Subsurface Fluid-Flow (Ground-Water and Vadose Zone) Modeling

    Ritchey JD, Rumbaugh JO
    Published: 1996

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    STP 1288 is the first publication of its kind featuring newly developed techniques and guidance for simulating water, air and contaminant movement in subsurface water resources.

    Papers are presented in an order consistent with the procedures for conducting a model application, making this volume easy to use. A comprehensive glossary of ground-water modeling terminology is included.

    24 peer-reviewed papers cover the following comprehensive topics:

    Evaluation of Modeling -- Four papers explore a full range of concerns from the difficulty of ground-water modeling, to recommendations for future standards rectification and model codes for general use.

    Conceptualization -- Successful problem solving techniques for subsurface flow problems in various hydrologic and geologic settings are explored in four papers.

    Code Selection/Validation -- Four papers address alternative model codes and how to best fit objectives with the conceptual model chosen.

    Model Design and Construction -- The diversity of codes and applications, and how best to establish the model grid, boundary conditions and conduct sufficient simulations are addressed in six papers.

    Calibration -- Two papers examine how to adjust uncertain model input parameters to account for the difference between measured versus observed input.

    Application Verification/Uncertainty -- Innovative techniques for verifying differing model applications are discussed in three papers.

    Post Audit -- An extensive paper examines how the investigation of one site resulted in design remediation.

    Table of Contents

    Evaluation of Subsurface Modeling Application at CERCLA/RCRA Sites
    Burden D., Lee S., Ravi V., Williams J.

    Good Model-Bad Model, Understanding The Flow Modeling Process
    Anderson M., Woessner W.

    Reducing Modeling Uncertainty Using ASTM Ground-Water Modeling Standards
    Brown D.

    Documentation of Ground-Water Models in Relationship to National Digital Geospatial Metadata Standards
    Hansen D.

    Conceptualization and Characterization of Ground-Water Flow Systems
    Downey J., Gutentag E., Kolm K., van der Heijde P.

    Conceptual Modeling of a Well-Developed Alluvial Basin
    Fowler A., Johnson N., Williams D.

    Recharge of Valley-Fill Aquifers in the Glaciated Northeast from Upland Runoff
    Morrissey D., Williams J.

    The Applicability of Numerical Models to Adequately Characterize Ground-Water Flow in Karstic and Other Triple-Porosity Aquifers
    Davies G., Huntoon P., Jones S., Quinlan J.

    Spreadsheet Solution Method for Groundwater Flow Problems
    Fox P.

    Method/Model Comparison for Wellhead Protection Area Delineation for a New Jersey Site
    Dorrler R., Green S.

    Verification Tests for Contaminant Transport Codes
    Nadarajah P., Rowe R.

    Model Validation and Uncertainty Analysis — An Example Using a Nitrate Percolation Model
    Mummert M.

    Department of Defense Groundwater Modeling Program: An Overview
    Holland J.

    Groundwater Modeling Using an Integrated Large-Capacity Finite-Element Model for Multiple Aquifer Groundwater Flow
    Carlson F., Eddebbarh A., Hemker C.

    Development of a Graphical User Interface in GIS Raster Format for the Finite Difference Ground-Water Model Code, Modflow
    Greer W., Hansen D., Heinzer T., Sebhat M.

    Design of Fate and Transport Modeling for US EPA Risk Assessments
    McNulty E., Mossbarger W., Versluis W.

    Tools to Improve Models for Design and Assessment of Soil Vapor Extraction Systems
    Gallinatti J., Johnson K., Thrupp G.

    Numerical Simulation of an Air Sparging Field Test
    Andersen G., Lundegard P.

    Automated Calibration of a Three-Dimensional Ground Water Flow Model
    Baker F., Guo X., Zigich D.

    Mirror Figure of Merit (MFM): An Alternative Measure of Groundwater Model Calibration Error
    Davidson J., Laase A.

    Modelling Groundwater Source Catchments in The UK: Implementation and Review of A Qualitative Method for Representing Uncertainty.
    Fermor M., Fletcher S., Morris B.

    Verification of A Groundwater Flow Model Application Using Recovery Data and Infiltration Tests
    Johnson J., Weimer D.

    Geostatistical Analysis of Hydraulic Conductivity of the Upper Santa Fe Group , Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
    Ruskauff G.

    A Postaudit of Groundwater Plow Models Used in Design of A Groondwater Capture/Containment System
    Digel R., Rosasco P., Weaver J.


    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1288-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5563-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2021-1

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