Computerization and Networking of Materials Databases: Fifth Volume

    Nishijima S, Iwata S
    Published: 1997

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    Features leading edge research, new philosophies and innovative methodologies on materials information and database system utilization.

    21 comprehensive, peer-reviewed papers from an international body of materials data professionals are divided into the following key areas:

    Materials Science and the Role of Virtual Experiments -- 3 papers discuss alternative ways computers can best be used to support materials research and development.

    Progress and Refinement of Data Models -- Using the Internet for comprehensive knowledge sharing; data model flexibility; and a new international standard, STEP, for representing and exchanging product data are among the issues explored in 4 papers.

    Expert Systems and Knowledge Organization -- 5 papers examine how modern software technologies can be used to explore such areas as corrosion data, environmentally assisted cracking; and the exploration of unconventional natural gas reserves.

    New Aspects of Data Content, Data Evaluation -- Environmental impact evaluation of materials engineering; concrete materials database guidelines; superconductor data evaluation methodology; and long term field corrosion test databases are among the topics presented in 5 papers.

    Advancement of Computer Technologies -- 4 papers discuss the significance of materials microstructural information; microstructural classification; database performance and application; and future information systems designed for open world problem solving.

    Table of Contents

    Lessons from a Case Study of Property Databases in Materials Development
    Tomiura A.

    Integration of Virtual Experiment Technology for Materials Design
    Koike H., Nagano C., Nishikawa N.

    Control of Metal/Oxide Interface Reactions by the Use of Chemical Potential Diagrams
    Inaba H.

    Materials Selection: Multiple Constraints and Compound Objectives
    Ashby M.

    An Experiment on Internet Material Database Service with MOOD-SX
    Ono N.

    Towards a Flexible and General Computer-Based Representation of Experimental Data
    King T., Over H., Webster G.

    STEP—Present and Future
    Hiraoka H.

    Multimedia Database System KIND Featuring Amorphous Factual Database by Object-Oriented Method
    Aihara T., Akiyama Y., Ikeda M., Ishihara M., Itoh T., Kawazoe Y., Kojima M., Mizuseki H., Mori N., Nakanomyo T., Ohno K., Tsai A., Wada S., Yu J.

    Object-Orientation for Fusion of Corrosion Data
    Roberge P., Trethewey K.

    Development of an Expert System for Fractography of Environmentally Assisted Cracking
    Komai K., Minoshima K., Yamasaki N.

    Classification and Prediction of the Corrosion Behavior of Nickel-Containing Alloys from Field Test Data
    Bogaerts W., Sturrock C.

    Expert System Technology for Natural Gas Resource Development
    Munro R.

    Database for MLCA (Materials Environmental Life Cycle Analysis)
    Halada K., Ijima K., Yagi K.

    Guidelines for Identification of Concrete in a Materials Property Database
    Frohnsdorff G., Oland C.

    Data Evaluation Methodology for High-Temperature Superconductors
    Chen H., Munro R.

    A Corrosion Database System for Exposure Tests
    Kato C., Matsuoka A., Nogami A., Yamamoto M.

    Strength Characteristic Analysis Using the “Database for Mechanical Properties of P/M Alloys”
    Isonishi K., Nakayama H., Sakaida A., Sawayama T., Shibue K., Ueno A.

    Materials Database with Microstructural Information
    Komenda J., Sandström R.

    A Distributed Database System for Mutual Usage of Materials Information (Data-Free-Way)
    Fujita M., Iwata S., Kano S., Kurihara Y., Shindo M., Tachi Y., Yokoyama N.

    Development of Comprehensive Material Performance Database for Nuclear Applications
    Shindo M., Tsuji H., Tsukada T., Yokoyama N.

    Materials Information Systems for Open World Problem Solving
    An J., Fujiwara Y., Lai J.

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    Committee: E04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1311-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5367-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2419-6

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