Assignment of the Glass Transition

    Seyler RJ
    Published: 1994

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    Reexamines an age-old phenomenon in amorphous and semi-crystalline materials, the glass transition. Perspectives from the physics, materials science, engineering, and manufacturing communities for both organic and inorganic materials. 24 peer-reviewed papers and discussions in four sections:

    • Theory and Overview

    • Instrumental Techniques

    • Materials

    • and Applications

    Table of Contents

    Seyler R.

    Audience Discussion I: Dealing with Condensed Moisture
    Tye R.

    Audience Discussion II: Measurement of Temperatures and the Precision of the Assigned Glass Transition Temperature
    Tye R.

    Opening Discussion
    Seyler R.

    Closing Discussion: Highlights and the Challenges that Remain
    Seyler R.

    The Nature of the Glass Transition and its Determination by Thermal Analysis
    Wunderlich B.

    Phenomenology of the Structural Relaxation Process and the Glass Transition
    Moynihan C.

    Glass Transition Measurements by DSC
    Bair H.

    Assignment of Glass Transition Temperatures Using Thermomechanical Analysis
    Earnest C.

    The Application of Dynamic Mechanical Methods to Tg Determination in Polymers: An Overview
    Chartoff R., Sircar A., Weissman P.

    Assignment of the Glass Transition Temperature Using Dielectric Analysis: A Review
    Bidstrup S., Day D.

    Calorimetric Studies on Glasses and Glass Transition Phenomena
    Chang S.

    Analysis of DSC Thermal Curves for Assigning a Characteristic Glass Transition Temperature, Dependent on Either the Type or Thermal History of the Polymer
    Saffell J.

    Sensing Glass Transitions in Thin Polymer Films on Acoustic Wave Microsensors
    Grate J.

    Plasticization of Polystyrene by High Pressure Gases: A Calorimetric Study
    Handa Y., O'Neill M.

    Glass Transition in Polymers: Comparison of Results from DSC, TMA, and TOA Measurements
    Bayer G., Widmann G., Wiedemann H.

    Glass Transition and Heat Capacities of Inorganic Glasses: Diminishing Change in the Heat Capacity at Tg for xNa2S + (1 − x)B2S3 Glasses
    Bloyer D., Cho J., Kincs J., Martin S.

    Glass Transition of a Liquid Crystal Polymer
    Cassel B., Riga A.

    Glass Transition(s) of Ionomers
    Weiss R.

    Measurement of the Glass Transition Temperature of Elastomer Systems
    Chartoff R., Sircar A.

    Assigning the Glass Transition Temperature in Oriented Poly(ethylene terephthalate)
    Moscato M., Seyler R.

    The Glass Transition Temperature of Glassy Polymers Using Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
    Rodriguez E.

    Measuring the Glass Transition Temperature of EPDM Roofing Materials: Comparison of DMA, TMA, and DSC Techniques
    Paroli R., Penn J.

    Evaluation of Upper Use Temperature of Toughened Epoxy Composites
    Cochran R., DiBerardino M., Jankowsky J., Wong D.

    Glass Transition Measurements on Automotive Coatings by DSC, DMA, and TMA
    Gupta M.

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    Committee: E37

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1249-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5287-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1995-6

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