Pendulum Impact Machines: Procedures and Specimens for Verification

    Siewert TA, Schmieder AK
    Published: 1995

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    Comprised of the most current and wide-ranging information available on metallic and nonmetallic pendulum impact machines. Experts from all over the world have contributed 18 papers covering four major areas: The Specimen; • The Anvils and the Striker; • Establishing Reference Energies; • and Testing Procedures and Other Topics.

    Three papers compare the merits of two different radius striker designs. Several presentations focus on the development of standardized specimens and their impact on verification of machine performance.

    Machine and specimen tolerances are explored in five papers, covering such topics as striker geometry tolerances, striker surface finish, specimen edge and reconstitution of specimens.

    Machine verification in plastic and polymeric materials is also discussed.

    Other papers deal with kinetic energy from the machines as well as the use of load-displacement curves for impact tests.

    Table of Contents

    The Role of Strike Marks on the Reproducibility of Charpy Impact Test Results
    Purtscher P., Schmieder A., Vigliotti D.

    Effect of Squareness Tolerance on Charpy V-Notch Impact Energy
    Marsh F.

    The Production of Calibration Specimens for Impact Testing of Subsize Charpy Specimens
    Alexander D., Corwin W., Owings T.

    Miniaturized Notch Test Specimen and Test Machine Design
    Burger J., Manahan M., Soong Y., Stonesifer R.

    The Optimization of Insert Size for Reconstituting Previously Tested Charpy Specimens
    Albertin L., Shogan R., Williams J.

    Effect of Surface Finish of Charpy Anvils and Striking Bits on Absorbed Energy
    Ruth E., Siewert T., Vigliotti D.

    Striker Geometry and Its Effect on Absorbed Energy
    Ruth E.

    Charpy Impact Test Results on Five Materials and NIST Verification Specimens Using Instrumented 2-mm and 8-mm Strikers
    Nanstad R., Sokolov M.

    The Effect of Charpy V-Notch Striker Radii on the Absorbed Energy
    Siewert T., Vigliotti D.

    Effects of the Striking Edge Radius and Asymmetrical Strikes on Charpy Impact Test Results
    Horigome H., Misawa A., Ohno Y., Shiota K., Tanaka M., Tani H.

    Production of Charpy Impact Verification Specimens and Verification of Machine Performance
    Hida N.

    Proposed Changes to Charpy V-Notch Machine Certification Requirements
    Splett J., Wang J.

    Presentation of the French Supply of Charpy V Reference Test Pieces
    Galban G., Le Muet I., Mougin D., Revise G., Roche R., Roesch L.

    Correction of Charpy Impact Values for Kinetic Energy of Test Specimens
    Chandavale R., Dutta T.

    Load Damping Absorbers and the Determination of Load/Displacement Data for Precracked Charpy Specimens
    KarisAllen K., Matthews J.

    Low Cost Lower Bound Toughness Measurements
    Dally J., Lee O., McCowan C., Vigliotti D.

    Design and Evaluation of a Verification System for Force Measurement Using Instrumented Impact Testing Machines
    Mackin T., Tognarelli D.

    Instrumented Impact Testing of Polymeric Materials
    Kalthoff J., Wilde G.

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    Committee: E28

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1248-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5307-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2018-1

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