Wood Structures: A Global Forum on the Treatment, Conservation, and Repair of Cultural Heritage

    Kelley SJ, Loferski JR, Salenikovich AJ, Stern EG
    Published: 2000

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    This unique, new ASTM publication gives you a global perspective of various wooden monuments that are part of the great architectural heritage of Russia, the former Soviet States, Scandinavia, other European countries, and the United States. In addition to historical background, it details the latest techniques used in restoring and preserving these fragile wooden constructions. Much of the information is translated into English for the first time. 19 peer-reviewed papers are grouped into the following chapters:

    A Primer on Wood Heritage--discusses the history of the northern Slav wood-built heritage from a worldwide point of view.

    The Church of the Transfiguration on Kizhi Island--concentrates on this 18th Century masterpiece of log engineering and UNESCO World heritage site, located in Karelia, Russia. Topics include structural problems, wood condition, monitoring deformations, restoration, and reinforcement concepts.

    Challenges of Log Structures--discusses the latest evaluation, conservation, and restoration techniques in northern and eastern Europe. This section also covers certain environmental problems, including how toxic chemicals used in wood preservation can affect the environment and human health.

    Challenges of Frame Structures--details various preservation strategies used on wood frame structures in western Europe and the United States.

    Special Studies--concentrates on two special conservation cases dealing with the totem poles of Sitka, Alaska and historic wooden structures from abandoned research colonies in Antarctica.

    Table of Contents

    History of Timber Construction
    Foliente G.

    The Kizhi Pogost Architectural Complex in Old Photographs
    Miltchik M.

    Wood Condition in the Church of the Transfiguration at the Kizhi Museum
    Kisternaya M., Kozlov V., Krutov V., Vahrameeva T.

    Monitoring Deformations on the Church of the Transfiguration
    Lubimov V., Tsvetkov V., Vahrameeva T.

    Concepts of Repair, Restoration, and Reinforcement of the Church of the Transfiguration
    Piskunov Y.

    Inspection and Evaluation of Decay in Log Structures
    Mattsson J.

    Environmental Problems in Preserving Wooden Buildings at the Estonian Open Air Museum
    Laht M.

    Conservation of the Wooden Garner in Paezeriai, Lithuania
    Drobeliene J., Vilconciene N.

    The Role of Natural Conservation of Wood in Preservation of Wooden Architectural Monuments
    Kudrjavtseva E., Litvintseva A.

    The Restoration of Sodankylä Old Church 1992–1995
    Kairamo M.

    Strategies for the Preservation of Historic Wooden Structures
    Lewandoski J.

    The Treatment of Fungal Growth in Heritage Structures in Denmark
    Fode J., Munck O.

    Alternative Strategies in Restoring a Medieval Barn
    Smith A., Yeomans D.

    Diagnosis of Wood Timbers: “La Longa” Building in Valencia, Spain
    Palaia-Pérez L.

    Structural Stabilization Challenges of a Presidential Home
    O'Bright A.

    Addressing 150 Years of Structural Modifications: The Charles Arnold and Julia Sprigg Houses at Lincoln Home National Historic Site
    Drone C.

    The Maloney-Bridget Smith House: A Case Study in Preservation Philosophy
    Foster J.

    Totem Pole and House Post Conservation
    Sheetz R.

    Conservation Investigation for Preservation of a Historic Timber Hut in Antarctica
    Hughes J.

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    Committee: E06

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1351-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5415-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2497-4

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