Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of Materials: Third Volume

    Sehitoglu H, Maier HJ
    Published: 2000

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    20 papers from leading experts on the thermal and thermo-mechanical fatigue of structural alloys expose the deformation and damage mechanisms in thermo-mechanical fatigue in all materials.

    Includes papers on the study of stress-strain response in a number of technologically important materials, damage mechanisms in thermo-mechanical fatigue (creep, oxidation effects), microscopic investigations of materials subjected to thermo-mechanical fatigue, life prediction under thermo-mechanical fatigue (including fracture mechanics, damage mechanics, initiation life approaches), solutions to thermo-mechanical fatigue problems in industry (including gas turbines, automotive engine, and novel experimental techniques for thermo-mechanical fatigue (high-frequency, multiaxial testing, and round robin results).

    Audience: Researchers and engineers working in the field of high-temperature fatigue and life-time prediction.

    Table of Contents

    Thermo-mechanical and Isothermal Fatigue of a Coated Columnar-Grained Directionally Solidified Nickel-Base Superalloy
    Kowalewski R., Mughrabi H.

    Behavior of the High-Temperaturse Titanium Alloy IMI 834 Under Thermo-mechanical and Isothermal Fatigue Conditions
    Christ H., Maier H., Pototzky P.

    Influence of the Mechanical Strain Amplitude on the In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behaviour of NiCr22Co12Mo9
    Kleinpass B., Löhe D., Lang K., Macherauch E.

    Thermo-mechanical Deformation of Al319 - T7B with Small Secondary Dendrite Arm Spacing
    Maier H., Sehitoglu H., Smith T.

    Modelling Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Hysteresis Loops from Isothermal Cyclic Data
    de Mestral B., Skelton R., Wang C., Webster G.

    Response of 60Sn-40Pb Under Thermal and Mechanical Cycling
    Neu R., Woodmansee M.

    The Role of Temperature Rate Terms in Viscoplastic Modelling: Theory and Experiments
    Aktaa J., Angarita L., Kühner R., Lang K.

    Thermo-mechanical Out-of-Phase Fatigue Life of Overlay Coated IN-738LC Gas Turbine Material
    Renauld M., Zamrik S.

    Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of Al-Si-Cu-Mg Casting Alloy
    Awano Y., Ikuno H., Iwanaga S.

    Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Investigation of Single Crystal Nickel Base Superalloy SRR99
    Engler-Pinto C., Rézaï-Aria F.

    Effect of SiC-Reinforcement on Thermo-mechanical Fatigue of a Dispersion-Strengthened High-Temperature Aluminum Alloy
    Christ H., Jung A., Maier H.

    Thermal Strain Fatigue Modeling of a Matrix Alloy for a Metal Matrix Composite
    Arya V., Halford G., Lerch B.

    The Role of Oxidation on the Thermo-mechanical Fatigue of Timetal 21S Matrix Composites
    Jin O., Johnson W.

    Thermal-mechanical Fatigue and the Modelling of Materials Behaviour Under Thermal Transients
    Bickard A., Chataigner E., Koster A., Rémy L.

    A European Round Robin in Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of a 9% Cr Low Activation Ferrite-Martensite Steel
    Filacchioni G., Petersen C., Rézaï-Aria F., Timm J.

    Multiaxial Thermo-mechanical Deformation Behavior of IN 738 LC and SC 16
    Kühn H., Klinglehöffer H., Meersmann J., Ziebs J.

    On the Significance of Environment in Thermal Fatigue of a Unidirectional SCS-6/Ti-24Al-11Nb Metal Matrix Composite
    Nakatani H., Okazaki M.

    New Testing Facility and Concept for Life Prediction of TBC Turbine Engine Components
    Bartsch M., Marci G., Mull K., Sick C.

    Realization of Complex Thermal-mechanical Fatigue by a Two-specimen Testing System
    Angarita L., Löhe D., Lang K., Pitz G.

    A New Technique for High Frequency Multiaxial Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Testing of Materials
    Chieragatti R., Paun F.

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    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1371-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5423-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2853-8

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