Skiing Trauma and Safety: Ninth International Symposium

    Johnson RJ, Mote CD, Zelcer J
    Published: 1993

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    Presents the most comprehensive summary of current issues in ski trauma research, and advances the knowledge that can further reduce the risk of injury in skiing. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the subjects presented in this test, the 24 peer-reviewed papers are divided into the following categories:

    • Alpine Skiing Epidemiology

    • Biomechanical and Physiological Aspects of Skiing

    • Ski Bindings

    • Skiing Safety

    • Other Winter Sports Injuries

    Table of Contents

    Johnson R., Mote C., Zelcer J.

    Skier Injury Trends—1972–1990
    Ettinger C., Johnson R., Shealy J.

    Comparison of Downhill Ski Injury Patterns—1978–81 vs. 1988–90
    Shealy J.

    New Zealand Ski Injury Statistics—1989 and 1990 Ski Seasons
    Lamont M.

    Alpine Skiing Injuries in Children
    Ekeland A., Holtmoen &., Lystad H., Nordsletten L.

    Children's Skiing Injuries in Victoria, Australia
    Duff P., Giddings P., McCallum I.

    Knee Sprains in Alpine Skiing: A Ten-Year Statistical Study
    Allegra F., Fava P., Priano F.

    Translations and Rotations Across the Knee Under Isometric Quadriceps Contraction
    Chiang A., Mote C.

    Influence of Ski Boot Construction on Knee Load—A Biomechanical Investigation on Safety and Performance Aspects of Ski Boots
    Hauser W., Schaff P.

    Strains Within the Anterior Cruciate and Medial Collateral Ligaments of the Knee at Loads Causing Failure
    Berns G., Hull M., Patterson H.

    Skiing Forces and Moments at the Knee and Boot Top: Boot Stiffness Effects and Modeling
    Mote C., Yee A.

    Prediction of the Loading Along the Leg During Snow Skiing
    Mote C., Quinn T.

    Injury Mechanisms of the Ankle Joint in High Ski Boots: Photoelastic and Mechanical Investigations on the Human Bone Specimen
    Carl C., Hagena F., Kuhn V., Maier A., Plitz W.

    Activated Muscle Contribution to Leg-Loading Capacity in Rats
    Ekeland A., Nordsletten L.

    3-D Video Motion Analysis on the Slope—A Practical Way to Analyze Motion Patterns in Alpine Skiing
    Hauser W., Schaff P.

    Functional and Technical Evaluation of the Skier by a Specific Ergometer
    Bonvecchio A., Grappa E., Zucco P.

    A New Mechanical Ski Binding with Heel Release Activated by the Bending Moment at the Boot Sole
    Caldwell B., Hull M., Landry D.

    An Alpine Ski Binding with Electrically Modulated Twist Release
    Eseltine K., Hull M.

    The Custom and Practice for Identification and Mitigation of Common Hazards at U.S. Ski Areas—An Opportunity for Standards
    Penniman D.

    Organization of Skiing Safety in a New Alpine Area: Injury Severity Score Used to Compare and Classify the Difficulty of the Slopes
    Askild O., Bergstrøm K., Ekeland A., JøDrgensen N.

    How to Organize a National Ski Safety Council and How This Could Contribute to Increased Skiing Safety
    Eriksson E.

    Snowboard vs. Downhill Skiing Injuries
    Shealy J.

    Snowboarding Injuries
    Fincken G., Janes P.

    Ski Jumping Injuries
    Ishii S., Sugawara M., Yamamura T.

    Tobogganing Injuries in Australia
    Biankin A., Sherry E.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: F27

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1182-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5237-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1494-4

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