Masonry: Design and Construction, Problems and Repair

    Melander JM, Lauersdorf LR
    Published: 1993

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    28 papers ranging from masonry design and construction to the evaluation of masonry problems and repair techniques. Of these papers: 6 examine the relationship of design to various performance aspects of masonry; 7 focus on properties of masonry materials and assemblies; 9 examine test procedures used to evaluate materials and assemblies; and 6 discuss strategies and techniques used to repair masonry.

    Table of Contents

    Design and Testing to Reduce Efflorescence Potential in New Brick Masonry Walls
    Chin I., Petry L.

    Brick Veneer Walls - Proposed Details to Address Common Air and Water Penetration Problems
    Kenney R., Piper R.

    The Influence of Horizontal Reinforcement on the Shear Performance of Concrete Masonry Walls
    Foltz S., Yancey C.

    Economical Design of Shelf Angles
    Krogstad N., Tide R.

    Interim Report on a Study to Determine Lap Splice Requirements for Reinforced Masonry
    Atkinson R., Hammons M., Schuller M.

    Seismic Behavior of Unreinforced Hollow Clay Tile Infilled Frames
    Beavers J., Bennett R., Flanagan R.

    Compressive Strengths and Bond Strengths of Portland Cement-Lime Mortars
    Conway J., Melander J.

    A Study of the Compatibility of Brick and Mortar or Maximizing Masonry Bond Strength
    Krauklis A.

    Flexural Bond Strength of Concrete Masonry Prisms Using Masonry Cement Mortars
    Dubovoy V., Ghosh S., Hedstrom E., Klingner R., Melander J.

    Frictional Characteristics of Clay Brick Pavers
    Kulakowski B., Trimble B.

    Laboratory Study of the Corrosion of Steel Studs and Screws Used in Masonry Walls
    Kudder R., Slater J.

    Influence of Aggregate Microstructure on the Volume Stability of Lightweight Concrete Masonry
    Bremner T., Rae D.

    Variables Affecting the Strength of Masonry Mortars
    John G., Wilkins R., Wright B.

    Flexural Bond Strength Testing - An Evaluation of the Bond Wrench Testing Procedures
    McGinley W.

    A Comparative Review of Various Test Meteods for Evaluating the Water Penetration Resistance of Concrete Masonry Wall Units
    Driscoll M., Gates R.

    Comparison of Laboratory Freeze-Thaw Procedures
    Vickers M.

    Predicting Durability of Brick Veneerwalls in Cold Climates
    Lovatt J.

    Using Modified ASTM E 1105 to Evaluate the Resistance of Masonry Barrier, Mass and Skin Walls to Rain
    Krogstad N., Weber R.

    Evaluation of ASTM E 514-90 Water Penetration and Leakage Test to Assess Performance of Integral Water Repellent Admixtures
    Chin D., Gates R.

    A Theoretical Model of Water Penetration into Concrete Masonry Units
    Barkofsky P., Driscoll M.

    Including ASTM E 514 Tests in Field Evaluations of Brick Masonry
    Hoigard K., Kudder R., Lies K.

    Procedures and Fixtures for Removing, Capping, Handling, and Testing Masonry Prisms and Flexural Bond Specimens
    Butala M., Jones W.

    Quantification of Masonry Deterioration Through Statistical Modelling -- A Case Study
    Fairley W., Izenman A., Whitlock A.

    Evaluation of Injectable Cementitious Grouts for Repair and Retrofit of Masonry
    Atkinson R., Schuller M.

    Cladding an Existing Building with Masonry Veneer
    Cole G., Kelley P.

    Failures of Interior Masonry Halls Subjected to Lateral Air Pressure
    Kaskel B., Romero R.

    Urethane Foam Injection as a Method of Remedial Repair for Masonry Cavity Walls
    Kenney R., Piper R.

    Deterioration and Stabilization of Berea Sandstone on the Hamilton County Courthouse
    Crooks R., Herget F.

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    Committee: C12

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1180-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5235-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1492-0

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