Volatile Organic Compounds in the Environment

    Wang W, Schnoor JL, Doi J
    Published: 1996

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    The first publication of its kind to feature comprehensive information on the regulation, measurement, and control and remediation of VOCs in the soil, groundwater and air. 21 peer-reviewed papers from an international array of scientific, legal and environmental experts in the field.

    Key topics addressed include: A multimedia perspective on VOCs in the environment • Challenges involved with the regulation and assessment of VOCs • The impact of VOCS on air quality • Methods to ascertain the environmental fate of VOCs • Environmental measurement and monitoring techniques Innovative approaches to control and remediate VOCs.

    Invaluable resource for the complete spectrum of environmental professionals: engineers, chemists, scientists, regulators and remediation specialists and program managers, as well as federal and state agency environmental personnel and university libraries.

    Table of Contents

    Doi J., Schnoor J., Wang W.

    Volatile Organic Compounds in the Environment: A Multimedia Perspective
    Cohen Y.

    Taking Inventory on VOC Releases from Amoco's Yorktown Refinery
    Harrass M., Klee H., Podar M., Schmitt R.

    Estimation of Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from Canadian Residences
    Davis C., Otson R.

    Vapor-Phase Organic Compounds in Canadian Residences
    Otson R.

    Sensory Irritation in Mice Exposed to VOC Emissions from Indoor Products
    Black M., Muller W.

    A Modified Gravimetric Method for Measuring Rates of Vapor Adsorption and Desorption on Soils. Kinetics of Toluene Adsorption/Desorption on Bentonite
    Eweis J., Grismer M., Labolle E., Raihala T.

    Outflow Methods for Evaluating the Soil Hydraulic Functional Relationships Between NAPL Pressure and Saturation in Porous Media
    Bali K., Grismer M., Hopmans J.

    The Fate And Behavior of Volatile Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Sewage Sludge-Amended Soil
    Jones K., Wilson S.

    Identification and Quantification of Volatile Organic Compounds Using Systematic Single-Ion Chromatograms
    Kanabus-Kaminska J., Tsuchiya Y.

    Solid-Phase Microextraction of VOCs in Water
    Mani V., Pratt K., Shirey R.

    Estimating VOC Emissions from Waste Water Treatment Units Using a Flow-Through Flux Chamber and Chemdat7
    Comey K., Rabideau C.

    Preparation and Analysis of Dry VOC-Fortified Soils
    Minnich M., Schumacher B., Zimmerman J.

    Effect of Collection and Handling Practices on Concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds Detected in Soil Subsamples
    Hewitt A.

    A New Approach to Evaluating Pre-analysis Holding Times for the Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in Soil
    Hewitt A.

    Experiences with a New Soil Gas Technique for Detecting Petroleum Pollution
    Blaha J., Kelly W., Landa I., Mazac O., Rohde J.

    Characterizing a VOC Site Through On-Site Analysis of Soil Gas
    Ardito C., Duval T., Reaber D.

    A DNAPL Emergency Remedial Action Program in a Developing Country
    Daus A., Nobre M.

    Sorption Capacity of Ground Tires for Vapor-Phase Volatile Organic Compounds
    Edil T., Jhung J., Kim J., Park J.

    Determination of Volatile Organic Compound Permeation Through Geomembranes
    Hoopes J., Park J., Sakti J.

    STERDI: An Innovation to Accelerate Remedial Investigations and Engineering
    Man V., Waslenchuk D.

    Dual-Phase Vacuum Extraction Technology for Soil and Ground-Water Remediation: A Case Study
    O'Melia B., Parson D.

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    Committee: E47

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1261-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5323-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2048-8

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