Mechanical, Thermal and Environmental Testing and Performance of Ceramic Composites and Components

    Jenkins MG, Lara-Curzio E, Gonczy ST
    Published: 2000

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    This concise, archival reference examines the results of the latest research and development programs on continuous fiber ceramic composites (CFCCs). It examines specific issues, such as thermal stresses, stress gradients, measurement capabilities, gripping methods, environmental effects, statistical considerations, and limited material quantities.

    22 peer-reviewed papers are divided into 4 major categories:

    • Room-Temperature Test Results/Methods

    • Test Results/Methods Related to Design Implications

    • Environmental Effects and Characterization

    • Damage Accumulation and Material Development

    Please note: This volume serves as an excellent companion to STP 1309/Thermal and Mechanical Test Methods and Behavior of Continuous-Fiber Ceramic Composites.

    This publication will be of value to

    • Gas Turbine Designers

    • Materials Scientists

    • Ceramicists

    • Power Systems Engineers

    • Mechanical and Design Engineers

    Table of Contents

    Gonczy S., Jenkins M., Lara-Curzio E.

    Relationships of Test Methods and Standards Development to Emerging and Retrofit CFCC Markets
    Barnett T., Cairo R., Ojard G.

    Multiple-Laboratory Round-Robin Study of the Flexural, Shear, and Tensile Behavior of a Two-Dimensionally Woven Nicalon™/Sylramic™ Ceramic Matrix Composite
    Gonczy S., Jenkins M., Lara-Curzio E., Zawada L.

    Test Procedures for Determining the Delamination Toughness of Ceramic Matrix Composites as a Function of Mode Ratio, Temperature, and Layup
    Davidson B., Polaha J.

    Detailed Study of the Tensile Behavior of a Two-Dimensionally Woven Nicalon™/Sylramic™ Ceramic Matrix Composite
    Jenkins M., Zawada L.

    Testing Methodology for Measuring Transthickness Tensile Strength for Ceramic Matrix Composites
    Goecke K., Zawada L.

    Flexural and Tensile Properties of a Two-Dimensional Nicalon™ -Reinforced Sylramic™ S-200 Ceramic Matrix Composite
    Gonczy S., Jenkins M.

    Stress-Rupture, Overstrerssing, and a New Methodology to Assess the High-Temperature Durability and Reliability of CFCCs
    Lara-Curzio E.

    Use of Unload/Reload Methodologies to Investigate the Thermal Degradation of an Alumina Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composite
    Campbell C., Jenkins M.

    Fiber Test Development for Ceramic Composite Thermomechanical Properties
    DiCarlo J., Yun H.

    Effect of Fiber Waviness on the Tensile Response of 2D C(f)/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites
    Steen M.

    Surface Finish and Notch Effect Model for Strength Predictions of Continuous Fiber Ceramic Composites (CFCCs)
    Jenkins M., Kunaporn S., Ramulu M.

    Notch-Sensitivity of a Woven Oxide/Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composite
    Buchanan D., John R., Zawada L.

    The Effects of Microstructural Damage on the Thermal Diffusivity of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Matrix Composites
    Dinwiddie R., Graham S., Lara-Curzio E., McDowell D., Wang H.

    Oxidation Behavior of Non-Oxide Ceramics in a High-Pressure, High-Temperature Steam Environment
    Ferber M., Keiser J., Lin H.

    The Time-Dependent Deformation of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Melt-Infiltrated Silicon Carbide Ceramic Matrix Composites: Stress-Rupture and Stress-Relaxation Behavior in Air at 1000°C
    Lara-Curzio E., Singh M.

    The Relationship between Interphase Oxidation and Time-Dependent Failure in SiCf/ SiCm Composites
    Henager C., Jones R., Lewinsohn C., Simonen E., Windisch C.

    Characterization of Damage Accumulation in a Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Silicon Carbide Ceramic Matrix Composite (C/SiC) Subjected to Mechanical Loadings at Intermediate Temperature
    Kantzos P., Telesman J., Verrilli M.

    Effect of Loading Mode on High-Temperature Tensile Deformation of a SiC/SiC Composite
    Ünal &.

    Effects of Temperature and Environment on the Mechanical Properties of Tyranno-Hex™ Composites
    Drissi-Habti M., Ishikawa T., Kanno Y., Nakano K., Takeda N.

    Degradation of Continuous Fiber Ceramic Matrix Composites under Constant Load Conditions
    Brewer D., Eckel A., Halbig M.

    Damage Accumulation in 2-D Woven SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites
    Bhatt R., Gyekenyesi J., Morscher G.

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    Subject Index

    Committee: C28

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1392-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5440-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2872-9

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