Engine Coolant Testing: Third Volume

    Beal RE
    Published: 1993

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    Covers advances in the development, testing, and application of engine cooling fluids for automobiles and heavy duty engines. Includes:

    • A brief history of ethylene glycol engine coolant

    • New families of engine coolant that operate in a medium pH range

    • Historical overview of cavitation corrosion in diesel cylinder liners

    • History of supplemental coolant additives used in heavy duty diesel engines and a new family of phosphate molybdate packages that are designed to perform better with aluminum components

    • Toxicity and disposal of engine coolants

    • Pump seal failure--causes and solutions

    • Recycling processes

    • Automotive and heavy duty vehicles technologies.

    Table of Contents

    Beal R.




    A Review of Automotive Engine Coolant Technology
    Hannigan H.

    Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Heat-Transfer Surfaces in Engine Coolants Using Monoacid/Diacid Inhibitor Technology
    Maes J., Van de Ven P.

    Fleet Test Correlations of Original Equipment Coolant Pump Failures and Engine Coolant Formulations
    Burns J.

    An Investigation of Carboxylic Acids as Corrosion Inhibitors in Engine Coolant
    Mercer W.

    Fleet Test Evaluation of Engine Coolants Using Sebacic Acid Inhibitor Technology
    Adamowicz N., Falla D.

    Corrosion Testing for Aluminum Alloy Selection in Automotive Radiators
    Beal R., El-Bourini R.

    An Overview of Cavitation Corrosion of Diesel Cylinder Liners
    Hercamp R.

    Phosphate-Molybdate Supplement Coolant Additives for Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
    Hudgens R.

    Toxicity and Disposal of Engine Coolants
    Bustamante R., Hudgens R.

    Test Strips for Rapid On-Site Analysis of Engine Coolants
    Hemmes P., Hercamp R., Kreiser T., Valle S.

    Application of Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Emission Spectroscopy and Laser Ablation-ICP for Problem Solving in Coolant Systems
    McKenzie D., Zamechek W.

    The Chemistry of Oxalic Acid Cleaning of Engine Cooling Systems
    Woyciesjes P.

    Investigation of Deposits on Water Pump Seal Faces
    Stafford R.

    The Relationship between Sealing Performance of Mechanical Seals and Composition of Coolants for Automotive Engines
    Hirabayashi H., Hirata O., Kiryu K., Okada K., Yoshino A.

    Characterization of Used Engine Coolant by Statistical Analysis
    Gershun A., Woodward S.

    Coolant Maintenance and Extension of Coolant Life for Light Duty Vehicles
    Hercamp R., Remiasz R.

    A Multi-stage Process for Used Antifreeze/Coolant Purification
    Richardson R.

    An Evaluation of Engine Coolant Recycling Processes: Part I
    Bradley W.

    Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Coolants: Technology Update
    Kelley F.

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    Committee: D15

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1192-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5244-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1851-5

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