Automation in Fatigue and Fracture: Testing and Analysis

    Amzallag C
    Published: 1994

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    Broad range of topics describe how advancements in digital computer hardware and software have opened up new opportunities in mechanical testing, modeling of physical processes, data analysis and interpretation, applications in engineering environments.

    40 peer-reviewed papers from developers of testing methodology, researchers and scientists who evaluate and predict materials response, and engineers who apply the results to current day challenges in industry.

    Table of Contents

    Amzallag C.

    A Historical Overview and Discussion of Computer-Aided Materials Testing
    Braun A.

    General Purpose Software for Fatigue Testing
    Dharmavasan S., Peers S.

    A Sampling of Mechanical Test Automation Methodologies Used in a Basic Research Laboratory
    Ashbaugh N., Buchanan D., Hartman G.

    Computer Applications in Full-Scale Aircraft Fatigue Tests
    Hewitt R., Rutledge R.

    Microprocessor-Based Controller for Actuators in Structural Testing
    Sunder R., Venkatesh C.

    An Automated Image Processing System for the Measurement of Short Fatigue Cracks at Room and Elevated Temperatures
    Grabowski L., Smith R., Yi L.

    Computer-Aided Laser Interferometry for Fracture Testing
    Maji A., Wang J.

    Automated Data Acquisition and Data Bank Storage of Mechanical Test Data: An Integrated Approach
    Bracke G., Bressers J., Over H., Steen M.

    Sampling Rate Effects in Automated Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Testing
    Donald J.

    Procedure for Automated Tests of Fatigue Crack Propagation
    Bachmann V., Marci G., Sengebusch P.

    Automation of Fatigue Crack Growth Data Acquisition for Contained and Through-Thickness Cracks Using Eddy-Current and Potential Difference Methods
    Beevers C., Halliday M.

    A Computer-Aided Technique for the Determination of R-Curves from Center-Cracked Panels of Nonstandard Proportions
    Sutton G., Thomas C., Wheeler C., Wilson R.

    The Significance of Variable Amplitude Fatigue Testing
    Heuler P., Schütz D.

    Spectrum Fatigue Life Assessment of Notched Specimens Using a Fracture Mechanics Based Approach
    Heuler P., Krae C., Vormwald M.

    Spectrum Fatigue Testing Using Dedicated Software
    Marquis G., Solin J.

    A Computerized Variable Amplitude Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Test Control System
    Joyce J., Wright W.

    Automated Fatigue Test System for Spectrum Loading Simulation of Railroad Rail Cracks
    Jablonski D.

    High-Cycle Fatigue of Austenitic (316L) and Ferritic (A508) Steels Under Gaussian Random Loading
    Amzallag C., Diaz E., Gauthier J., Le Duff J.

    Crack Closure Measurements and Analysis of Fatigue Crack Propagation Under Variable Amplitude Loading
    Amzallag C., Le Duff J., Mottet G., Robin C.

    A Fatigue Crack Propagation Model Under Variable Loading
    Gerald J., Menegazzi A.

    Sensitivity of Equivalent Load Crack Propagation Life Assessment to Cycle-Counting Technique
    Bignonnet A., Le Pautremat E., Olagnon M.

    Fatigue Life Prediction Under Periodical or Random Multiaxial Stress States
    Bahuaud J., Fogue M., Robert J.

    Neuber-Based Life Prediction Procedure for Multiaxially Loaded Components
    Hanschmann D., Maldfeld E., Nowack H.

    Fatigue Test Methods and Damage Models Used by the SNCF for Railway Vehicle Structures
    Leluan A.

    Load Simulation Test System for Agricultural Tractors
    Nishizaki K.

    Applying Contemporary Life Assessment Techniques to the Evaluation of Urban Bus Structures
    de Freitas M., Maia N., Montalvão e Silva J., Silva J.

    Fatigue and Fracture Analysis of Type 316L Thin-Walled Piping for Heavy Water Reactors: Crack Growth Prediction Over 60 Years (With and Without Stratification) and Flawed Pipe Testing
    Poole A.

    A Rule-Based System for Estimating High-Temperature Fatigue Life
    Bonacuse P.

    Optimum Fracture Control Plan for Gas Turbine Engine Components
    Lassen T.

    Prediction of the Fatigue Life of Mechanical Structures
    Flavenot J.

    Fatigue Testing and Life Prediction for Notched Specimens of 2024 and 7010 Alloys Subjected to Aeronautical Spectra
    Bleuzen C., Chaudonneret M., Farcy L., Flavenot J., Ranganathan N.

    Using Maximum Likelihood Techniques in Evaluating Fatigue Crack Growth Curves
    Annis C., Cunningham S.

    Advances in Hysteresis Loop Analysis and Interpretation by Low-Cycle Fatigue Test Computerization
    Degallaix G., Degallaix S., Hottebart P., Seddouki A.

    Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Testing
    Fleury E., Koster A., Remy L., Vasseur E.

    Measurement of Transformation Strain During Fatigue Testing
    Neu R., Sehitoglu H.

    An Automatic Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing System for Studying Low Crack Growth at Room and High Temperatures
    Bathias C., Ni J., Wu T.

    Database for Aluminum Fatigue Design
    Kosteas D., Ondra R., Sanders W.

    Material Data Banks: Design and Use, an Example in the Automotive Industry
    Diboine A.

    Hypertext and Expert Systems Application in Fatigue Assessment and Advice
    Banerjee S., Devlukia J., McMahon C., Williams J.

    A Software System for the Enhancement of Laboratory Calculations
    Galtier A.

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    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1231-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5283-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1985-7

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