Recombination Lifetime Measurements in Silicon

    Gupta D, Backer FR, Hughes W
    Published: 1998

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    Presents state-of-the-art research on measurement interpretation, lifetime applications, measurement interferences and future directions for silicon and device processing. This unique volume features 30 comprehensive, peer-reviewed papers from an array of international experts in the field covering such topics as:

    • Lifetime Concepts

    • Photoconductivity Techniques

    • Elymat Techniques

    • Surface Photovoltaic Techniques

    • Comparisons Between Measuring Techniques

    • Applications of Lifetime Measurement in Silicon

    • Standardization and Industry Practices

    • Round Robin Testing Results.

    This is an invaluable publication for semiconductor process, equipment and reliability engineers, fab technologists, quality engineers and silicon material scientists, as well as material characterization analysts and device engineers.

    Table of Contents

    Backer F., Gupta D., Hughes W.

    Recombination Lifetimes in Silicon
    Schroder D.

    Minority Carrier Diffusion Length Degradation in Silicon: Who is the Culprit?
    Flink C., Hieslmair H., Istratov A., McHugo S., Weber E.

    Aspects of Silicon Contamination Control by Lifetime Measurements
    Zoth G.

    Carrier Lifetime Measurements by Microwave Photoconductivity Decay Method
    Hashizume H., Nakai Y., Sumie S.

    The Optical Excitation Effect in Transition Metal Doped CZ Silicon Wafers Revealed by the Microwave Photoconductive Decay Lifetime Measurement
    Kurita K., Shingyouji T.

    Contactless Frequency Resolved Photoconductance (FR-PC) Measurement of Iron Contaminated P-Type Silicon
    Buczkowski A., Karoui A., Romanowski A., Rozgonyi G.

    Lifetime Measured by Low Injection Level μ-PCD Technique
    Swiatkowski C.

    Effects of Sample Inhomogeneity and Geometry on Photoconductivity Decay
    Ciszek T., Wang T.

    New Developments of the Elymat Technique
    Eichinger P.

    Optimization and Control of Elymat Lifetime Measurement for Use in a Manufacturing Setting
    Hughes W., Keefe G.

    Present Status of the Surface Photovoltage Method (SPV) for Measuring Minority Carrier Diffusion Length and Related Parameters
    Edelman P., Faifer V., Lagowski J.

    Non-Contact Measurements of the Minority Carrier Recombination Lifetime at the Silicon Surface
    Kamieniecki E.

    Monitoring of Surface Minority Carrier Lifetime Using Modulated Photocurrent
    Liberman S.

    Non-Contact Silicon Epilayer and Subsurface Characterization with UV/mm Wave Technique
    Masumura H., Miyazaki M., Ogita Y., Tate N., Yakushiji K.

    Canalysis of Photoconductance Decay and Surface Photovoltage Techniques: Theoretical Perspective and Experimental Evidence
    Buczkowski A.

    Application and Comparison of SPV and μPCD for Iron Measurement in Silicon Wafer Manufacturing
    Pan Y.

    Problems and Possibilities of Comparing Different Lifetime Measuring Instruments and Techniques
    Pavelka T.

    Metallic Contamination from Wafer Handling
    Beaudoin F., Meunier M., Simard-Normandin M.

    The Application of Minority Carrier Lifetime Techniques in Modern CZ Silicon
    Borionetti G., Falster R.

    Recombination Lifetime Variations and Defect Introduction by Rapid Thermal Processing
    Daviet J., Karoui A., Romanowski A., Rozgonyi G., Rushbrook P., Zhang Q.

    Influence of Iron and Copper on Minority Carrier Recombination Lifetime in Silicon
    Blöchl P., Fabry F., Huber A., Kempf A., Meinecke L.

    Characteristics and Evaluation Methods of Carrier Recombination Lifetimes in High-quality Silicon Wafers
    Hayamizu Y., Kitagawara Y., Koide T., Yoshida T.

    Silicon Lifetime Degradation as a Function of Wet Chemical Cleans and Chemical Purity
    Cameron R., Canfield R., Leggett R., Linn J., Lowry R., Rouse G., Slasor S., Wereb W.

    Influence of Metal Impurities on Lifetime
    Morimasa M.

    Oxygen Precipitation Characterization Using the Elymat Technique
    Hage J., Huber D., Obermeier G.

    Application of Recombination Lifetime Measurements in Silicon Wafer Manufacturing
    Seacrist M.

    Spatial Nonuniformities in the Minority-Carrier Diffusion Length/Lifetime: Measurement and Implications on a Large-Area Device Performance
    Chen W., Sopori B., Symko M.

    Measurement of Minority Carrier Recombination Lifetime in Silicon Wafers by Measurement of Photoconductivity Decay by Microwave Reflectance: Result of Round Robin Test
    Ichimura M., Kawai K., Miyazaki M.

    Results of the Lifetime Round Robins Done in the Framework of the Semi M6 Solar Silicon Standardization Task Force
    Koch W., Schönecker A.

    Appendix I: Panel Discussions

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    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1340-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5389-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2489-9

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