Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-Third Symposium

    Chona R
    Published: 1993

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    45 peer-reviewed papers in 7 sections:

    • Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics--Analyses and Constraint Issues

    • Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics--Applications

    • Linear-Elastic Fracture mechanics--Analyses

    • Linear-Elastic Fracture Mechanics--Applications

    • Fatigue and Nondestructive Evaluation

    • Composites and Nonmetals

    • Probabilistic and Dynamic Issues

    Table of Contents

    Chona R.

    Structural Problems in Search of Fracture Mechanics Solutions
    Barsom J.

    Crack Initiation Under Generalized Plane-Strain Conditions
    Merkle J., Shum D.

    Experimental Relationship Between Equivalent Plastic Strain and Constraint for Crack Initiation
    Epstein J., Lloyd W., Reuter W., Smith J., Williamson R.

    A Comparison of Weibull and βIc Analyses of Transition Range Data
    McCabe D.

    Near-Crack-Tip Transverse Strain Effects Estimated with a Large Strain Hollow Cylinder Analogy
    Merkle J.

    The Conditions at Ductile Fracture in Tension Tests
    Dexter R., Roy S.

    Developing J-R Curves Without Displacement Measurement Using Normalization
    Landes J., Lee K.

    Evaluation of Dynamic Fracture Toughness Using the Normalization Method
    Carcagno G., de Vedia L., Herrera R.

    Asymptotic Analysis of Steady-State Crack Extension of Combined Modes I and III in Elastic-Plastic Materials with Linear Hardening
    Cornec A., Yuan H.

    An Asymptotic Analysis of Static and Dynamic Crack Extension Along a Ductile Bimaterial Interface/Anti-Plane Case
    Schwalbe K., Yuan H.

    An Application Methodology for Ductile Fracture Mechanics
    Brown K., Landes J., Zhou Z.

    Growth of Surface Cracks During Large Elastic-Plastic Loading Cycles
    Bartlett M., FitzGerald J., Hudak S., McClung R.

    Level-3 Crack-Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) Assessment of Welded Wide Plates in Bending—Effect of Overmatching Weld Metal
    Berge S., Eide O., Fujikubo M.

    Limit Pressure Analysis of a Cylindrical Vessel with Longitudinal Crack
    Albrecht P., Chen X., Joyce J.

    A Deep Part-Through All-Around Circumferential Crack in a Cylindrical Vessel Subject to Combined Thermal and Pressure Load
    Chen L., Paris P., Tada H.

    Study of a Crack-Tip Region Under Small-Scale Yielding Conditions
    Albertazzi A., Mourikes J., Sciammarella C.

    Fracture Properties of Specially Heat-Treated ASTM A508 Class 2 Pressure Vessel Steel
    Alexander D., Cheverton R.

    Cracked Strip Problem Subjected to a Nonsymmetric Transverse Loading by a Stamp
    Demir Y., Yahşi O.

    Stress Intensity Factor Solutions for Partial Elliptical Surface Cracks in Cylindrical Shafts
    Chen K., Kuo A., Shvarts S.

    Analysis of Circumferential Cracks in Circular Cylinders Using the Weight-Function Method
    Forman R., Mettu S.

    Environmentally Controlled Fracture of an Overstrained A723 Steel Thick-Wall Cylinder
    Askew J., Kapusta A., Olmstead V., Underwood J., Young G.

    Fatigue Lifetimes for Pressurized, Eroded, Cracked, Autofrettaged Thick Cylinders
    Becker A., Parker A., Plant R.

    An Evaluation of Fracture Mechanics Properties of Various Aerospace Materials
    Forman R., Henkener J., Lawrence V.

    Leak-Before-Break and Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis of All-Steel On-Board Natural Gas Cylinders
    Bhuyan G.

    Intergranular Delamination and the Role of Artificial Aging Conditions on the Fracture of an Unrecrystallized Aluminum-Lithium-Zirconium (Al-Li-Zr) Alloy
    Hillberry B., McKeighan P., Sanders T.

    Development of Fatigue Life Prediction Program for Multiple Surface Cracks
    Choy Y., Kim Y., Lee J.

    Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Titanium Aluminide Ti-25Al-25Nb
    Balsone S., Broderick T., Maxwell D.

    Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Measurements in Aluminum Alloy Forgings: Effects of Residual Stress and Grain Flow
    Bucci R., Bush R., Kuhlman G., Magnusen P.

    Fatigue Crack Growth Analysis of Structures Exposed to Fluids with Oscillating Temperature Distributions
    Chattopadhyay S.

    Development of a Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Specimen Suitable for a Multiple Specimen Test Configeration
    Deshayes F., Hartt W.

    Ultrasonic Characterization of Fatigue Crack Closure
    Buck O., Rehbein D., Thompson R.

    Debonding Force of a Single Fiber from a Composite Body
    Hill J., Leu S.

    A Finite-Element Analysis of Nonlinear Behavior of the End-Loaded Split Laminate Specimen
    Corleto C., Hogan H.

    Investigating the Near-Tip Fracture Behavior and Damage Characteristics in a Particulate Composite Material
    Liu C.

    Modeling the Progressive Failure of Laminated Composites with Continuum Damage Mechanics
    Allen D., Harris C., Lo D.

    Effect of Fiber-Matrix Debonding on Notched Strength of Titanium Metal-Matrix Composites
    Bigelow C., Johnson W.

    Evolution of Notch-Tip Damage in Metal-Matrix Composites During Static Loading
    Awerbuch J., Bakuckas J., Lau A., Tan T.

    Experimental Verification of a New Two-Parameter Fracture Model
    Goree J., Richardson D.

    Translaminate Fracture of Notched Graphite/Epoxy Laminates
    Harris C., Morris D.

    Near-Tip Behavior of Particulate Composite Material Containing Cracks at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures
    Liu C., Mouille H., Smith C., Wang L.

    Static Fatigue in Dilatant-Zone-Toughened Ceramics
    Cotterell B., Duan K., Mai Y.

    Fracture Energy Dissipation Mechanism of Concrete
    Guo Z., Hawkins N., Kobayashi A., Yon J.

    Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Evaluation of Local Brittle Zones in HSLA-80 Steel Weldments
    Eiselstein L., Harris D., Rau C., Scoonover T.

    Rapid Crack Propagation in Polyethylene Pipes: The Role of Charpy and Dynamic Fracture Testing
    Leevers P., Wheel M., Yayla P.

    Effects of Sample Size and Loading Rate on the Transition Behavior of a Ductile Iron (DI) Alloy
    Crenshaw T., Salzbrenner R.

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    Subject Index

    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1189-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5241-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1867-6

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