Nondestructive Testing of Pavements and Backcalculation of Moduli: Second Volume

    Bush AJ, Von Quintus HL, Baladi GY
    Published: 1994

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    Divided into 4 sessions and one panel workshop/discussion on issues related to standardization of backcalculation procedures. The papers presented focus on the area of backcalculation of layer moduli techniques and comparisons of material moduli as measured in the laboratory to values calculated from field deflection measurements. Information from these papers and discussions were used to establish whether a backcalculation procedure could be standardized based upon the current state-of-the-art technology. Provides readers with much of the latest information in the areas of pavement evaluation using NDT techniques, and application of that data for use in pavement design.

    In 5 sections:

    • Measurement and calculation Techniques in the Field and Laboratory

    • Problems/errors Associated with Backcalculation Methods and Design Parameters

    • NDT for Other Pavement Uses

    • Proposed Standard Guide.

    Table of Contents

    Advanced Backcalculation Techniques
    Uzan J.

    SHRP's Layer Moduli Backcalculation Procedure
    Jordahl P., Rada G., Richter C.

    A Methodology to Identify Material Properties in Pavements Modeled as Layered Viscoelastic Halfspaces (Theory)
    Lytton R., Magnuson A., Stubbs N., Torpunuri V.

    Backcalculation of Pavement Layer Moduli, Thickness and Stiff Layer Depth Using a Modified Newton Method
    Baladi G., Harichandran R., Mahmood T., Raab A.

    Improved Methods for Asphalt-Overlaid Concrete Pavement Backcalculation and Evaluation
    Darter M., Hall K.

    Concrete Pavement Backcalculation Uing ILLI-BACK 3.0
    Ioannides A.

    Dyanamic Analysis of FWD Loading and Pavement Responce Using a Three Dimensional Dynamic Finite Element Program
    Coree B., Drnevich V., White T., Zaghloul S.

    Verification of Pavement Responce Models
    Krarup J., Ullidtz P., Wahlman T.

    Field Validation of a Hethodology to Identify Material Properties in Pavements Modeled as Layered Viscolastic Halfspaces
    Lytton R., Magnuson A., Stubbs M., Torpunuri V.

    Comparing Laboratory and Backcalculated Layer Moduli on Instrumented Pavement Sections
    Akram T., Scullion T., Smith R.

    In Situ and Laboratory Characterization of Nonlinear Pavement Layer Moduli
    George K., Uddin W.

    A Pavement Evaluation Procedure Incorporating Material Non-Linearity
    Brown S., de Almeida J., Thom N.

    Effect of Material Stress Sensitivity on Backcalculated Moduli and Pavement Evaluation
    Coetzee N., Mahoney J., Stubstad R.

    Misleading Results from Nondestructive Testing-A Case Study
    Hall J., McCaffrey P.

    Stochastic Analysis of Errors in Remaining Life Due to Misestimation of Pavement Parameters in NDT
    Ferregut C., Nazarian S., Vennalaganti K.

    Interpretation of Dynamic Survey Measurement on Pavement with Treated Roadbase
    Caprioli P., Lepert P.

    Phase LAG Effects on Analysis of FWD Data
    Holikatti S., Sebaaly P.

    The Effect of Annular Load Distributions on the Backcalculated Moduli of Asphalt Pavement Layers
    Crovetti J., Shahin M.

    Effects of Pavement-Falling Weight Deflectometer Interaction on Measured Pavement Response
    Boddapati K., Nazarian S.

    Radar for Pavement Thickness Evaluation
    Fernando E., Maser K., Roddis W., Scullion T.

    A Comparison of Laboratory and Field Sdbgrade Moduli at the Minnesota Road Research Project
    Lenngren C., Newcomb D., Van Deusen D.

    Detection of Multi-Course Surface Pavement Layers by the SASW Method
    Gucunski N.

    Strategies for the Application of the Falling Weight Deflectomer to Evaluate Load Transfer Efficiency at Joints in Jointed Concrete Pavements
    Jackson D., Murphy M., Wimsatt A.

    Field Testing and Structural Evaluation of Selected Concrete Pavement Sections in Florida
    Tia M., Wu C.

    Backcalculation of System Parameters for Jointed Rigid Pavements
    Hiltunen D., Roque R.

    Evaluation of Support Conditions Under Jointed Concrete Pavement Slabs
    Crovetti J., Tirado-Crovetti M.

    Determination of Voids Under Rigid Pavements Using Impulse Response Method
    Baker M., Nazarian S., Reddy S.

    Evaluation of NDT Equipment for Measuring Voids Under Concrete Pavements
    Hudson W., Uddin W.

    The Quest for a Standard Guide to NDT Backcalculation
    May R., Von Quintus H.

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    Committee: D04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1198-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5267-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1865-2

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