Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials: 4th Volume

    McGaw MA, Kalluri S, Bressers J, Peteves SD
    Published: 2003

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    Twenty-one peer-reviewed papers examine cyclic deformation and modeling, damage mechanisms and fatigue life prediction of materials under thermomechanical loading conditions. It also contains the latest testing techniques for performing thermomechanical tests on material specimens.

    Sections cover:

    Thermomechanical Deformation Behavior and Modeling details the rapid advances in computational technology to identify and characterize the complex viscoplastic deformation of materials under thermomechanical conditions.

    Damage Mechanisms Under Thermomechanical Fatigue discusses coated alloys, single crystal nickel-base superalloys, and titanium aluminide materials.

    Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior (TMF) and Cyclic Life Prediction examines an approach utilizing fracture mechanics for TMF life prediction, coated TMF behavior of a monocrystalline superalloy, fatigue behavior characterization of uncoated and coated superalloys under TMF conditions, complex loading effects, and applications in the automotive arena.

    Experimental Techniques for Themomechanical Testing deals with the development and implementation of sophisticated experimental testing techniques for improving thermomechanical fatigue testing capability.

    This is a reliable engineering tool for aerospace, automotive, mechanical, and civil engineers; structural analysts; mechanical designers; and materials scientists.

    Table of Contents

    Modeling Thermomechanical Cyclic Deformation by Evolution of Its Activation Energy
    Au P., Immarigeon J., Wu X., Yandt S.

    Modeling of Deformation During TMF-Loading
    Affeldt E., Cerdán de la Cruz L., Hammer J.

    Modelling of Hysteresis Loops During Thermomechanical Fatigue
    Andersson H., Sandström R.

    Cyclic Behavior of A1319-T7B Under Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Conditions
    Engler-Pinto C., Maier H., Sehitoglu H.

    Cyclic Deformation Behavior of Haynes 188 Superalloy Under Axial-Torsional, Thermomechanical Loading
    Bonacuse P., Kallurį S.

    Damage and Failure Mechanisms of Thermal Barrier Coatings under Thermomechanical Fatigue Loadings
    Bressers J., Hähner P., Moretto P., Peteves S., Tzimas E.

    Thermo-mechanical Creep-Fatigue of Coated Systems
    Alam A., Bickard A., Rémy L.

    Enhancement of Thermomechanical Fatigue Resistance of a Monocrystalline Nickel-base Superalloy by Pre-rafting
    Mughrabi H., Neuner F., Tetzlaff U.

    Environmental Effects on the Isothermal and Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of a Near-γ Titanium Aluminide
    Christ H., Fischer F., Maier H.

    Using Fracture Mechanics Concepts for a Mechanism-Based Prediction of Thermomechanical Fatigue Life
    Christ H., Jung A., Maier H., Teteruk R.

    Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of an Aluminide-Coated Monocrystalline Ni-Base Superalloy
    Affeldt E., Grube F., Mughrabi H.

    Collaborative Research on Thermo-Mechanical and Isothermal Low-Cycle Fatigue Strength of Ni-Base Superalloys and Protective Coatings at Elevated Temperatures in The Society of Materials Science, Japan (JSMS)
    Arai M., Fujiyama K., Harada Y., Itoh A., Kakehi K., Kaneko H., Nanba K., Nonaka I., Okazaki M., Okuda T., Sakane M., Sakurai S., Take K., Yamazaki Y.

    The Fatigue Behavior of NiCr22Co12Mo9 Under Low-Frequency Thermal-Mechanical Loading and Superimposed Higher-Frequency Mechanical Loading
    Löhe D., Lang K., Moalla M.

    Thermomechanical Response of Single Crystal Nickel-base Superalloy CM186 SX
    Bullough C., Kong C., Smith D.

    Thermomechanical Fatigue Behavior of Stainless Steel Grades for Automotive Exhaust Manifold Applications
    Coleman A., Santacreu P., Simon C.

    Thermomechanical Fatigue Analysis of Cast Aluminum Engine Components
    Allison J., Engler-Pinto C., Lasecki J., Sehitoglu H., Su X., Tang C., Zubeck M.

    Acoustic Emission Analysis of Damage Accumulation During Thermal and Mechanical Loading of Coated Ni-Base Superalloys
    de Haan F., Hähner P., Peteves S., Stamos V., Vougiouklakis Y.

    Miniature Thermomechanical Ramping Tests for Accelerated Material Discrimination
    Gant A., Gee M., Loveday M., Roebuck B.

    Improving the Reproducibility and Control Accuracy of TMF Experiments with High Temperature Transients
    Brendel T., del Re L., Naderhirn M., Schwaminger C.

    Two Specimen Complex Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Tests on the Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 316 L
    Beck T., Löhe D., Rau K.

    Analysis of Thermal Gradients during Cyclic Thermal Loading under High Heating Rates
    Affeldt E., Hammer J., Huber U., Lundblad H.

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    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1428-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5478-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-3467-6

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