Masonry: Opportunities for the 21st Century

    Throop D, Klingner RE
    Published: 2002

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    STP 1432 provides nineteen peer-reviewed papers on historical, current, and predicted masonry issues, ranging from studies of the behavior of historic masonry, through basic research into the behavior and potential application of innovative masonry materials. Subjects cover historic structures, material testing, evaluation techniques, and new products and systems.

    This new publication is a valuable technical resource for those involved n the production, design, or testing of masonry products or assemblies, including designers, manufacturers, engineers, architects, or consultants.

    Table of Contents

    Specifying Historic Materials: The Use of Lime
    Sheehan M., Sickels-Taves L.

    Investigation of the Rheology and Microstructure of Hydrated Lime and Sand for Mortars
    Abell A., Nichols J.

    High Pozzolan Mortars and Stuccos
    Nordmeyer D.

    The Effect of Acid Rain on Magnesium Hydroxide Contained in Cement-Lime Mortar
    Berman S., Drage D., Tate M.

    Emley Plasticity Testing: First Steps to a Precision and Bias Statement
    Godbey R., Thomson M.

    A traditional vertical batch lime kiln: thermal profile and quicklime characteristics
    Banfill P., Bartos P., Hughes J., Swift D.

    Pozzolan-Lime Mortar: Limitations of ASTM C593
    Thomson M.

    Spalling of Brick
    Chin I.

    Variability In Brick Unit Test Results
    Galitz C.

    Predicting the Freeze-Thaw Durability of Bricks Based on Residual Expansion
    Brosnan D., Frederic J., Sanders J., Seaverson E.

    Determining Concrete Masonry Unit Compressive Strength Using Coupon Testing
    Mujumdar V., Thomas R.

    The Evolution and Development of Lateral Anchorage Systems in Masonry Cladding Systems
    Chan L., Gerns E.

    Predicting Grouted Concrete Masonry Prism Strength
    Thomas R., Thompson J., Walloch C.

    Inter-Laboratory Study to Establish the Precision and Bias of Bond-Wrench Testing under ASTM C 1329 and C 1357
    Holser P., Klingner R., Melander J.

    Increasing the Cost-Effectiveness of Interlaboratory Studies and Routine Comparative Testing: A Practical Example Involving Masonry Bond Strength
    Klingner R., Press P., Thomas R., Walloch C.

    Inspection and Evaluation of Masonry Facades
    Cinnamon A., Gerns E.

    Air Barriers for Masonry Walls
    Grimm C.

    Confirmation of Anomalous Diffusion in Non-saturated Porous Building Materials by a New Capillary Rise Absorption Test
    Chevalier J., Goyer M., Küntz M., Lavallée P., Riopelle P.

    Masonry Wall Materials Prepared by Using Agriculture Waste, Lime, and Burnt Clay
    Day R., Martirena F., Mickley J., Middendorf B.

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    Committee: C15

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1432-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5470-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-3450-8

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