Creative Use of Bearing Steels

    Hoo JJC
    Published: 1993

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    23 papers written by internationally renowned scientists and engineers cover:

    • Heat Treatment: Carburizing and Through-Hardening

    • Surface Modification

    • Powder Metallurgy

    • Corrosion Resistant Bearing Steels

    • New Bearing Steels

    • Improvement of Rolling Contact Fatigue Life

    • New Bearing Steel Making Processes.

    One of the few, if only, volumes available that presents both the views and research of bearing steel producers and users.

    Table of Contents

    Hoo J.

    Comparison in Rolling Contact Fatigue Life Between Recent Clean Through-Hardening Steels and Carburizing Steels
    Maeda K., Nakashima H., Tsushima N.

    Through-Hardening or Case-Hardening for Tapered Roller Bearings?
    Brockmüller U., Hengerer F., Sörström P.

    Residual Stresses and Material Behavior of M50NiL and RBD
    Böhmer H.

    Tribological and Metallurgical Evaluation of Ferritic Nitrocarburized M-50 and M-50 NiL Steels
    Braza J., Pearson P.

    Finite Element Modeling of Carburizing for Alloy Steels
    Dupen B., Law C., Morral J.

    CVD Multiple-Layer Coatings on 9Cr18 Steel and Its Application for High-Precision Ball Bearings
    Chen H., Duan T., Fan Y., Lei J., Pen Z., Song X.

    Work Hardening of Ball Surfaces
    Schreiber E., Simon W., Zoch H.

    Evaluation of Bearing Steels Produced by Powder Metallurgy Process
    Tsubota K.

    High-Hardness, High-Density Powder Metal Bearing Applications
    Chidester A., Corbo K., Green W.

    A Comparison of Spindle Ball Bearings with Steel or Ceramic Balls for Very High Speed Applications
    Buchner K.

    Development of a Stainless Corrosion Resistant Carburizing Bearing Steel
    McCaffrey T., Wert D.

    High-Nitrogen Cr-Mo Steels for Corrosion Resistant Bearings
    Berns H., Trojahn W.

    Cryogenic Turbopump Bearing Material Development Program
    Chin H., Haluck D., Spitzer R.

    A Ferritic-Pearlitic Steel with Eutectoid Composition
    Andersson-Drugge I., Lund T.

    Rolling Contact Bearing Steel for Operation at 120 to 250°C
    Chen C., Chu H., Yang J.

    The Development of Bearing Steels for Long Life Rolling Bearings Under Clean Lubrication and Contaminated Lubrication
    Abe T., Furumura K., Murakami Y.

    A New Approach to Determine the Effect of Nonmetallic Inclusions on Material Behavior in Rolling Contact
    Böhmer H.

    Bearing Material/Treatment Developments at the SKF Engineering and Research Centre
    Beswick J., Horton S., v. d. Sanden J., Verburgh M., Voskamp A.

    Evaluation of the Continuous Casting Method for Bearing Steel Production—SKF Experience
    Beswick J., Hengerer F., Kerrigan A.

    Improved Properties of Bearing Steels by Advanced Metallurgical Processing
    Böhnke K., Baum R., Otto J., Pflipsen H.

    Advances in the Production of Bearing Steels by Modern Secondary Metallurgy and Continuous Casting
    Jung H., Kremer K., Peschke G., Rakoski F.

    Production of High Life Bearing Steels by Ladle Refining and Electroslag Remelting in Daye, China
    Wan Y., Wang C., Xie Y., Zhou D.

    Use of Rotary Continuous Cast Steel for Production of Tubes for Bearing Applications
    Baudry G., Duplomb G., Giroud G., Jacob G., Saleil J.

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    Subject Index

    Committee: A01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1195-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5246-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1850-8

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