Alternatives to Chlorofluorocarbon Fluids in the Cleaning of Oxygen and Aerospace Systems and Components

    Bryan CJ, Gebert-Thompson K
    Published: 1993

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    STP 1181 describes methods to clean and verify the level of cleanliness using environmentally acceptable agents. 13 peer-reviewed papers present:

    • alternative cleaning and verification procedures

    • information of mutual benefit to the producers, customers, and manufacturers

    • a database for the revision of cleaning and verification of systems and components, and

    • a guide for future efforts in the problems of cleaning and verification of systems and components used by the aerospace and oxygen communities.

    Table of Contents

    Experience and Initiatives in Replacing Ozone Depleting Chemicals for Precision Cleaning at the U.S. Air Force's Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center
    Hunt D., Milholen C.

    A Comparison of NonCFC and CFC Methods for Removal of Organic and Particulate Contaminant on Stainless Steel Components
    Janoff D., Johnson H., Pedley M.

    Evaluation of Isopropyl Alcohol as an Alternative Solvent for Chlorofluorocarbons in the Cleanliness Verification of Aerospace Hardware and Ground Support Equipment
    Bassett C., Welch P.

    Evaluation of the Differences in Performing Particle Analysis with Water Instead of CFC Fluids
    Welch P.

    Aqueous Nonvolatile Residue Validation of Precision Cleaned Hardware
    Allen G., Buckley M., Hoppesch C., Johnson R.

    Aqueous Cleaning of Industrial and High-Purity Valves and Fittings: Process Development, Control, and Validation
    Kmetko C., Koch U.

    Methods for Using Water Impingement in Lieu of Chlorofluorocarbon 113 for Determining the Non-Volatile Residue Level on Precision Cleaned Hardware
    Bales L., Bassett C., Caimi R., Dearing W., Lafferty G., Melton G., Sorrell D., Thaxton E.

    An Aqueous Fine Clean Process for Rocket Engine Hardware
    Becker J., Shoemaker M.

    A Demonstrated Detergent Cleaning Technique for Fluorinated Propellant Systems
    Knutson J., Werling R.

    Cleaning Aluminum Heat Pipe Casings with Replacements for Ozone-Depleting Chemicals
    Meyers B.

    “Witness Coupon” Testing as a Possible Method for Validating Precision Cleaned Hardware in Oxygen Systems
    Jones J., Williams M.

    Evaluation of Plasma Cleaning, an Environmentally Friendly Process, for Removing Lubricants from Metallic Surfaces
    Jansen F., Krommenhoek S., Paciej R.

    A Selection and Evaluation Protocol for Alternatives to Halogenated Hydrocarbon Solvents for Oxygen Cleaning Applications
    McIlroy K., Million J., Zawierucha R.

    Committee: G04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1181-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5236-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1496-8

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