dislocation-Crack Interaction During Fatigue
    Mastorakos I., Zbib H.

    Grain Growth in Nanocrystalline Metal Thin Films under In Situ Ion-Beam Irradiation
    Birtcher R., Kaoumi D., Motta A.

    Microstructural Features in Aged Erbium Tritide Films
    Brewer L., Busick C., Cowgill D., Gelles D., Kotula P., Snow C.

    Internal Probe to Detect Defects from Cascades—In-situ Ion Irradiation Experiments Revisited
    Abe H., Ishino S., Sekimura N.

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    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1492-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-6826-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-3421-8

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