Dynamic Geotechnical Testing II

    Ebelhar RJ, Drnevich VP, Kutter BL
    Published: 1994

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    Cyclic and dynamic testing of soils for geotechnical engineering purposes and centrifuge testing has emerged as a new tool for understanding soil behavior and dynamic soil-structure interaction. STP 1213 is an excellent reference document on these latest testing practices, and emerging technologies and provides additional information on measuring soil properties used cyclic and dynamic loading conditions.

    25 peer-reviewed papers give you an understanding of field, laboratory, and centrifuge methods used in cyclic and dynamic testing of soils for geotechnical engineering purposes.

    The papers discuss:

    • Descriptions of facilities, apparatus, and instrumentation used

    • Theoretical analysis of apparatus and/or instrumentation

    • Results and analysis of experimental research

    • Discussion of testing procedures, improvements, and guidelines

    Table of Contents

    Field Methods for Dynamic Geotechnical Testing: An Overview of Capabilities and Needs
    Campanella R.

    Repeated Measurements of In Situ Soil Stiffness with Permanently Embedded Geophones
    Lee N., Rits M., Stokoe K.

    SASW Measurements at Geotechnical Sites Overlaid by Water
    Roesset J., Stokoe K., Wright S.

    Crosshole SH-Wave Measurements in Rock and Soil
    Fuhriman M., Nelson P., Roblee C., Stokoe K.

    Low Strain Dynamic Characteristics of Soils with the Downhole Seismic Piezocone Penetrometer
    Campanella R., Davies M., Roy D., Stewart W.

    Automation of Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves Method
    Baker M., Nazarian S., Yuan D.

    Tomographic Inversion of Seismic Travel Time Data Using Artificial Neural Networks
    Rix G.

    Review of an Electrical Method for Evaluation of Stress Ratio Required to Cause Liquefaction and Dynamic Modulus
    Arulanandan K., Arulmoli K.

    Feasibility of a Tool for In Situ Measurement of Material Properties of Clays Over a Wide Strain Range
    Chan C., Herrmann L., Idriss I., Jackura K., Li X., Roblee C., Wang G.

    Laboratory Measurement of Dynamic Soil Properties
    Woods R.

    Frequency Effects on Damping/Modulus of Cohesive Soil
    Campanella R., Zavoral D.

    Effect of Strain Measurements on Resilient Modulus of Sands
    Alavilli P., Mohammad L., Puppala A.

    Resonant Column Testing at Pressures up to 3.5 MPa (500 psi)
    Drnevich V., Hardin K., Sams C., Wang J.

    Comparisons of Laboratory and Field Measurements of Resilient Modulus of Non-Granular Materials
    Hudson W., Pezo R.

    Cyclic Undrained Triaxial Behavior of Sand by a Cooperative Test Program in Japan
    Miura S., Tatsuoka F., Toki S.

    Injection-Correction for Compliance in Liquefaction Testing of Gravelly Soils
    Nicholson P., Seed R.

    Towards Standardization of Torsional Shear Testing
    Drnevich V., Frost J.

    Importance of Measuring Local Strains in Cyclic Triaxial Tests on Granular Materials
    Dong J., Kohata Y., Sato T., Tatsuoka F., Teachavorasinskun S.

    Review of Progress in Dynamic Geotechnical Centrifuge Research
    Scott R.

    Scaling Laws for Rate Dependent Shear and Consolidation of Clay
    Kutter B., Sathialingam N.

    Complementary Shear Stresses in Dynamic Centrifuge Modelling
    Madabhushi S., Schofield A., Zeng X.

    Centrifuge Models of Underground Mine Backfill Blast Damage
    Mitchell R., Nnadi G.

    Earthquake Centrifuge Modeling Using a Laminar Box
    Dobry R., Elgamal A., Taboada V., Van Laak P.

    Centrifuge Simulation of Rayleigh Waves in Soils Using a Drop-Ball Arrangement
    Luong P.

    Interlaboratory Studies to Evaluate the Repeatability of Dynamic Centrifuge Model Tests
    Arulanandan K., Dobry R., Elgamal A., Ko H., Kutter B., Prevost J., Riemer M., Schofield A., Scott R., Seed R., Whitman R., Zeng X.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1213-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5272-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1877-5

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