Composite Materials: Testing and Design, Fourteenth Volume

    Bakis CE
    Published: 2003

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    Twenty-two peer-reviewed papers cover a variety of topics, including testing and design methods related to high speed fiber reinforced composite rotors for energy storage in space applications. Fiber reinforced polymer composite rotors are ideal for light-weight flywheel energy storage devices because of their high strength to density ratio. Eight peer-reviewed papers on composite flywheels cover material properties testing, nondestructive evaluation, manufacturing, time dependent deformation, burst testing, and containment.

    This new volume also addresses computational simulation as it relates to composite material behavior and verification testing strategies, infrastructure applications, and general topics dealing with testing and design.

    Five sections cover:
    •Composite Flywheels for Energy Storage
    •Construction and Industrial Applications
    •Computational Simulation Methods for Composite Behavior and Verification Testing Strategies
    •Metal Matrix Composites
    •Polymer Matrix Composites.

    Research & development engineers, and university and government laboratory researchers will find this new publication to be a valuable resource.

    Table of Contents

    Composite Flywheel Rotor Technology—A Review
    Chang J., Christopher D., Ratner J.

    Ultrasonic Spectroscopy of Developmental Composite Rotors
    Baaklini G., Harmon L.

    Hydroburst Test Methodology for Evaluation of Composite Structures
    Pak T., Rech B., Thompson R.

    Time-Temperature Dependent Response of Filament Wound Composites for Flywheel Rotors
    Arnold S., Bowman C., Thesken J., Thompson R.

    Viscoelastic Model of Anisotropic Flywheels
    Bakis C., Emerson R.

    A Study of Time-dependent and Anisotropic Effects on the Deformation Response of Two Flywheel Designs
    Al-Zoubi N., Arnold S., Saleeb A.

    Experimental Failure Effect Analysis of Composite High-Speed Flywheel Rotors
    Fischer G., Grothaus R., Hufenbach W.

    Assessment of Composite Containment Loadings by an Adapted Failure Effect Analysis
    Grothaus R., Hufenbach W.

    Materials and Durability Characterization of Composite Wrap Systems Using NOL Ring Tests
    Karbhari V., Reynaud D., Wu L., Zhang J.

    Interfacial Contact Behavior of CFRP-Metal Couples
    Al-Mayah A., Plumtree A., Soudki K.

    Long-Term Strain-Corrosion Behavior in RPM Sewer Pipes
    Duffner D., Hopkins S., Johnston P., McGarry F.

    Autofrettage to Offset Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Mismatch in Metal-Lined Composite Pipes
    Barbero E., Wen E.

    Experimental and Computational Characterization of the High Strain Rate Tensile Response of Polymer Matrix Composites
    Gilat A., Goldberg R.

    Computational Simulation of Composite Fracture Toughness Parameters
    Chamis C., Minnetyan L., Zhang H.

    Non-Scalar Approach to Simulate the Mechanical Degradation Process in Fibre-Reinforced-Polymers (FRPs)
    Gagel A., Schulte K.

    Tensile, Compressive, and Shear Response of a Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Composite
    Lei X., Lissenden C.

    Fatigue Life of SCS-6/Timetal® 834 at Room Temperature and 600°C: Experiments and Modeling
    Hemptenmacher J., Peters P., Xia Z., Zeng W.

    A Range of Practical Failure Criteria for Laminated Composites
    Rousseau C.

    A Theoretical Study Of The Tensile Test For Highly Anisotropic Composite Materials
    Fisa B., Gilchrist M., Lévesque M.

    Assessment of Damage in a Unidirectional Off-axis Carbon-Epoxy Composite Under Cyclic Loading
    Plumtree A., Sorenser L.

    A Criterion to Control Nonlinear Error in the Mixed-Mode Bending Test
    Reeder J.

    Comparison of Delamination Characterization for IM7/8552 Composite Woven and Tape Laminates
    Minguet P., O'Brier T., Paris I.

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    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1436-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5568-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-3465-2

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