Safety in Ice Hockey: Third Volume

    Ashare AB
    Published: 2000

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    The latest volume in this series enhances our understanding of both the injuries incurred in the game of ice hockey and of the techniques used to decrease the risk of these injuries.

    25 peer-reviewed papers cover:

    • Injury Surveillance--discusses the injury surveillance system and the principles of ice hockey injury research.

    • Protective Equipment--focuses on the certification of protective equipment for ice hockey in the U.S., and the designs and standards for various forms of ice hockey headgear.

    • Spinal Injuries and Concussions--explores various aspects of these types of injuries, including care and transport of injured players and a three-decade perspective.

    • Penalties, Injuries, and Pressures--examines psychosocial and psychological aspects of aggressive play, views and assessments of rule infractions and penalties, and liability issues facing the in-line skating industry.

    This volume is a valuable resource for hockey equipment manufacturers, academic sports biomechanics, all hockey coaches and administrators, sports medicine physicians, and athletic trainers.

    Table of Contents

    Development of an Injury Surveillance System: Results from a Longitudinal Study of High School Athletes
    Rice S.

    Principles of Ice Hockey Injury Research
    Smith A., Stuart M.

    Sports Injury Surveillance: Foundations of Data Collection
    Powell J.

    Injury Report System
    Biasca N., Lorentzon R., Montag D.

    Is the Face Mask Good for Ice Hockey?
    Vinger P.

    The Certification of Protective Equipment for Ice Hockey in the United States
    Morehouse C.

    Comparison of International Safety Standards for Ice Hockey Helmets
    Hoshizaki B., Pearsall D., Wall R.

    Hockey Headgear and the Adequacy of Current Designs and Standards
    Alexander C., Cook E., Drew R., Halstead P.

    Comparison of Ice Hockey Helmet Impact Attenuation Tests on Steel and Elastomeric Impact Surfaces
    Morehouse C., Sabelli J.

    Impact Performance Characteristics of Hockey Helmets with Liners of Differing Thicknesses
    Bishop P.

    A Comparison of the Epoxy Alloy and Magnesium Alloy Headforms
    Bishop P.

    The Single Strap Helmet Fixation System in Intercollegiate Ice Hockey: A Source of Variable Face Protection
    Broxterman R., LaPrade R.

    Concussions in Youth Ice Hockey Players
    Bednarz R.

    Spinal and Head Injuries in Ice Hockey - A Three Decade Perspective
    Carson J., Edmonds V., Tator C.

    Serious Spinal Injuries in Swedish Ice Hockey
    Tegner Y.

    Care and Transport of Injured Participants with Potential Spine Injuries from Ice Rinks
    Bahr M., Broxterman R., Cardinal K., Feist R., Freed J., LaPrade R., Wentorf F.

    Position of the Cervical Vertebrae During Helmet Removal and Cervical Collar Application in Ice Hockey
    Prinsen R., Reid D., Syrotuik D.

    A Psychosocial Perspective of Aggression in Ice Hockey
    Colbenson C., Kronebusch S., Smith A., Stuart M.

    Psychological, Physiological, and Performance Variables in Goalies During Hockey Games
    Fish K., Smith A., Stuart M.

    Effects of an Intervention Strategy on Body Checking, Penalties, and Injuries in Ice Hockey
    Bernard D., Boileau R., Marcotte G., Trudel P.

    Tracking the Relative Age Effect Across Minor Amateur and Professional Ice Hockey Leagues
    Montelpare W., Pelino M., Scott D.

    Amateur Youth Ice Hockey Coaches' Views on Rule Infractions, Aggressive Play, and Injuries During Games
    Gaumond S., Gilbert W., Trudel P.

    Differences Between Assessments of Penalties in Ice Hockey by Referees, Coaches, Players, and Parents
    Bernard D., Dionne J., Trudel P.

    A Profile of Rule Infractions in Bantam Level Ice Hockey
    Gilbert W., Trudel P.

    Crashing into Court: Liability Facing the In-Line Skating Industry
    Gross B., Sawin R.

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    Committee: F08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1341-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5414-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2488-2

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