Nondestructive and Automated Testing for Soil and Rock Properties

    Marr WA, Fairhurst C
    Published: 1999

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    The first publication of its kind to feature state-of-the-art research on economical and timely ways to evaluate a wide range of soil and rock characteristics.

    20 comprehensive peer-reviewed papers are divided into the following key areas:

    Nondestructive Testing Methods In The Laboratory -- Evaluation techniques including X-ray absorption, medical imaging, active and passive acoustic imaging and the environmental scanning electron microscope are explored in eight papers.

    Nondestructive Testing in the Field -- Four papers discuss such methods as time-domain reflectometry, surface wave measurement and modeling in drilled rock shafts, and construction induced vibrations.

    Automated Testing -- In addition to a survey of geotechnical laboratory automation practices and actual experience with automated geotechnical testing, such areas as direct shear testing, modeling pre-failure stress-strain properties, and the use of an automated triaxial apparatus are examined in eight papers.

    Table of Contents

    Automated Soil Particle Specific Gravity Analysis Using Bulk Flow and Helium Pycnometry
    Lehman M., Van Dam T., Vitton S.

    Active and Passive Acoustic Imaging Inside a Large-Scale Polyaxial Hydraulic Fracture Test
    Dudley J., Glaser S., Shlyapobersky J.

    Qualitative Assessment of Soil Behavior Utilizing the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
    Moo-Young H., Ochola C.

    Experimental Study of the Relationship Between Formation Factor, Porosity, and Cementation
    Chaney R., Harig M.

    Portable Measurement System for Soil Resistivity and Application to Quaternary Clayey Sediment
    Morii T., Nakagawa K.

    Automated Soil Particle-Size Analysis Using X-Ray Absorption
    Lehman M., Ott N., Vitton S.

    Nondestructive Laboratory Measurement of Geotechnical and Geoacoustic Properties Through Intact Core-Liner
    Edwards B., Kayen R., Lee H.

    Nondestructive Analysis of Fine-Grained Soils Utilizing Medical Imaging
    LaPlante C., Moo-Young H.

    Time-domain Reflectometry (TDR) in Geotechnics: A Review
    Benson C., Bosscher P.

    Borehole SASW Testing to Evaluate Log(Gmax) - Log(σ') Relationships in Situ
    Kalinski M., Roesset J., Stokoe K., Young Y.

    Measurements and Modeling of Surface Waves in Drilled Shafts in Rock
    Cheng D., Kalinski M., Roesset J., Stokoe K.

    Measurement of Construction Induced Vibrations
    Borden R., Shao L.

    Survey of Automation Practices in Geotechnical Laboratories
    Marr W.

    State of the Art: Automated Laboratory Stress-Strain-Strength Testing of Soils
    DeGroot D., Mitchell T., Sheahan T.

    Automated Triaxial Apparatus for Elevated Pressures
    Coop M., Cuccovillo T.

    Laboratory Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Rock Using an Automated Triaxial Compression Test with a Constant Mean Stress Criterion
    Mellegard K., Pfeifle T.

    Modeling Pre-Failure Stress-Strain Properties of Sedimentary Softrock Based on Very Small Strain Stiffness
    Hayano K., Tatsuoka F., Yoshiizumi N.

    Advanced Control Techniques for Direct Shear Testing of Jointed Rock Specimens
    Bezat F., Blümel M.

    The Value of Numerical Modeling in Understanding the Complete Load/Deformation Behavior of Cohesive-Frictional Materials
    Fairhurst C., Potyondy D.

    Experiences with Automated Geotechnical Testing
    Hankour R., Marr W., Torosian G.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1350-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5400-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2493-6

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