Biomaterials' Mechanical Properties

    Kambic HE, Yokobori AT
    Published: 1994

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    Important to both biomaterials and biomechanical engineers are the philosophical and conceptual developments needed to standardize the mechanical test methods of biomaterials and tissue materials. This publication presents these issues within the context of: a review of test methods; an identification of new testing techniques; and the promotion of an interchange between manufacturers, basic scientists and clinicians. 24 peer-reviewed papers.

    Table of Contents

    Kambic H., Yokobori A.

    Fatigue Properties of Segmented Polyether Polyurethanes for Cardiovascular Applications
    Hayashi K.

    High Strain Rate Testing and Structural Analysis of Pericardial Bioprosthetic Materials
    Courtman D., Haberer S., Lee J., Naimark W., Pereira C., Wilson G.

    A New Method for In-Vitro Wear Assessment of Materials Used in Mechanical Heart Valves
    Goh K., Lim S., Teoh S., Yoon E.

    The Relationship Between PTFE Graft Ultrastructure and Cellular Ingrowth: The Influence of an Autologous Jugular Vein Wrap
    Bernhard V., Chvapil M., Chvapil T., Holubec H., Hunter G., Misiorowski R., Putnam C.

    The Effect of Tissue Adhesion Due to Encapsulation on Anastomosis Strength and a Comparative Study of Vascular Substitute
    Kuroda S., Maeyama T., Ohuchi H., Yokobori A., Yokobori T.

    Predicting the Life and Design Stresses of Medical Plastics Under Creep Conditions
    Teoh S.

    Mechanical Properties of Hard Tissue Adhesive Films
    Chang Y., Haas T., Moon P., Moxley J.

    Taguchi Experiment on Strength Correlation Between a Customer and Supplier of Porous Coatings
    Peterson R.

    Characterization and Quantification of Fretting Particulates Generated in Ceramic/Metal and Metal/Metal Modular Head/Taper Systems
    Bhambri S., Gilbertson L.

    Identification of The Dynamic Properties of Bone Using The Split-Hopkinson Pressure-Bar Technique
    Hara T., Kobayashi K., Sakamoto M., Takahashi H., Tanabe Y.

    Mechanical Properties of Immature Callus in Long Bones
    Miyasaka Y., Ohyama M., Sakurai M., Sasaki S., Yokobori A.

    Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Metallic Biomaterials
    Higo Y., Tomita T.

    Mechanical Testing for Fretting Corrosion of Modular Total Hip Tapers
    Brown S., Flemming C., Payer J.

    Cell-to-Materials Interaction—An Approach to Elucidate Biocompatibility of Biomaterials In Vitro
    Hashimoto Y., Imai K., Kawahara D., Kosugi H., Nakamura M., Oshima H., Takeda S.

    Mechanical Evaluation of Soft Tissue and Ligament Implant Fixation Devices
    Arendt E., Lewis J., Lindquist C., Muneta T., Stewart N.

    Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Biomaterials: Characterization of Interfacial Bond Strength and Environmental Sensitivity
    Black J., Latour R.

    The Use of Small-Scale Flexure Test Specimens to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of Polymer Composites for Biomaterials Applications
    Brown S., Jockisch K., Moet A.

    A Numerical Time-Frequency Transform Technique for the Determination of the Complex Modulus of Composite and Polymeric Biomaterials from Transient Time-Based Experiments
    Dong D., Gilbert J.

    Fracture Behavior of Polyurethane-Calcium Chloride Blends
    Benson R., Wong R.

    Micromechanical Testing of Interfacial Bonding in Absorbable Composites
    Johnson R., Latour R., Leadbetter K., Shalaby S.

    Chemical Components and Mechanical Properties of Urinary Calculi
    Imaide Y., Uchida M., Watanabe H.

    Tests to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of the Ureter
    Nakagawa Y., Uchida M., Watanabe H.

    Mechanical Properties and Modeling of the Stress-Strain Behavior of the Urinary Bladder In Vivo
    Matsuda T., Ohnishi K., Oki F., Saitoh M., Watanabe H., Yokobori A., Yokobori T.

    Changing Strategies for Biomaterials and Biotechnology
    Kambic H.

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    Committee: F04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1173-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5261-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1894-2

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