Skiing Trauma and Safety: Thirteenth Volume

    Johnson RJ, Zucco P, Shealy JE
    Published: 2000

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    The newest volume in this series examines 16 peer-reviewed papers that reflect the latest worldwide research in the effort to reduce the risk of injury in winter sports.

    4 sections cover:

    Skiing and Snowboarding Equipment — 5 papers evaluate release bindings for World Cup freestyle skiers; current binding settings standards; the means of developing a learning binding for beginner skiers; the many variables involved with on-snow ski boot pressure measurements; and an apparatus for measuring mechanical properties of snowboard boot/binding systems in bending.

    Epidemiology — 7 papers discuss the differences, including injuries and overall injury rate, between alpine skiing, telemark skiing, and snowboarding.

    Knee Biomechanics — 2 papers study the use of a mechanical knee simulator and "load cases" that may help in understanding the high injury rate to knee ligaments.

    Specific Problems — 2 papers investigate the complexities of medical evacuations by helicopter; and the surgical treatment of tibia plateau fractures and avulsions of the tibial spine sustained in downhill skiing accidents.

    Audience: This volume is a valuable asset to all professionals in the skiing industry including instructors, coaches, sports equipments manufacturers, industry engineers, and ski area managers. It is also an important resource for physicians; lawyers.

    Table of Contents

    On-Slope Evaluation of Release Bindings for World Cup Freestyle Skiers
    Dimmen S., Ekeland A., Heir S.

    Minimum Retention Settings: Examining Prediction Methods
    Mote C., Scher I.

    Design of a Learning Binding for Alpine Skiing
    Gulick D., Mote C.

    Variable Influence in On-Snow Ski Boot Pressure Measurements
    Ford K., Goodwin D.

    Development and Validation of an Apparatus for Determining Snowboard Boot Stiffness
    Crisco J., Greenwald R., Torres K.

    Injuries in Alpine Skiing, Telemarking, and Snowboarding
    Ekeland A., Rødven A.

    Evolution of ACL Ruptures in French Ski Resorts 1992–1999
    Binet M., Constans D., Laporte J.

    Update on Injury Trends in Alpine Skiing
    Ettlinger C., Johnson R., Shealy J.

    Ski Injury Epidemiology: A Short-Term Epidemiology Study of Injuries with Skiboards
    Boynton M., Greenwald R., Nesshoever M.

    A Two-Year Study of Skiboards
    Ettlinger C., Johnson R., Shealy J.

    Rates and Modalities of Death in the U.S.: Snowboarding and Skiing Differences—1991/92 through 1998/99
    Ettlinger C., Johnson R., Shealy J.

    Injuries and Risk Taking in Alpine Skiing
    Goulet C., Ouellet G., Régnier G., Valois P.

    Laboratory Simulation of Biomechanical Knee Behavior under Skiing and Falling Loads
    Freudiger S.

    Critical Load Cases for Knee Ligaments at Skiing—An Engineering Approach
    Freudiger S., Friederich N.

    On-Slope Helicopter Evacuations of Seriously Injured Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders
    Cadman R.

    Arthroscopically Assisted Operative Treatment of the Tibia Plateau Fractures from Downhill Skiing
    Fujii K., Kurosaka D., Tsuji M., Yamagishi T.

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    Committee: F27

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1397-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5445-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2876-7

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