Nontraditional Methods of Sensing Stress, Strain, and Damage in Materials and Structures

    Lucas GF, Stubbs DA
    Published: 1997

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    The first publication of its kind dealing with the advancement and development of innovative ways to evaluate material and structural fatigue and damage behavior. Leading experts in the field have presented sixteen peer-reviewed papers in the following comprehensive areas:

    Nontraditional Extensometers -- 3 papers explore novel ways to measure point to point deformation or strain.

    Nontraditional Crack Measurement Techniques -- Alternative methods for measuring crack length as well as stress-strain measurement and damage parameters are discussed in 4 papers.

    Optical, Non-Contacting Strain Measurement Devices -- 4 papers examine optical methods of measuring both point to point and full field strains.

    Ultrasonic and Infrared Techniques -- New and promising methods that do not rely on surface features are presented in 5 papers.

    Table of Contents

    Use of an Optic Lever as a Short Gage Length Extensometer
    Houser G., Walrath D.

    New Applications of the Interferometric Strain/Displacement Gage
    Sharpe W., Yuan B.

    An Extensometer for Soft Material Strain Measurement
    Damson E., Frank C., Lucas G., Mejig L., Meyer R., Shrive N.

    Short Fatigue Crack Characterization and Detection Using Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy (CSLM)
    Topper T., Varvani-Farahani A.

    An Advanced Multiple Frequency ACPD System for Crack Detection and Calibration
    Marchand N., Tiku S., Unvala B.

    Observation on the Growth Behavior of Small Surface Cracks Using Remote Measurement System
    Nahm S., Suh C.

    Use of Portable/in situ Stress-Strain Microprobe System to Measure Stress-Strain Behavior and Damage in Metallic Materials and Structures
    Haggag F., Murty K., Sokolov M., Wang J.

    BISMAP: A Non-Contact Biaxial Displacement Measurement System
    Davidson D., Franke E., McKeighan P., Seida S.

    Optical Measurement of Biaxial Strain in Thin Film Polymers
    Grant D., Rand J.

    A Review of Strain Measurement Techniques Using the Grid Method
    Cárdenas-García J., Hashemi J., Wu M.

    New Developments in Full Field Strain Measurements Using Speckles
    Chiang F., Lehman F., Wang Q.

    Ultrasonic Longitudinal and Surface Wave Methods for in situ Monitoring of Damage in Metal Matrix and Ceramic Matrix Composites
    Benson D., Buchanan D., John R., Karpur P., Stubbs D.

    Using Ultrasonic Measurements and a Two-Phase Composite Model to Assess Radiation Damage in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Wang J.

    An Array Measurement System for Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
    Boyce B., Cramer K., Lesniak J., Welch C.

    Stress Intensity Measurement via Infrared Focal Plane Array
    Bazile D., Boyce B., Cramer K., Lesniak J., Welch C., Zickel M.

    Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of the Human Tibia
    Hyodo K., Tateishi T., Yamada M.

    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1318-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5371-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2403-5

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