Effects of Radiation on Materials: 19th International Symposium

    Hamilton ML, Kumar AS, Rosinski ST, Grossbeck ML
    Published: 2000

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    STP 1366, the nineteenth volume in this series, examines 90 peer-reviewed papers from the international nuclear community, with the emphasis on advanced materials such as silicon carbide and vanadium alloys. A majority of the papers are devoted to pressure vessel embrittlement and its mitigation. Smaller segments address the issues of light water reactors, fusion reactors, and to a lesser extent, breeder reactors.

    Several emerging issues are also explored, including reduced activation, welding of irradiated materials and damage resulting form high-energy proton beams in accelerator-driven nuclear systems.

    Divided into the following sections:

    • Pressure Vessel Steels--Mechanical Properties

    • Pressure Vessel Welds--Mechanical Properties

    • Pressure Vessel Steels--Segregation and Microstructure

    • Ferritic and Ferritic/Martensitic Steels--Annealing and Reirradiation Behavior

    • Irradiation-Induced Behavior Of Iron, Model Alloys, and Ferritic/Martensitic Alloys

    • Low Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Alloys

    • Irradiation Creep and The Creep-Swelling Relationship

    • Austenitic Alloys--Irradiation-Induced Swelling, Segregation and Microstructure

    • Irradiated Structural Alloys--Welding

    • Experimental Techniques and Facilities

    • Beryllium and Ceramics

    • Other Materials

    This publication will be of interest to research scientists, metallurgists, nuclear engineers, nuclear utilities, nuclear reactor vendors. Also university nuclear engineering and materials sciences departments.

    Table of Contents

    A Comparison of East/West Steels for Pressurized Water Reactors
    Davies M., English C., Kryukov A., Nikolaev Y., Server W.

    Exploratory Test of 288°C Radiation Resistance of Two USSR-Produced Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Hawthorne J., Server W., Sokolov M.

    Analysis of Irradiation Data for A302B and A533B Correlation Monitor Materials
    Wang J.

    Comparison of Static and Dynamic Transition Temperature Shifts in VVR Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Brumovsky M., Falcnik M., Kytka M., Malek J., Novosad P.

    Effect of Radiation on Material Used for 600MW Chinese Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Pressure Vessel
    Jia X., Xu Y., Yang W., Zhang C.

    Comparison of Fracture Toughness of Irradiated Reactor Vessel Welds — Predicted by ASTM E 900 and Measured
    Pavinich W., Yoon K.

    Neutron Spectrum Effect and Damage Analysis on Pressure Vessel Steel Irradiation Behaviour
    Alberman A., Brillaud C., Deydier D., Pichon C., Soulat P.

    Characterization of the Decommissioned Novovoronesh-1 Pressure Vessel Wall Materials by Through-Wall Trepans
    Ahlstrand R., Amaev A., Chistiakov D., Krasikov E., Kryukov A., Morosov A., Nikolaev V., Platonov P., Rintamaa R., Rybin V., Shtrombakh Y., Valo M., Wallin K.

    The Effects of Flux on Radiation Embrittlement of Low-Copper Pressure Vessel Steels
    Jia X., Ning G., Xu Y., Yu Q., Zhang C.

    Technical Basis for Application of the Master Curve Approach to Reactor Pressure Vessel Integrity Assessment
    Rosinski S., Server W.

    Bias and Precision of To Values Determined Using ASTM Standard E 1921-97 for Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Hardies R., Kirk M., Lott R., Rosinski S., Server W.

    Fracture Toughness of the Ni-Modified A302-B Plate of the BR3 Reactor Pressure Vessel
    Chaouadi R., Fabry A., Van de Velde J., van Walle E.

    Application of Master Curve Technology to Biaxial and Shallow Crack Fracture Data for A533B Steels
    Joyce J., Tregoning R., Zhang X.

    Effect of Irradiation on Fracture Toughness in the Transition Range of RPV Steels
    Onizawa K., Suzuki M., Tobita T.

    Supplementary Surveillance Program for Reactor Pressure Vessels of VVER-440/V-213C Type Reactors in NPP Dukovany
    Brumovsky M., Erben O., Novosad P.

    Irradiation Behavior of Submerged Arc Welding Materials with Different Copper Content
    Bartsch R., Langer R., Nagel G.

    Effects of Irradiation on Crack-Arrest Toughness of a Low Upper-Shelf Energy, High-Copper Weld
    Iskander S., McCabe D., Nanstad R., Swain R.

    Effect of Location of V-Notch on Neutron Irradiation-Induced Shift in DBTT of HAZ of Welded Pressure Vessel Steel
    Itoh K., Kimura A., Matsui H., Naruse Y., Suzuki T.

    Fracture Toughness Test Results of Precracked Charpy Specimens of Irradiated 73W Weld Material
    Chaouadi R., Fabry A., Scibetta M., Van de Velde J., van Walle E.

    Fracture Toughness of Submerged-Arc Weld Samples from a Decommissioned Magnox Reactor Pressure Vessel: Initial Results
    Bischler P., Bolton C., Wootton M.

    Effects of Irradiation and Thermal Annealing on Fracture Toughness of the Midland Reactor Weld WF-70
    McCabe D., Nanstad R., Sokolov M.

    Irradiation Damage Structure in VVER-440 Steels after Irradiation at Different Temperatures and Post-Irradiation Annealing
    Böhmert J., Grosse M.

    Grain Boundary Phosphorus Segregation under Neutron Irradiation and Aging in 2.25Cr1Mo Steel
    Faulkner R., Hewitt P., Marmy P., Song S., Victoria M.

    Microstructure of the Neutron Irradiated VVER-type Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Čížek J., Keilová E., Kočík J., Procházka I.

    Influence of Thermal Neutrons on the Hardening and Embrittlement of Plate Steels
    Edens D., Jones R., Wootton M.

    Radiation-Induced Grain Boundary Segregation of Phosphorus in ASME SA533B Ferritic Pressure Vessel Steel
    Ellis D., Faulkner R., Meade D.

    Comparison of Observed and Predicted Data on Radiation Induced Grain Boundary Phosphorus Segregation in VVER Type Steels
    Kevorkyan Y., Nikolaev Y., Nikolaeva A.

    Irradiation, Annealing, and Reirradiation Effects on American and Russian Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Chernobaeva A., Korolev Y., Nanstad R., Nikolaev Y., Sokolov M.

    Annealing of a Low Copper Steel: Hardness, SANS, Atom Probe, and Thermoelectric Power Investigations
    Auger P., Miloudi S., Pareige P., Van Duysen J., Welzel S.

    Two-Step Recovery Process of Irradiation Hardening in 1%Ni Doped 9%Cr-2%W Martensitic Steel
    Kasada R., Kimura A., Matsui H., Morimura T., Narui M.

    Application of the Floating Curve Model for Estimation of Re-Irradiation Embrittlement of VVER-440 RPV Steels
    Nikolaev Y., Nikolaeva A.

    Embrittlement, Hardening, and Grain Boundary Composition in an Fe-P-C Alloy after Irradiation or Thermal Aging
    Corcoran R., Cowan J., Jones R., Walmsley J.

    Microstructure and Hardening in Thermally Aged and Neutron-Irradiated Fe-Cu Model Alloy
    Kawanishi H., Suzuki M.

    Neutron Irradiation Rate Dependence of Damage Structures in Fe-Cu Model Alloys
    Ino H., Xu Q., Yanagita S., Yoshiie T.

    Gamma-Radiation Annealing to Mitigate Neutron-Induced Degradation of Both Model and Structural Reactor Materials
    Karpukhin V., Krasikov Y., Nikolaenko V., Shtrombakh Y.

    Analysis of Stress-Induced Burgers Vector Anisotropy in Pressurized Tube Specimens of Irradiated Ferritic-Martensitic Steels: JFMS and JLF-1
    Gelles D., Kimura A., Shibayama T.

    An Evaluation of Neutron Energy Spectrum Effects in Iron Based on Molecular Dynamics Displacement Cascade Simulations
    Greenwood L., Stoller R.

    Effects of Neutron Irradiation on Fe-Cu Model Alloys and RPV Steels Probed by Positron Annihilation and Hardness Measurements
    Brauer G., Hasegawa M., Hempel A., Kano F., Kawai A., Plazaola F., Saneyasu M., Tang Z., Yamaguchi S.

    Irradiation Behavior of Ferritic-Martensitic 9–12%Cr Steels
    Gelles D., Hamilton M., Horsten M., van Osch E.

    Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of HFR-Irradiated Ferritic/Martensitic Low-Activation Alloys
    Ehrlich K., Materna-Morris E., Rieth M.

    Mechanical Properties of Four 7–9%Cr Reduced Activation Martensitic Steels after 2.5 dpa, 300°C Irradiation
    Horsten M., Lucas G., Odette G., van Osch E.

    Evaluation of Ductile-Brittle Transition Behavior of Helium-implanted Reduced Activation 9Cr-2W Martensitic Steel by Small Punch Tests
    Abe K., Hasegawa A., Kasada R., Kimura A., Matsui H., Morimura T.

    Irradiation Creep of Austenitic Steels Irradiated Up to High Damage Dose
    Neustroev V., Shamardin V.

    Reanalysis of Swelling and Irradiation Creep Data on 316 Type Stainless Steels Irradiated in the FFTF and Phénix Fast Reactors
    Garner F., Toloczko M.

    The Relationship Between Swelling and Irradiation Creep in 20% Cold-Worked 316 Stainless Steel
    Garner F., Puigh R., Toloczko M.

    Irradiation Creep and Stress-Affected Swelling in Austenitic Stainless Steel 16Cr-15Ni-3Mo-Nb-B Irradiated in the BN-350 Reactor
    Budylkin N., Gamer F., Konobeev Y., Mironova E., Porollo S., Vorobjev A.

    Effects of Impurity on Radiation Creep Rate of the Interstitial Solid Solutions
    Lopuga A., Pyatiletov Y.

    On the Role of Internal Stresses in Void Denuded Zone Formation Under HVEM-Irradiation of Metals and Alloys Preconditioned by Reactor Exposure
    Garner F., Konobeev Y., Pechenkin V.

    Creep-Fatigue Response of 20% CW 316 SS Under Irradiation at 60°C
    Fukuzawa Y., Murase Y., Nagakawa J., Yamamoto N.

    In-Reactor Creep Regularities of Copper
    Aitkhozhin E., Chumakov E., Pyatiletov Y.

    The Correlation Between Swelling and Radiation-Induced Segregation in Iron-Chromium-Nickel Alloys
    Allen T., Busby J., Gan J., Kenik E., Was G.

    Effect of IVa and Va Elements on Void Formation in Neutron-Irradiated 316 Stainless Steels
    Kato T., Ohnuki S., Takahashi H., Yamashita S.

    The Question of Saturation of Void Swelling in Fe-Cr-Ni Austenitic Alloys
    Black C., Garner F.

    Influence of Minor Alloying Elements and Stress on Microstructural Evolution and Void Swelling of Austenitic Steels Under Neutron Irradiation
    Ehrlich K., Hübner R.

    Temperature-Shift of Void Swelling Observed in Annealed Fe-18Cr-10Ni-Ti Stainless Steel Irradiated in the Reflector Region of BOR-60
    Garner F., Neustroev V., Ostrovsky Z., Pecherin A., Shamardin V.

    The Effect of Molybdenum on the Grain Boundary Segregation of Chromium Exhibited by Austenitic Stainless Steels after Neutron Irradiation in a BWR
    Faulkner R., Goodwin C., Spellward P., Walmsley J.

    Microstructure Modeling of a 316L Stainless Steel Irradiated with Electrons
    Barbu A., Hardouin-Duparc A., Henry J.

    Effects of Damage Rate on Formation of Voids and Dislocation Loops in Metals
    Iseki M., Xu Q., Yoshiie T.

    Stress-Affected Dislocation Development of Stainless Steel During Neutron Irradiation
    Garner F., Konobeev Y., Kruglov A., Pevchikh Y., Porollo S.

    Influence of Silicon or Titanium on the Microstructural Evolution of Fe-Cr-35Ni Alloys Irradiated with Neutrons or Self-Ions
    Garner F., Watanabe H.

    Void-Induced Swelling and Embrittlement in the Russian EI-847 Stainless Steel at PWR-Relevant End-of-Life Conditions
    Budylkin N., Dvoriashin A., Garner F., Konobeev Y., Krigan V., Mironova E., Porollo S., Vorobjev A.

    Interaction of Void-Induced Phase Instability and Subsequent Void Growth in AISI 304 Stainless Steel
    Bond G., Garner F., Porter D.

    On the Formation of α-Ferrite in Stainless Steel Alloys
    Schüle W.

    A Composite Model for Segregation and Microstructural Evolution Under Electron Irradiation
    Ohnuki S., Sakaguchi N., Takahashi H., Watanabe S.

    Stress-Modified Welding of Neutron Irradiated Steels
    Chin B., Grossbeck M., Wang C., Wikle H.

    Thick Plate Welding of Irradiated Stainless Steel
    Asano K., Katsura R., Kawano S., Koshiishi M.

    Cracks in TIG Welded, Neutron-Irradiated 304 Stainless Steel
    Hirose T., Katoh Y., Kohyama A., Narui M., Suzuki T.

    Modeling of Helium Bubble Formation During Welding of Irradiated Stainless Steels
    Hashimoto T., Mochizuki M.

    Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of Cn-Alloy/SS316 Joints
    Kawamura H., Nakamichi M., Tsuchiya K.

    Neutron-Induced Evolution of Mechanical Properties of 20% Cold-Worked 316 Stainless Steel as Observed in Both Miniature Tensile and TEM Shear Punch Specimens
    Faulkner R., Garner F., Hamilton M., Hankin G., Toloczko M.

    An Investigation into the Origin and Nature of the Slope and x-axis Intercept of the Shear Punch-Tensile Yield Strength Correlation using Finite Element Analysis
    Davies R., Faulkner R., Garner F., Hamilton M., Hankin G., Johnson K., Khaleel M., Toloczko M.

    Thermoelectric Power: A Nondestructive Method for Monitoring Irradiation Effects in Ferritic Steels
    Coste J., Jumel S., Miloudi S., Pareige P., Van Duysen J.

    Design of a Dedicated Electron Beam Facility for Material Treatment
    Mittendorfer J.

    Microstructural Examination of Irradiated Beryllium Pebbles
    Dalle Donne M., Gelles D., Kawamura H., Ohnuki S., Scaffidi-Argentina F.

    Measurement and Calculation of Helium Generation in Beryllium Pebbles Irradiated in EBR-II
    Baldwin D., Dalle Donne M., Gelles D., Greenwood L., Kawamura H., Oliver B., Scaffidi-Argentina F.

    In-situ Electrical Resistivity Measurement of MgO•Al2O3 Coating under Neutron Irradiation
    Kawamura H., Nakamichi M.

    Effect of Ionizing and Displacive Components of Irradiation on the Structural Transformations in Pyrolitic Boron Nitride Ceramics
    Chernov V., Golovinov A., Kryukova L., Stepanov P., Stepanov V.

    Effect Of Irradiation On Structural Materials In Fusion Reactors
    Burlet H., Lind A., Singh B., Tähtinen S., Tavassoli F., van Osch E.

    Helium/Hydrogen Measurements in High-Energy Proton-Irradiated Tungsten
    Ferguson P., Garner F., Hamilton M., Maloy S., Oliver B., Sommer W.

    Amorphization of Solids Irradiated by Fast Neutrons
    Dubinin S., Goshchitskii B., Parkhomenko V., Teploukhov S.

    Effects of Fast Neutron Irradiation at 80K on Titanium Nickelide
    Dubinin S., Parkhomenko V., Teploukhov S.

    Irradiation Aging of Aluminum Alloys
    Gillemot F., Gillemot L., Uri G.

    Effect of Ion-Irradiation on Phase Transformation in TiNi Shape Memory Alloys
    Matsukawa Y., Namba C., Ohnuki S., Sumita Y., Takahashi H., Watanabe S.

    Irradiation Growth of Zirconium Alloys at High Neutron Fluences
    Kobylyansky G., Kosenkov V., Shamardin V.

    Neutron Irradiation Test of Optical Components for Fusion Reactor
    Ishitsuka E., Kawamura H., Nagashima A., Nishitani T., Sagawa H., Sugie T., Yamamoto S.

    Correlation of Hardening and Microstructure of Tantalum Irradiated with Heavy Ions
    Katoh Y., Muroga T., Noda N., Watanabe H., Yasunaga K., Yoshida N.

    Improvement of Post Irradiation Ductility of V-Ti-Cr-Si Type Alloys Neutron Irradiated Around 400°C
    Abe K., Chuto T., Hasegawa A., Satou M.

    The Influence of Transmutation and Initial Composition on the Microstructural Evolution of Vanadium and V-Cr-Ti Alloys Irradiated in HFIR
    Garner F., Ohnuki S., Takahashi H.

    Neutron Irradiation Induced High Temperature Embrittlement of Pure Copper and High Strength Copper Alloys
    Edwards D., Fabritsiev S., Pokrovsky A., Zinkle S.

    Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Tensile and Fracture Toughness Properties of Copper Alloys and Their Joints with Stainless Steel
    Pyykkönen M., Singh B., Tähtinen S., Toft P.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1366-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5419-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2852-1

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