Bearing Steels: Into the 21st Century

    Hoo JJC, Green WB
    Published: 1998

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    This publication will advance the knowledge of those simple, yet complicated, devices known as anti-friction bearings, be they ball, roller, or needle.

    33 peer-reviewed papers present the work of researchers from Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, UK, and USA. They represent 10 bearing companies, 15 steel producing companies, 8 universities and research institutes, and 4 miscellaneous bearing users.

    In 9 sections: Bearing Steel Cleanliness • Bearing Life/Rolling Contact Fatigue • Bearing Steel Production • Through Hardening Bearing Steels • Case Hardening Bearing Steels • Aircraft/Aerospace Bearing Steels: Part I • Aircraft/Aerospace Bearing Steels: Part II • Corrosion Resistant Bearing Steels • Bearings with Surface Modification.

    Table of Contents

    A Brief History, Status, and Mission of ASTM Subcommittee A01.28 on Bearing Steels
    Green W.

    Inclusion Ratings: Past, Present, and Future
    Vander Voort G.

    Quantification of Large Inclusions in Bearing Steels
    Lund T., Törresvoll K.

    Cleanliness Assessment : A Critical Review and a Real Need to Predict Rolling Contact Fatigue Behaviour
    Auclair G., Meilland R., Rocabois P., Ruby-Meyer F.

    From Cleanliness to Rolling Fatigue Life of Bearings — A New Approach
    Baudry G., Dudragne G., Girodin D., Lormand G., Meynaud P., Vincent A.

    Simulation of the Behaviour of Short Cracks at Inclusions Under Rolling Contact Fatigue Loading — Specially the Effect of Plasticity
    Melander A.

    What Happens to the Fatigue Limit of Bearing Steel Without Nonmetallic Inclusions? : Fatigue Strength of Electron Beam Remelted Super Clean Bearing Steel
    Furumura K., Murakami Y., Toriyama T., Tsubota K.

    From White Etching Areas Formed Around Inclusions to Crack Nucleation in Bearing Steels Under Rolling Contact Fatigue
    Dudragne G., Fougères R., Girodin D., Gosset L., Lamagnère P., Lormand G., Vincent A.

    Nucleation of Fatigue in Very Low Oxygen Bearing Steels
    Ölund L., Johansson S., Lund T.

    Rolling Contact Fatigue Behavior of Heat Resistant Bearing Steels at High Operational Temperatures
    Böhmer H., Hirsch T., Streit E.

    Fatigue and Material Response in Rolling Contact
    Voskamp A.

    A New Type of Flaking Failure in Bearings for Electrical Instruments of Automotive Engines
    Tamada K., Tanaka H., Tsushima N.

    Bearing Steels 20/20 — A Steelmaker's View Point — A Look Back 20 Years and a Look Forward 20 Years
    Glasgal B.

    Bearing Steels in the 21st Century
    Hayashi R., Hiraoka K., Kato Y., Sato T., Tsubota K.

    Aapplication of Continuous Casting Steel 100CR6 (SAE 52 100) for Bearing Balls
    Hirsch T., Mayr P., Stahl F.

    Development of Process Capability and Testing Techniques for the Production of Bearing Steels
    Krabiell A., Rzepczyk H., Schüler V., Schütz C., Tembergen D.

    Progress in Through-Hardening Bearing Steels: User's Experience
    Abe T., Furumura K., Murakami Y.

    Simulation of Heat Treatment Response and Distortion of Bearing Steels
    Ågren J., Ölund P., Andersson J., Beswick J., From A., Höglund L., Jonsson S., Lund T., Melander A., Slycke J., Thuvander A.

    New Steels Now in Use for Automotive Rolling Element Bearings
    Kashimura H., Maeda K., Nakashima H., Tsushima N.

    Case-hardening Medium Carbon Steel for Tough and Long Life Bearing under Severe Lubrication Conditions
    Abe T., Furumura K., Murakami Y.

    New Steels and Methods for Induction Hardening of Bearing Rings and Rollers
    Ouchakov B., Shepeljakovsky K.

    Study on the Limited Hardenability Steel
    Le J., Li L., Liu R., Min Y., Xu L., Xu M.

    The History and Future of Aircraft Turbine Engine Bearing Steels
    Pearson P.

    The New Low Nitrogen Steel LNS — A Material for Advanced Aircraft Engine and Aerospace Bearing Applications
    Berns H., Ebert F., Zoch H.

    Development of CSS-421™, A High Performance Carburizing Stainless Steel for High Temperature Aerospace Applications
    Balliett S., Burrier H., Maloney J., Milam D., Ogden W., Tomasello C.

    Metallurgical and Tribological Evaluation of 32CrMoV13 Deep Nitrided Steel and XD15N™ High Nitrogen Martensitic Steel for Aerospace Applications
    Dudragne G., Girodin D., Moraux J., Pichard I.

    High Temperature Aircraft Turbine Engine Bearing and Lubrication System Development
    Chin H., Galbato A., Grant D., Klenke C., Ragen M., Spitzer R.

    A New Corrosion Resistant, Martensitic Stainless Steel for Improved Performance in Miniature Bearings
    Maloney J., Materkowski J., Tomasello C., Ward P.

    Progress in Bearing Performance of Advanced Nitrogen Alloyed Stainless Steel, Cronidur 30
    Chin H., Ehlert D., Streit E., Trojahn W.

    The Evaluation of Corrosion Resistant Rod End Rolling Element Bearings
    Braza J., Giuntoli K., Imundo J.

    Laser Glazed Bearings
    Hetzner D.

    Rolling Contact Fatigue Properties of TIN/NBN Superlattice Coatings on M-50 Steel
    Liston M.

    The Application of Resonance Ultrasound Spectroscopy to Bearing Rollers
    Rhodes G.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: A01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1327-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5381-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2421-9

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