Advances in Fatigue Lifetime Predictive Techniques: 3rd Volume

    Mitchell MR, Landgraf RW
    Published: 1996

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    The latest information on methods for predicting and understanding fatigue failures in materials and structures.

    17 peer-reviewed papers cover:

    • metal matrix composite complexities;

    • analysis methods for multiple failure mechanisms;

    • cyclic and creep loading experimental approaches;

    • thermo-mechanical fatigue in polymer matrix composites;

    • non-destructive methods for detecting damage;

    • damage mechanics;

    • crack initiation and growth prediction techniques;

    • microstructural effects on fatigue cracking behavior;

    • and design method development and application for dealing with fatigue in components and structures.

    Invaluable for design engineers, researchers, materials engineers,and metallurgists.

    Table of Contents

    Methodologies for Predicting the Thermomechanical Fatigue Life of Unidirectional Metal Matrix Composites
    Neu R., Nicholas T.

    Evolution of Bridging Fiber Stress in Titanium Metal Matrix Composites at Elevated Temperature
    Ghonem H., Tamin M.

    Thermomechanical Fatigue of Polymer Matrix Composites
    Amateau M., Karasek M., Koudela K., Runt J., Strait L.

    Cumulative Fatigue Damage of Angle-Plied Fiber-Reinforced Elastomer Composites and Its Dependence on Minimum Stress
    Lee B., Liu D.

    A Fatigue Damage Model for Crack Propagation
    Chow C., Wei Y.

    Fatigue Prediction Based on Computational Fracture Mechanics
    Chang A., Cordes J., Kim Y., Nelson N.

    A Crack-Closure Model for the Fatigue Behavior of Notched Components
    Hou C., Lawrence F.

    A Study of Naturally Initiating Notch Root Fatigue Cracks Under Spectrum Loading
    Mitchenko E., Prakash R., Sunder R.

    Fatigue Crack Propagation in IN-718 Material under Biaxial Stress Bending
    Ryan R., Zamrik S.

    Modeling the Behavior of Short Fatigue Cracks in a Near-α Titanium Alloy
    Hardy M.

    The Impact of Microstructural Interactions, Closure, and Temperature on Crack Propagation Based Lifing Criteria
    Evans W., Nicholas P., Spence S.

    Structural Life Analysis Methods Used on the B-2 Bomber
    Bunch J., Tanouye P., Trammell R.

    A Study of Fatigue Crack Growth in Lugs Under Spectrum Loading
    Prakash R., Sunder R.

    Further Refinement of a Methodology for Fatigue Life Estimation in Resistance Spot Weld Connections
    Sheppard S.

    Multiaxial Plasticity and Fatigue Life Prediction in Coiled Tubing
    Tipton S.

    Residual Operating Fatigue Lifetime—Estimation of Distribution Function
    Füleky P., Jelemenská J., Kliman V.

    Prestraining and its Influence on Subsequent Fatigue Life
    Halford G., Kalluri S., McGaw M.

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    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1292-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5341-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2029-7

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