Reactor Dosimetry: Radiation Metrology and Assessment

    Williams JG, Vehar DW, Ruddy FH, Gilliam DM
    Published: 2001

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    One hundred papers provide an extensive overview of latest advances in reactor dosimetry. An additional nine summaries provide the status of technical workshops held at the Tenth International Symposium on Reactor Dosimetry and three keynote papers address: why we need dosimetry; the role of ASTM Committee E10 on Nuclear Technology, and reactor dosimetry activities in Japan. The 100 papers span seven areas including:

    Power Reactor Surveillance includes 17 papers on reactor vessel surveillance for pressurized water reactors (PWRs) in France, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan and the United States; for VVERs in Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Hungry; for heavy water reactor in Argentina; and for MAGNOX reactors in the United Kingdom. Three papers also address concrete structures outside reactor vessels

    Test Reactors and Accelerator Sources addresses facilities for such applications as boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), semiconductor testing, structural steel testing, and nuclear fuel testing in a variety of types of reactor and accelerator neutron sources.

    Benchmarks and Intercomparisons contains 11 papers on experiments and analysis used to test and improve techniques and data by means of standards and calibrations and specially designed reference fields.

    Cross Sections and Nuclear Data provides 11 papers on cross section measurements and evaluations; and compilation and testing of cross section libraries.

    Calculations and Adjustment Methods includes 14 articles, half on neutron transport codes for modeling LWR vessels and internal structures. Remaining papers address computational methods for estimation of induced activity in ex-vessel components and neutron spectrum adjustment methods.

    Damage Correlations and Damage Dosimetry discusses calculation of displacements-per-atom, kerma, and atomic-recoil energy spectra, and data libraries derived for these.

    Experimental Techniques are discussed in 21 papers. Half address active detector techniques, including spectrometers and instruments for in-core monitoring and the remaining discuss passive irradiation monitoring, including activation monitoring methods.

    Table of Contents

    Why Do We Need Dosimetry?
    Gérard R., Zaritsky S.

    ASTM Standards for Reactor Dosimetry and Pressure Vessel Surveillance
    Griffin P.

    Developments in Reactor Dosimetry in Japan
    Kimura I.

    French PWR Vessel Surveillance Program Dosimetry: Experience Feedback from More than a Hundred Capsules
    Beretz D., Brillaud C., Destouches C., Saillet S.

    Reactor Pressure Vessel Neutron Dosimetry Assessments for UK PWR Plant
    Haddock S., Lewis T., Mossop J., Page C., Thornton D.

    Assessment of Neutron Fluence Uncertainty and its Impact on Safety Issues
    Lippincott E.

    Review of Problems and Requirements in VVER Reactor-Type Pressure Vessel Dosimetry
    Nikolaev Y., Ošmera B., Platonov P., Valenta V., Zaritsky S.

    Overview of the Surveillance Dosimetry Activities in Ukraine
    Bukanov V., Dyemokhin V., Gavriljuk V., Grytsenko O., Nedyelin O., Vasylyeva E.

    Improved Evaluation of the Atucha-I Ex-Vessel Dosimetry
    Albornoz A., Blanco A., Blaumann H., Gennuso G., Lopasso E., Serra O.

    Reactor Dosimetry in the Surveillance Program of Kozloduy NPP Reactor Pressure Vessels
    Apostolov T., Belousov S., Ilieva K., Monev M.

    Evaluation of the Reactor Dosimetry Results Obtained During the First Ten Years of the RPV Surveillance Program at the NPP Paks
    Oszvald F., Szondi E., Zsolnay &.

    Neutron Dosimetry for VVER Reactor Pressure Vessels in the Czech Republic
    Brumovsky M., Erben O., Hogel J., Osmera B.

    Analysis of Pressure Vessel Surveillance Dosimetry Inserted into Korean PWR
    Chang J., Gil C., Kim J.

    Integrity Assessment for Aging Reactor Vessel of Japan's First Generation PWR Plants
    Kusuki A., Sato T., Shiota S.

    Measurement of Neutron Flux Distribution for Decommissioning in Tokai Power Station
    Nakazawa M., Shirakawa M., Yamamoto T.

    Impact of the ENDF/B-VI Cross Sections on the RPV Fluence Determination
    Remec I.

    Factors Affecting Predicted Neutron Dose Rates to Steel Pressure Vessels of Magnox Plant
    Thornton D.

    The Attenuation of Neutron Dose Rates through the Steel Pressure Vessels of Magnox Power Plants
    Fletcher A., Mossop J., Page C.

    Assessment of Activation of Concrete Wall for Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants
    Hattori T., Kawabe T., Matsumura T.

    Use of SSTRs and a Multi-Component Shield Assembly to Measure Radiation Penetrating the Reactor Biological Shield in the Presence of Radiation Streaming from Other Sources
    Fero A.

    Spectral Unfolding of Mixed Proton/Neutron Fluences in the LANSCE Irradiation Environment
    Corzine R., Ferguson P., Fowler M., James M., Maloy S., Mueller G., Sommer W.

    Neutron Beam Characterization at the Finnish BNCT Facility — Measurements and Calculations
    Auterinen I., Kotiluoto P., Seppälä T., Serén T.

    Establishment of Fe-Filtered Neutron Beam Facility and Measurement of the Filtered Neutrons
    Fujita Y., Kobayashi K., Utsumi H., Utsuro M., Yoshimoto T.

    Design and Characterization of a Facility for Fast Neutron Irradiation of Semiconductors at Penn State
    Abou-Zaid A., Daubenspeck T., Haghighat A., Petrovic B.

    Comprehensive Nuclear Fuel Dosimetry Program in the OSIRIS Reactor
    Alberman A., Marcault A., Marchand L., Morin C.

    Dosimetry of a GeV Proton-Driven Spallation Neutron Field by the Activation Method
    Ikeda Y., Kasugai Y., Takada H.

    The Irradiation Characteristics of the KUR Heavy Water Facility — Neutron Energy Spectra for Several Irradiation Modes
    Kobayashi K., Kobayashi T., Sakurai Y.

    Radiation Dosimetry at the BNL High Flux Beam Reactor and Medical Research Reactor
    Farrell K., Greenberg D., Greenwood L., Holden N., Hu J., Reciniello R.

    Measurement of Neutron Spectrum at HANARO
    Kang Y., Hong U., Kang H., Seo C.

    Combining Measurements and 3D Neutron Transport Calculations — A Powerful Tool in Detailed Neutron Dosimetry and Damage Analysis
    Freudenreich W., Ketema D., Voorbraak W.

    Characterization of Neutron Field for Stainless Steel Irradiation Experiments in JMTR
    Fujiki K., Nagao Y., Shimakawa S.

    Assessment of the Fission Power Level in Fuel Rods Irradiated in the High Flux Materials Testing Reactor BR2 with the Aid of Fluence Dosimetry and Comparison with Other Methods
    Bodart S., De Raedt C., Malambu E., Wéber M., Willekens M.

    Local Change of a Neutron Spectrum in the Fast Reactor BOR-60 for Extension of Research Tasks
    Shimansky G., Tellin A., Yakovleva I.

    Improvement of Reactor Dosimetry for Irradiation Tests in the Experimental Fast Reactor JOYO
    Aoyama T., Sekine T., Suzuki S., Yoshida A.

    Estimation of Low Level Neutron Doses Based on Neutron Spectra in the Vicinity of a Nuclear Reactor
    Kobayashi K., Ogawa Y., Ohsawa T., Sagawa H., Tsujimoto T., Urabe I., Yoshimoto T.

    Conceptual Neutronics Design of “Neutron Factory” as a Future Plan on Neutron Source in Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute (KURRI)
    Inoue M., Kawase Y., Moriyama H., Shiroya S., Unesaki H.

    Results from the NIST Round Robin Test of Fissionable Dosimeters in a Reactor Leakage Spectrum
    Adams J.

    New NEA Benchmarks for Calculating Fast Neutron Fluence in the Reactor Pressure Vessel
    Hehn G., Na B.

    Database for WWER-1000 Reactor Pressure Vessel IAEA Regional Project RER 4/017
    Alekseev N., Belousov S., Brodkin E., Cvachovec F., Egorov A., Gurevitch M., Hort M., Hudec F., Ilieva K., Janský B., Kovbasensko J., Krysl V., Lyssakov V., Mikuš J., Misawa T., Mori C., Novák E., Ošmera B., Pošta S., Smutný V., Turzík Z., Uritani A., Zaritsky S.

    Balakovo-3 Ex-vessel Exercise: Intercomparison of Results
    Ait Abderrahim H., Böhmer B., Barz H., Borodin A., Borodkin G., Grigoriev E., Hogel J., Kinova L., Kovalevich O., Lichadeev V., Markina N., Penev I., Polke E., Schweighofer W., Seren T., Stephan I., Troshin V., Vikhrov V., Voorbraak W.

    Re-analysis of the Experimental Leakage Neutron Spectrum from a Silicon Spherical Shell with Incident 14 MeV Neutrons using Different and Modified Neutron Cross Section Libraries
    Hayashi S., Ichihara C., Kimura I., Takahashi A., Yamamoto J.

    Monte Carlo Calculations of Neutron Fluence Spectra, Activation Measurements, Uncertainty Analysis and Spectrum Adjustment for the KORPUS Dosimetry Benchmark
    Barz H., Boehmer B., Konheiser J., Stephan I.

    Actual and Potential Measurements of Fission-Rate Ratios in the NIST Iron Sphere
    Perel R., Wagschal J., Yeivin Y.

    Adjustment of the 235U Fission Spectrum
    Griffin P., Williams J.

    Analysis of the ORNL PCA Benchmark Using TORT and BUGLE-96
    Anderson S., Fero A., Roberts G.

    Development of Calibration Fields of Intermediate Neutrons by Using Several Sources
    Fujishiro M., Kobayashi K., Kudo K., Okamoto K., Takeda N., Yoshimoto T.

    A Study on 14 MeV Neutron Beam Characteristics and its Applications
    Ikeda Y., Kaneko J., Kasugai Y., Konno C., Maekawa F., Sakane H., Uno Y.

    Integral Assessment of the Revised JENDL Dosimetry File
    Aoyama T., Iguchi T., Ikeda Y., Iwasaki S., Kobayashi K., Nakagawa T., Nakazawa M., Odano N., Sakurai K., Shibata K., Shimakawa S.

    High Energy Neutron Activation Cross Sections
    Kim E., Nakamura T., Nakao N., Tanaka S., Uwamino Y.

    SPALLDOS: New Neutron Metrology Cross-Section Library for Use at Spallation Neutron Sources
    Hegedüs F., Szondi E., Tobler L., Zsolnay &.

    Integral Testing of Spallation Cross Sections for Neutron Dosimetry at 113 and 256 MeV
    Greenwood L.

    Production of a Dosimetry Cross Section Set Up to 50 MeV
    Ikeda Y., Maekawa F., von Möllendorff U., Wada M., Wilson P.

    Neutron and Non-Neutron Nuclear Data for Radiation Dosimetry
    Holden N.

    New Measurements of the H(n,n)H Angular Distribution
    Bateman F., Boukharouba N., Brient C., Carlson A., Grimes S., Haight R., Massey T., Wasson O.

    Fission Cross Section Measurements of Th-229 and Pa-231 Using Linac-Driven Lead Slowing-Down Spectrometer
    Cho H., Fujita Y., Kai T., Kimura I., Kobayashi K., Mitsugashira T., Yamamoto S., Yamana H.

    Measurement of Differential Neutron-Induced Charged-Particle Emission Cross Sections for 5 – 75 MeV Neutrons
    Baba M., Hirakawa N., Hirasawa Y., Meigo S., Nakashima H., Nauchi Y., Sanami T., Tanaka S.

    Fast Neutron Yields Generated from Deuteron Break-up in Low Energy Reactions of Light Nuclei
    Šimečková E., Štursa J., Bém P., Burjan V., Cvachovec F., Götz M., Kroha V., Nikolskii E., Vincour J.

    Measurement of the Neutron Capture Cross-Sections for Dy and Hf between 0.001 eV and 50 keV Using Total Energy Absorption Detector
    Chang J., Cho H., Fujita Y., Kim G., Ko S., Kobayashi K., Yamamoto S.

    Modeling of BWR for Neutron and Gamma Fields Using PENTRAN™
    Haghighat A., Kucukboyaci V., Petrovic B., Sjoden G.

    Activity Determination with High Precision for Component Disposal
    Polke E.

    PV-Surveillance Dosimetry and Adjustment: Review of Several Significant Oral Laws
    Perel R., Wagschal J., Yeivin Y.

    Physically Constrained Adjustment of Calculated Neutron Spectra for Dosimetry and Vessel Locations
    Griffin P., Williams J.

    Algorithm and Computer Code of Group Neutron Spectra Transformation
    Gurevich M., Shimansky G., Tellin A.

    Improved Covariance Analysis and Spectrum Adjustment for VVER-1000 Pressure Vessel Fluences
    Boehmer B., Borodkin G., Manturov G.

    A Parametrized Approach for Unfolding the Neutron Flux Spectrum
    Kimura I., Kobayashi K., Li Z., Wang Y.

    Accuracy and Parallel Performance of PENTRAN™ Using the VENUS-3 Benchmark Experiment
    Abderrahim H., Haghighat A., Sjoden G.

    Three Dimensional Neutron Analysis in the Baffle-Former Area of PWR Plant
    Kitagawa H., Yamagiwa N., Yamashita K.

    MCBEND — A Fluence Modeling Tool
    Cowan P., Curl I., Mattsson C., Shuttleworth E., Wright G.

    Performance of A3MCNP™ for Calculation of 3-D Neutron Flux Distribution in a BWR Core Shroud
    Haghighat A., Hiruta H., Petrovic B.

    Development of 3D MCNP-Based BWR Fluence Computational Software Package: MF3D
    Chiang R., Sitaraman S.

    BWR Neutron Fluence Computations using MF3D
    Asano K., Chiang R., Jenkins A., Koyabu K., Kruger R., Sitaraman S.

    Development of Induced Activity Estimation Method for PWR Containment
    Muramatsu T., Nakata M.

    Comparative Analysis of DPA Processed from Current Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries
    Chang J., Cho Y., Gil C., Kim J.

    JENDL PKA/KERMA File for IFMIF Project
    Aruga T., Chiba S., Fukahori T., Ikeda Y., Kawai M., Murata T., Shibata K., Watanabe Y., Yamano N.

    A Study of Displacement Cross Section in Medium-Energy Region
    Iga K., Ikeda Y., Takada H.

    Radiation Hardening in BWR Core Shrouds: Relative Roles of Neutron and Gamma Irradiation
    Kwon J., Motta A.

    Correlating Radiation Exposure with Embrittlement: Comparative Studies of Electron- and Neutron-Irradiated Pressure Vessel Alloys
    Alexander D., Gragg D., Jemian P., Kestel B., Klingensmith D., Lucas G., Odette G., Rehn L., Seifert S.

    The PKA Energy Spectrum Analysis of Defect Structures in Neutron Irradiated Metals
    Satoh Y., Xu Q., Xu X., Yanagita S., Yoshiie T.

    A Comparison of the NRT Displacement Model and Primary Damage Formation Observed in Molecular Dynamics Cascade Simulations
    Greenwood L., Stoller R.

    Fusion Neutron Irradiation Effects on Some Electronic Devices
    Iida T., Sato F., Tanaka T., Tanimura Y.

    Projects AMES Dosimetry and MADAM. Results and Future Activities
    Ballesteros A., Debarberis L.

    U.S. NRC Embrittlement Data Base (EDB)
    Pace J., Rosseel T., Wang J.

    Measurement of Eigenvalue Separation in Coupled-Core Systems using Optical Fiber with Scintillator
    Aizawa O., Hashimoto K., Horiguchi T., Kitada T., Shiroya S., Takeda T., Unesaki H., Yamamoto J., Yamamoto T.

    Selective and Prompt Self-Powered Neutron Detectors for Characterization of Mixed Radiation Fields in Reactors
    Blandin C., Breaud S.

    Neutron and Gamma Ray Dosimetry in Spent-Fuel Radiation Environments Using Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Radiation Detectors
    Daubenspeck T., Davison C., Dulloo A., Flinchbaugh T., Ruddy F., Seidel J.

    Retrospective Fast Neutron Dosimetry of Nuclear Power Plants by Means of Scraping Samples Using the 93Nb(n,n')93mNb Reaction
    Gabler F., Guenther I., Hegedues F., van Aarle J.

    A Novel Neutron Spectrometer with Response of Wide Energy Range
    Iguchi T., Iwai S., Kawarabayashi J., Kudo K., Makihara Y., Mori C., Sato O., Takeda N., Toyokawa H., Uritani A., Yamaguchi S.

    Characterization and Representation of the HPGE Detector Efficiency
    Flanders T., Griffin P., Sallee W., Sparks M., Vehar D.

    Accreditation and Certification in Radioactivity Measurement: Experience of the CEA/Reactor Dosimetry Laboratory
    Beretz D., Royer J.

    A Laser Compton-Scattered Photon Source for Potential Calibration of Gamma-Ray Detectors in the Energy Range from 2 to 22 MeV
    Kudo K., Ohgaki H., Takeda N., Toyokawa H.

    Stilbene Neutron Spectrometer with Spreading of a One Parameter Pulse Shape Discrimination Dynamic Range
    Cvachovec F., Osmera B.

    Use of Reaction 93Nb(n, n')93mNb to Determine Neutron Spectra at Outer PV Surface of WWER-1000 Reactor
    Gritzay O., Rusinko P., Vasylyeva O.

    Experimental Method of Neutron Spectra Determination with Activation Foils
    Carcreff H., Colomb F., Morin C.

    Qualifying C8/F9 Spectrum Index Measurements by Using Standard Neutron Fields
    D'hondt P., van der Meer K., Vandebroek R.

    Metal Discs as Very Low Thermal Neutron Flux Monitors in Reactor Environment
    Aït Abderrahim H., Hult M., Köhler M., Marloye D., Martínez Canet M.

    Development of a Neutron and Gamma-Ray Flux Distribution Measurement System with Scintillator and Optical Fiber Combination
    Hayashi S., Iguchi T., Kakuta T., Katagiri M., Kimura I., Kobayashi H., Mori C., Takami Y., Uritani A.

    Real-Time Dosimetry Method Using an Imaging Plate
    Fujii Y., Katagiri M., Kishimoto M., Sakasai K.

    Application of Accumulative Type ESR-Sensors for Determination of Intensity, Spectral Characteristics and Volume Distribution of Intense Gamma and Neutron Fields
    Kajnov V., Khamidov A., Serdyukova L., Usatyi A.

    Neutron Dosimetry Using Diallyl Phthalate Resin
    Tsuruta T.

    Development of In-Core Monitoring System using Optical Fiber for Advanced Fission Reactor
    Arai T., Hayashi K., Ishihara M., Kakuta T., Narui M., Sagawa T., Shikama T.

    Development and Modeling of Neutron Detectors for In-Core Measurement Requirements in Nuclear Reactors
    Bignan G., Blandin C., Breaud S., Eymery S., Lebrun A., Poujade O., Recroix H., Trapp J.

    Reduction of Inter-Event Dead Time in Data Acquisition System for Simultaneous Measurement of Neutron Pulse Series in Time and Space
    Ishitani K., Kitamura Y., Misawa T., Shiroya S., Unesaki H., Uritani A., Yamane Y.

    A System Design for Measuring Boron Concentration in Pressurized Light Water Reactor Cooling Water
    Kojima T., Nakagawa K., Oda K., Ohashi S., Yamauchi T.


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