Testing Soil Mixed with Waste or Recycled Materials

    Wasemiller MA, Hoddinott KB
    Published: 1997

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    The first publication of its kind offering leading edge information on environmentally safe and friendly ways to deal with waste materials. Leading experts in this new sector of the environmental arena have presented 23 peer-reviewed papers in the following comprehensive areas:

    • Physical properties of soil mixed with a wide variety of waste materials

    • Physical testing of soil using innovative mixtures of tire/rubber shreds

    • Soil and nonhazardous paper sludge mixture tests

    • Testing mixtures of soil and fly ash

    • Testing soil mixed with other ashes such as filter cake ash, kiln dust, quarry tailings, bottom ash and solid waste ash

    • Actual field performance of soil and tire/rubber shred mixtures.

    Table of Contents

    Physical Characterization of Water Treatment Plant Residual and Top Soil Mixtures
    Basim S., Hsieh H., Morgan M., Raghu D.

    Effect of Slag on Shear Strength of Calcium Bentonite
    Khera R., So L.

    Flowable Fill Using Waste Foundry Sand: A Substitute for Compacted or Stabilized Soil
    Bhat S., Lovell C.

    Recycled Asphalt Pavement as a Base and Sub-Base Material
    Gucunski N., Maher M., Papp W.

    A Valuable Product from a Construction and Demolition Facility
    McMahon S.

    Permeability Response of Oil-Contaminated Compacted Clays
    Mikhail N., Silvestri V., Soulié M.

    Prediction of Dynamic Properties by Low Strain Excitation of Residual Materials
    Pamukcu S., Romero S.

    Effect of Fines on Mechanical Properties of Soil-Tire Chip Mixtures
    Benson C., Edil T., Tatlisoz N.

    Pullout Testing of Geogrids in Tire Shreds and Rubber-Sand
    Bernal A., Lovell C., Salgado R., Swan R.

    Utilizing a Paper Sludge Barrier Layer in a Municipal Landfill Cover in New York
    Moo-Young H., Zimmie T.

    Agricultural Land Application of Pulp and Paper Mill Sludges in the Donnacona Area, Quebec: Chemical Evaluation and Crop Response
    Tanguay M., Veillette A.

    Evaluation of Western Coal Fly Ashes for Stabilization of Low-Volume Roads
    Turner J.

    The Use of Fly Ash-Stabilized Sand Mixtures as Capping Materials for Landfills
    Pradeep M., Taha R.

    Differential Scanning Calorimetry Tests Applied to Lime-Fly Ash Soil Stabilization
    Abyaneh M., Jalali S., Keedwell M.

    Improvement of Tropical Soils with Waste Ash and Lime
    Ding M., Nicholson P.

    An Engineering Test Program of MSW Ash Mixed with Quarry Tailings for Use as a Landfill Construction Material
    Lee M., Nicholson P.

    Characterization of Filter Cake Ash and Applications for Soil Stabilization
    McManis K., Nataraj M.

    The Effect of Cement Kiln Dust on the Collapse Potential of Compacted Shale
    Azad S., Dhar B., Miller G.

    Incinerator Bottom Ash as a Soil Substitute: Physical and Chemical Behavior
    Demars K., Rivard-Lentz D., Sweeney L.

    An Unresolved Riddle: Tire Chips, Two Roadbeds, and Spontaneous Reactions
    Green W., Nightingale D.

    Use of Shredded Tires in the Subbase Layer of Asphalt Pavements
    Baker R., Maher M., Papp W.

    Water Quality Effects of Tire Chip Fills Placed Above the Groundwater Table
    Blumenthal M., Humphrey D., Katz L.

    Use of Ground Tire Rubber in Reactive Permeable Barriers to Mitigate Btex Compounds
    Kershaw D., Pamukcu S.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1275-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5351-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2470-7

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