Multiaxial Fatigue and Deformation: Testing and Prediction

    Kalluri S, Bonacuse PJ
    Published: 2000

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    This comprehensive new ASTM publication examines state-of-the-art multiaxial testing techniques and methods for characterizing the fatigue and deformation behaviors of engineering materials. 25 analytical, peer-reviewed papers, written by experts from academia, industry, and government, are divided into the following sections:

    Multiaxial Strength of Materials--addresses multiaxial strength, stress, and failure modes of materials.

    Multiaxial Deformation of Materials--investigates constitutive relationships and deformation behavior of materials under multiaxial loading conditions.

    Fatigue Life Prediction under Generic Multiaxial Loads--examines the challenging task of estimating fatigue life under general multiaxial loads.

    Fatigue Life Prediction under Specific Multiaxial Loads--describes biaxial and multiaxial fatigue and life estimation under combinations of cyclic loading conditions, such as axial tension/compression, bending, and torsion.

    Multiaxial Fatigue Life and Crack Growth Estimation--covers crack growth monitoring under cyclic mulitaxial loading conditions and determination of fatigue life.

    Multiaxial Experimental Techniques--explores state-of-the-art experimental methods to generate mulitaxial deformation and fatigue data to develop and verify both constitutive models used to describe the flow behavior of materials and fatigue life estimation models.

    Table of Contents

    Strength of a G-10 Composite Laminate Tube Under Multiaxial Loading
    Socie D., Wang J.

    Biaxial Strength Testing of Isotropic and Anisotropic Monoliths
    Jenkins M., Salem J.

    In-Plane Biaxial Failure Surface of Cold-Rolled 304 Stainless Steel Sheets
    Bartolotta P., Covey S.

    Analysis of Characterization Methods for Inelastic Composite Material Deformation Under Multiaxial Stresses
    Ahmad J., Newaz G., Nicholas T.

    Deformation and Fracture of a Particulate MMC Under Nonradial Combined Loadings
    Au Y., Rees D.

    Multiaxial Stress-Strain Notch Analysis
    Buczynski A., Glinka G.

    Axial-Torsional Load Effects of Haynes 188 at 650°C
    Lerch B., Lissenden C., Walker M.

    A Newton Algorithm for Solving Non-Linear Problems in Mechanics of Structures Under Complex Loading Histories
    Arzt M., Brocks W., Mohr T.

    A Numerical Approach for High-Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction with Multiaxial Loading
    de Freitas M., Li B., Santos J.

    Experiences with Lifetime Prediction Under Multiaxial Random Loading
    Pötter K., Yousefi F., Zenner H.

    Generalization of Energy-Based Multiaxial Fatigue Criteria to Random Loading
    Łagoda T., Macha E.

    Fatigue Strength of Welded Joints Under Multiaxial Loading: Comparison Between Experiments and Calculations
    Witt M., Yousefi F., Zenner H.

    The Effect of Periodic Overloads on Biaxial Fatigue of Normalized SAE 1045 Steel
    Bonnen J., Topper T.

    Fatigue of the Quenched and Tempered Steel 42CrMo4 (SAE 4140) under Combined In- and Out-of-Phase Tension and Torsion
    Bomas H., Löwisch G., Mayr P.

    In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Combined Bending-Torsion Fatigue of a Notched Specimen
    Nelson D., Park J.

    The Application of a Biaxial Isothermal Fatigue Model to Thermomechanical Loading for Austenitic Stainless Steel
    Renauld M., Zamrik S.

    Cumulative Axial and Torsional Fatigue: An Investigation of Load-Type Sequencing Effects
    Bonacuse P., Kalluri S.

    A New Multiaxial Fatigue Life and Crack Growth Rate Model for Various In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Strain Paths
    Topper T., Varvani-Farahani A.

    Modeling of Short Crack Growth Under Biaxial Fatigue: Comparison Between Simulation and Experiment
    Pötter K., Schram A., Suhartono H., Zenner H.

    Micro-Crack Growth Modes and Their Propagation Rate under Multiaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue at High Temperature
    Isobe N., Sakurai S.

    System Design for Multiaxial High-Strain Fatigue Testing
    Lohr R.

    An In-Plane Biaxial Contact Extensometer
    Bartolotta P., Krause D.

    Design of Specimens and Reusable Fixturing for Testing Advanced Aeropropulsion Materials Under In-Plane Biaxial Loading
    Bayyari M., Ellis J., Sandlass G.

    Cruciform Specimens for In-Plane Biaxial Fracture, Deformation, and Fatigue Testing
    Amstutz H., Dalle Donne C., Trautmann K.

    Development of a True Triaxial Testing Facility for Composite Materials
    Adams D., Welsh J.

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    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1387-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5435-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2865-1

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