Life Prediction Methodologies and Data for Ceramic Materials

    Brinkman CR, Duffy SF
    Published: 1994

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    24 peer-reviewed papers on:

    • Data and Model Development

    • Life Prediction Methodologies

    • The Prediction of the Behavior of Structural Components

    Table of Contents

    Silicon Nitride Tensile Strength Database from Ceramic Technology Program PRocessing for Reliability Project
    Foley M., Pujari V., Sales L., Tracey D.

    Elevated Temperature Behavior of Sintered Silicon Nitride Under Pure Tension, Creep, and Fatigue
    Kelkar A., Krishnaraj S., Sankar J., Vaidyanathan R.

    Fracture Mechanism Maps: Their Applicability to Silicon Nitride
    Krause R., Quinn G., Wiederhorn S.

    A Comparative Study of Existing and Newly Proposed Models for Creep Deformation and Life Prediction of Si3N4
    Brinkman C., Ding J., Liu K.

    Creep Behavior of Silicon Nitride Determined From Curvature and Neutral Axis Shift Measurements in Flexure Tests
    Choi S., Salem J.

    Comparison of Tension and Flexure to Determine Fatigue Life Prediction Parameters at Elevated Temperatures
    Choi S., Palko J., Salem J.

    Monotonic and Cyclic Rupture of a Silicon Nitride Ceramic
    Hild F., Marquis D.

    Mechanical Properties and NDE of a HIP'ed Silicon Nitride
    Khandelwal P.

    The Numerical Evaluation of Failure Theories for Brittle Materials
    Fok S., Smart J.

    Lifetime Prediction for Ceramic Materials Under Constant and Cyclic Load
    Fett T., Munz D.

    Probabilistic Failure Predictions in Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Fiber Reinforced Composites
    Lamon J.

    Application of Mixed-Mode Fracture Criteria for Weakest-Link Failure Prediction for Ceramic Materials
    deWith G., Dortmans L., Scholten H.

    A Methodology to Predict Creep Life for Advanced Ceramics Using Continuum Damage Mechanics
    Chuang J., Duffy S.

    Time-Dependent Strength Degradation and Reliability of an Alumina Ceramic Subjected to Biaxial Flexure
    ChaoL Y., Shetty D.

    Weibull Estimators for Pooled Fracture Data
    Johnson C., Tucker W.

    The Multiaxial Equivalent of Stressed Volume
    Johnson C., Tucker W.

    Determination of Defect Distributions for Use in Failure Theories of Load Bearing Ceramics
    Margetson J.

    Probabilistic Methods for Ceramic Component Design and Implications for Standards
    Brehm P., Cuccio J., Fang H., Johnson C., Peralta A., Song J., Tucker W.

    Lifitime Prediction for Ceramic Tubular Components
    Jadaan O.

    Evaluation of Tests for Measuring the Strength of Ceramic Tubes
    Kranendonk W., Sinnema S.

    Effect of Proof Testing on the Failure Probability of Multiaxially Loaded Ceramic Components
    Brückner-Foit A., Heger A., Munz D.

    Predicting Creep Behavior of Silicon Nitride Components Using Finite Element Techniques
    Wade J., White C., Wu F.

    High Temperature Life Prediction of Monolithic Silicon Carbide Heat Exchanger Tubes
    Brown T., Duffy S., Edwards M., Sandifer J.

    Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis of Monolithic Ceramic Components Using the Cares/Life Integrated Design Program
    Gyekenyesi J., Janosik L., Nemeth N., Powers L.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: C28

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1201-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5268-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1864-5

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