Effects of Radiation on Materials: 20th International Symposium

    Rosinski ST, Grossbeck ML, Allen TR, Kumar AS
    Published: 2001

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    Fifty-seven papers provide a diverse and highly technical discussion of the influence of radiation on the microstructure and mechanical properties of structural materials. Nine sections cover: reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steels, austenitic and ferritic/martensitic alloys, proton and spallation neutron sources, radiation damage fundamentals, and other materials.

    Twenty-five papers discuss various aspects of radiation effects on RPV plate, forging, and weld materials, including radiation-induced changes on mechanical properties, radiation damage mechanisms and associated microstructural changes and the modeling of radiation embrittlement mechanisms.

    Eight papers discuss radiation-induced segregation, creep, irradiation-creep, swelling, and the associated changes in mechanical properties. Four papers discuss ferritic/martensitic alloys; and six papers examine the effects of high energy proton and spallation neutrons on the mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of various structural alloys. Finally, radiation damage fundamentals is the subject of four papers and the publication concludes with 10 papers covering a broad range of materials including vanadium alloys, tungsten rods, silicon film, silicon carbide and silicon carbide composites, shape-memory alloys, zirconium-niobium pressure tube materials, and other metals and alloys.

    Table of Contents

    Review of Current Recommendations from the Recent IAEA Specialists Meeting on Irradiation Effects on Pressure Vessel Steels and its Mitigation
    Davies L., Lyssakov V., Rosinski S., Server W.

    A Mechanistically-Based Model of Irradiation Damage in Low Alloy Steel Submerged Arc Welds
    Ellis D., Williams T.

    Vessel Investigation Program of “CHOOZ A” PWR Reactor after Shutdown
    Brillaud C., Grandjean Y., Saillet S.

    Development of Reconstitution Technology for Surveillance Specimens in Japan Power Engineering and Inspection Corporation
    Kataoka S., Kato N., Oka Y., Taguchi K., Yamamoto M.

    Master Curve Characterization of Irradiation Embrittlement Using Standard and 1/3-Sized Precracked Charpy Specimens
    Chi S., Hong J., Huh M., Lee B., Yang W.

    Radiation Damage Assessment by the Use of Dynamic Toughness Measurements on Pre-Cracked Charpy-V Specimens
    Chaouadi R., Lucon E.

    Comparison of Transition Temperature Shifts Between Static Fracture Toughness and Charpy-v Impact Properties Due to Irradiation and Post-Irradiation Annealing for Japanese A533B-1 Steels
    Onizawa K., Suzuki M.

    Yield and Toughness Transition Predictions for Irradiated Steels Based on Dislocation Mechanics
    Gunawardane H., Natishan M., Wagenhofer M.

    Master Curve Evaluation of Irradiated Russian VVER Type Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Boehmert J., Dzugan J., Richter H., Viehrig H.

    Fracture Toughness Characterization of 304L and 316L Austenitic Stainless Steels and Alloy 718 After Irradiation in High-Energy, Mixed Proton/Neutron Spectrum
    Alexander D., Ferguson P., James M., Louthan M., Maloy S., Robertson J., Snead L., Sokolov M., Sommer W., Willcutt G.

    Review of Phosphorus Segregation and Intergranular Embrittlement in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    English C., Gage G., Ortner S., Rosinski S., Server W.

    Modeling of Phosphorus Accumulation on Grain Boundaries in Iron Alloys under Irradiation
    Konobeev Y., Pechenkin V., Stepanov I.

    Grain Boundary Phosphorus Segregation Under Irradiation and Thermal Aging and Its Effect on the Ductile-to-Brittle Transition
    Faulkner R., Flewitt P., Song S.

    An Evaluation of Through-Thickness Changes in Primary Damage Production in Commercial Reactor Pressure Vessels
    Greenwood L., Stoller R.

    Hardness and Microstructure Changes with Thermal Annealing of Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cu Alloys
    Kawanishi H., Suzuki S.

    Effects of Copper Concentration and Neutron Flux on Irradiation Hardening and Microstructure Evolution in Fe-Cu Model Alloys
    Kasada R., Kimura A., Kitao T., Matsui H., Morishita K.

    Effects of Neutron Irradiation and Thermal Annealing on Model Alloys Using Positron Annihilation Techniques
    Böhmert J., Brauer G., Catchen G., Cumblidge E., Motta A.

    Microstructural Evolution in High Nickel Submerged Arc Welds
    Ellis D., English C., Hyde J., Williams T.

    An Evaluation of the Effect of Radiation Environment on Linde 80 Reactor Vessel Welds
    DeVan M., Pavinich W.

    Reirradiation Response Rate of a High-Copper Reactor Pressure Vessel Weld
    Baldwin C., Heatherly D., Iskander S., Miller M., Nanstad R., Remec I.

    Relation Between Resistivity and Mechanical Properties in Heat Affected Zone of Welded Pressure Vessel Steel
    Itoh K., Kasada R., Kimura A., Naruse Y., Suzuki T.

    Fracture Toughness and Tensile Properties of Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Cladding Material
    Belcher W., Horsten M.

    True Characteristics of Strength and Ductility for Neutron-Irradiated Metals and Alloys
    Maksimkin O., Tivanova O.

    Investigation of Temper Embrittlement in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels Following Thermal Aging, Irradiation, and Thermal Annealing
    English C., McCabe D., Nanstad R., Ortner S., Sokolov M.

    Composition Effects on the Radiation Embrittlement of Iron Alloys
    Böhmert J., Erak D., Kryukov A., Nikolaev Y., Ulbricht A.

    The Determination of Bias Factor Stress Dependence from Experimental Data on Irradiation Creep and Stress-Affected Swelling in Austenitic Stainless Steels
    Garner F., Konobeev Y., Pechenkin V.

    Swelling and Microstructural Evolution in 316 Stainless Steel Hexagonal Ducts Following Long-Term Irradiation in EBR-II
    Akasaka N., Allen T., Cole J., Donomae T., Mizuta S., Tsai H., Ukai S., Yoshitake T.

    Radiation-Induced Segregation and Void Swelling in 304 Stainless Steel
    Allen T., Cole J., Kenik E.

    Effect of Irradiation Environment of Fast Reactor's Fuel Elements on Void Swelling in P, Ti-Modified 316 Stainless Steel
    Akasaka N., Ukai S., Yamagata I.

    The Swelling Dependence of Cold Worked 16Cr-15Ni-2Mo-lMn Steel on Neutron Irradiation Temperature, Fluence and Damage Rate During Its Use as a Cladding Material in the BN-600 Reactor
    Bryushkova S., Kinev E., Kozlov A., Portnykh I.

    Tensile Properties of 12% Cold-Worked Type 316 Stainless Steel Irradiated in EBR-II Under Lower-Dose-Rate Conditions to High Fluence
    Allen T., Cole J., Donomae T., Mizuta S., Strain R., Tsai H., Yoshitake T.

    Irradiation Creep Deformation of Modified 316 and 15Cr-20Ni Base Austenitic Fuel Elements Irradiated in FFTF
    Mizuta S., Puigh R., Uehira A., Ukai S.

    Behavior of Different Austenitic Stainless Steels, Conventional, Reduced Activation (RA) and ODS Chromium-Rich Ferritic-Martensitic Steels Under Neutron Irradiation at 325°C in PWR Environment
    Alamo A., Averty X., Bertin J., Brachet J., Lamagnère P., Raquet O., Rozenblum F.

    Post-Irradiation Deformation Microstructures in Fe-9Cr
    Gelles D., Hamilton M., Schäublin R.

    Effect of Specimen Size on Fatigue Properties of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel
    Hirose T., Katoh Y., Kohyama A., Sakasegawa H., Tanigawa H.

    Correlation Between Creep Properties and Microstructure of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels
    Harada T., Hasegawa T., Hirose T., Katoh Y., Kohyama A., Sakasegawa H.

    Comparison of Thermal Creep and Irradiation Creep of HT9 Pressurized Tubes at Test Temperatures from ∼490°C to 605°C
    Abe K., Garner F., Grambau B., Toloczko M.

    Examination of 304L Stainless Steel to 6061-T6 Aluminum Inertia Welded Transition Joints after Irradiation in a Spallation Neutron Spectrum
    Dunn K., James M., Louthan M., Maloy S., Mickalonis J.

    Microstructural Alteration of Structural Alloys by Low Temperature Irradiation with High Energy Protons and Spallation Neutrons
    Bond G., Garner F., James M., Maloy S., Sencer B., Sommer W.

    Retention of Very High Levels of Helium and Hydrogen Generated in Various Structural Alloys by 800 MeV Protons and Spallation Neutrons
    Ferguson P., Garner F., James M., Maloy S., Oliver B., Sommer W.

    The Influence of High Energy Proton Irradiation on the Corrosion of Materials
    Chandler G., Daemen L., Ferguson P., Gac F., Lillard S., Paciotti M., Willcutt G.

    The Effect of High Energy Protons and Neutrons on the Tensile Properties of Materials Selected for the Target and Blanket Components in the Accelerator Production of Tritium Project
    Garner F., Hamilton M., James M., Johnson W., Louthan M., Maloy S., Sommer W., Willcutt G.

    High-Energy Spallation Neutron Effects on the Tensile Properties of Materials for the Target and Blanket Components for the Accelerator Production of Tritium Project
    Hamilton M., James M., Johnson W., Lohmeier D., Maloy S., Sommer W.

    Microstructural Evolution of Reduced Activation and Conventional Martensitic Steels after Thermal Aging and Neutron Irradiation
    Alamo A., Averty X., de Carlan Y., de Novion C., Geoffroy G., Mathon M.

    Dimensional Characteristics of Displacement Cascades in Austenitic Steels under Neutron Irradiation at Cryogenic Temperature
    Kozlov A., Lapin S., Portnykh I., Skryabin L.

    On the α+γ↔γ-Phase Boundary in Nickel and in Manganese Containing Stainless Steel Alloys
    Schüle W.

    Effect of Nickel on Irradiation Hardening and Microstructure Evolution of Proton Irradiated Fe-Cu Alloys
    Hasegawa M., Kimura A., Kitao T., Matsui H., Shibamoto H., Yamaguchi S.

    Effect of Final Irradiation Temperature and Frequency of Irradiation Temperature Cycles on Microstructural Evolution of Vanadium Alloys
    Fukumoto K., Matsui H., Nita N.

    Hardening of Vanadium Doped with Nitrogen by Heavy Ion Irradiation and Post-Irradiation Annealing
    Muroga T., Nagasaka T., Takahashi H., Tanabe T., Yoshida N.

    Hydrogen and Helium Gas Formation and their Release Kinetics in Tungsten Rods after Irradiation with 800 MeV Protons
    Ferguson P., Garner F., Hamilton M., James M., Maloy S., Oliver B., Sommer W.

    The Influence of Temperature, Fluence, Dose Rate, and Helium Production on Defect Accumulation and Swelling in Silicon Carbide
    Ando M., Katoh Y., Kishimoto H., Kohyama A.

    Microstructural Stability of SiC/SiC Composites under Dual-Beam Ion Irradiation
    Ando M., Katoh Y., Kishimoto H., Kohyama A., Shibayama T., Takahashi H.

    Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Radiation Damage Production in Cubic Silicon Carbide
    Diaz de la Rubia T., Malerba L., Pastor I., Perlado J.

    Influence of the Reactor and Cyclotron Irradiation on Energy Transformation during Plastic Deformation of Metal Materials
    Gusev M., Maksimkin O.

    Irradiation-Induced Amorphization and Its Recovery Behavior in Cold-Rolled and Aged Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys
    Hirose T., Kimura A., Matsui H.

    Effect of Mass and Energy on Preferential Amorphization in Polycrystalline Silicon Film during Ion Irradiation
    Abe H., Nashiyama I., Ohnuki S., Suda T., Takeda M., Watanebe S.

    Crack Growth Resistance of Irradiated Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tube Material at Low Hydrogen Levels
    Davies P., Himbeault D., Hosbons R., Shewfelt R.

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    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1405-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5454-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2878-1

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