Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Sixth Volume

    Stoltzfus JM, Janoff DD
    Published: 1993

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    The concepts and practices used in the designing oxygen systems, as well as the proper use of materials in oxygen-enriched environments. 26 peer-reviewed papers in 6 sections:

    • Development and Evaluation of Test Methods

    • Ignition and Combustion of Polymers

    • Ignition and Combustion of Metals

    • Analysis of Ignition Mechanisms

    • Structured Packing for Cryogenic Air Separation Plants

    • Miscellaneous

    Table of Contents

    Oxygen Compatibility of Metals and Alloys
    Lowrie R.

    A Perspective on Gaseous Impact Tests: Oxygen Compatibility Testing on a Budget
    Werley B.

    A Test Method for Measuring the Minimum Oxygen Concentration to Support an Intraluminal Flame
    Cross J., Sidebotham G., Wolf G.

    Spontaneous Ignition Temperature of Tracheal Tubes
    McGuire J., Nolan P., Sidebotham G., Wolf G.

    Insidious Iatrogenic Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres as a Cause of Surgical Fires
    Bruley M., de Richemond A.

    Effects of Diluents on Flammability of Nonmetals in High-Pressure Oxygen Mixtures
    Bunker R., Hirsch D.

    Effect of Hydrocarbon Oil Contamination on the Ignition and Combustion Properties of PTFE Tape in Oxygen
    Janoff D., Pedley M., Shelley R.

    Promoted Ignition-Combustion behavior of Carbon Steel in Oxygen Gas Mixtures
    Mcllroy K., Million J., Zawierucha R.

    An Assessment of the Flammability Hazard of Several Corrosion Resistant Metal Alloys
    Bryan C., Gunaji M., Stoltzfus J.

    Pressurized Flammability Limits of selected Sintered Filter Materials in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen
    Schadler J., Stoltzfus J.

    Microgravity and Normal Gravity Combustion of Metals and Alloys in High Pressure Oxygen
    Benz F., Steinberg T., Wilson D.

    Review of Frictional Heating Test Results in Oxygen-Enriched Environments
    Gunaji M., Stoltzfus J.

    Evaluation of Bronze Alloys for use as Wear Ring Material in Liquid Oxygen Pump
    Yentzen M.

    Materials Selection for Sulfide Pressure Oxidation Autoclaves
    Henson H., Krag P.

    Modeling of Al And Mg Igniters Used in the Promoted Combustion of Metals and Alloys in High Pressure Oxygen
    Benz F., Steinberg T., Wilson D.

    Gravity and Pressure Effects on the Steady-State Temperature of Heated Metal Specimens in a Pure Oxygen Atmosphere
    Abbud-Madrid A., Branch M., Daily J., Feiereisen T.

    Ignition of Bulk Metals by a Continuous Radiation Source in a Pure Oxygen Atmosphere
    Abbud-Madrid A., Branch M., Daily J., Feiereisen T.

    Combustion Characteristics of Polymers as Ignition Promoters
    Beeson H., Shelley R., Wilson D.

    Evaluation of Buna N Ignition Hazard in Gaseous Oxygen
    Christianson R., Shelley R., Stoltzfus J.

    Compatibility of Aluminum Packing with Oxygen Environments under Simulated Operating Conditions
    Cooper S., Martin J., McIlroy K., Million J., Zawierucha R.

    Compatibility of Aluminium Packings with Oxygen — Test Results under Simulated Operating Conditions
    Barthélémy H.

    The Behaviour of Oil Films on Structured Packing Under Cryogenic Conditions
    Baur K., Kirzinger A., Lassmann E.

    A Critical Review of Flammability Data for Aluminum
    Barthélémy H., Gates R., Slusser J., Werley B., Wilson K., Zawierucha R.

    Oxygen System Safety
    Koch U.

    A Hazards Analysis Method for Oxygen Systems Including Several Case Studies
    Christianson R., Daniel J., Rucker M., Stoltzfus J.

    An Investigation of Laboratory Methods for Cleaning Typical Metallic Surfaces Using Aqueous Type Cleaning Agents
    Mcllroy M.

    The Measurement of the Friction Coefficient and Hear of Metals in High-Pressure Oxygen
    Homa J., Stoltzfus J.

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    Subject Index

    Committee: G04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1197-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5247-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1855-3

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