Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1990

    Bennett HE, Chase LL, Guenther AH, Newnam BE, Soileau MJ
    Published: 1991

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    These proceedings contain papers presented at the 22nd Symposium on Optical Materials for High-Powered Lasers. Many of the fundamental advances in the field of laser damage to optical materials and components were first reported at these international meetings. Papers divided into 4 sections: Materials and Measurements; Surfaces and Mirrors; Thin Films; and Fundamental Mechanisms.

    Table of Contents

    The Need for Laser Beam Diagnostics
    Farnworth C.

    Multiple-Pulse Damage of BK-7 Glass
    Nakai S., Noda T., Yoshida H., Yoshida K.

    Comparison of Laser-Induced Damage of Optical Crystals from the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R.
    Chapliev N., Epifanov A., Garnov S., Said A., Soileau M., Wei T.

    Effect of Ionizing Radiations and Thermal Treatment on the Infrared Transmittance of Polycrystal CsI
    Barnouin O., Miley G., Procoli A.

    Development and Implementation of MIS-36477 Laser Damage Certification of Designator Optical Components
    Mordaunt D., Nieuwsma D.

    A Simple High Precision Extinction Method for Measuring Refractive Index of Transparent Materials
    Bennett H., Nee S.

    An Interferometric Technique for the Concurrent Determination of Thermo-optic and Thermal Expansion Coefficients
    Aggarwal I., Askins C., Jewell J.

    Thermal Transport Properties of Optical Thin Films
    Swimm R.

    Refractive Index Measurement Capabilities at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Dodge M.

    High-Power Transmission Through Step-Index, Multimode Fibers
    Berry D., Klingsporn P., Meeks K., Setchell R., Trott W.

    Use of Dome (Meniscus) Lenses to Eliminate Birefringence and Tensile Stresses in Spatial Filters for the Nova Laser
    Bumpas S., Kyrazis D., Pitts J., Seppala L.

    Ion Beam Milling of Fused Silica for Window Fabrication
    Kranenberg C., Martin P., McCready D., McNeil J., Reicher D., White P., Wilson S.

    Ion-Exchange Strengthening of High Average Power Phosphate Laser Glass
    Lee H., Meissner H.

    Photoacoustic Characterization of Surface Absorption
    Brueck S., Kranenberg C., McNeil J., Raja M., Reicher D., Wilson S.

    Absorption Calorimetry and Laser Induced Damage Threshold Measurements of AR-Coated ZnSe and Metal Mirrors at 10.6 μm
    Oertel E., Rahe M., Reinhardt L., Ristau D., Welling H.

    The Role of Valence-Band Excitation in Laser Ablation of KCl
    Bunton P., Haglund R., Tang K., Wang L.

    The Interaction of 1064 nm Photons with the Al2O3(110) Surface
    Hamza A., Schildbach M.

    Time Dependence of Laser-Induced Surface Breakdown in Fused Silica at 355 nm in the Nanosecond Regime
    Albagli D., Banish B., Feld M., Hayes G., Itzkan I., Izatt J., Janes G.

    Subsurface Polishing Damage of Fused Silica: Nature and Effect on Laser Damage of Coated Surfaces
    Brown N., Stolz C., Taylor J., Tesar A.

    Characterization of Subsurface Damage in Glass and Metal Optics
    Evans C., Polvani R.

    Multipulse Laser-Induced Failure Prediction for Mo Metal Mirrors
    Becker M., Ma C., Walser R.

    Laser Raman Measurements of Dielectric Coatings as a Function of Temperature
    Exarhos G., Hess N., Ryan S.

    An Understanding of the Abnormal Wavelength Effect of Overcoats
    Fan Z., Reichling M., Wang Z., Wu Z.

    Applications of Pulsed Photothermal Deflection Technique in the Study of Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Coatings
    Fan Z., Reichling M., Wang Z., Wu Z.

    Morphology and Laser Damage Studies by Atomic Force Microscopy of E-Beam Evaporation Deposited AR and HR Coatings
    Balooch M., Shotts K., Siekhaus W., Tesar A.

    Optical Characterization of Damage Resistant “kilolayer” Rugate Filters
    Campbell J., Elder M., Jancaitis K., Milam D.

    High Threshold HR Coatings at 1064 nm
    De Marco F., Greenberg M., Hunt J., Marcelja F., Morgan A., Mott L., Rainer F.

    Development of Damage Resistant Optics for KrF Excimer Lasers
    Boyer J., Mauro B., Sanders V.

    Defect Enhancement of Local Electric Fields in Dielectric Films
    Ferris K., Risser S.

    Laser Conditioning and Electronic Defects of HfO2 and SiO2 Thin Films
    Kozlowski M., Rainer F., Staggs M., Stathis J.

    Multishot Ablation of Thin Films: Sensitive Detection of Film/Substrate Transition by Shockwave Monitoring
    Hunger E., Matthias E., Petzoldt S., Pietsch H., Reif J.

    Investigation of Neutral Atom and Ion Emission During Laser Conditioning of Multilayer HfO2-SiO2 Coatings
    Chase L., Hamza A., Schildbach M.

    A Novel Perfluorinated AR and Protective Coating for KDP and other Optical Materials
    Campbell J., Thomas I.

    High Laser Damage Threshold and Low Cost Sol-Gel Coated Epoxy-Replicated Mirrors
    Berger M., Floch H., Novaro M., Thomas I.

    Fabrication and Characterisation of Microwave Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposited Dielectric Coatings
    Greenham A., Lewis K., Nichols B., Nourshargh N., Wood R.

    Reactive Ion-Beam-Sputtering of Fluoride Coatings for the UV/VUV Range
    Kolbe J., Ristau D., Schink H., Welling H., Zimmermann F.

    Highly Damage-Resistant Reflectors for 248 nm Formed by Fluorides Multilayers
    Hashimoto I., Izawa T., Matsumoto Y., Owadano Y., Uchimura R., Yakuoh T., Yamamura N., Yano M.

    Laser-Induced Damage of Diamond Films
    Gurtman G., Merker M., Read H., Wilson R.

    Ion Assisted Deposition of Graded Index Silicon Oxynitride Coatings
    Al-Jumaily G., Gagliardi F., McColl P., Mizerka L.

    Correlation of Surface Topography and Coating Damage with Changes in the Responsivity of Silicon PIN Photodiodes
    Becker M., Huffaker D., Walser R.

    The Effects of Polishing Materials on the Laser Damage Threshold of Optical Coatings
    Crase R.

    Physics of Multishot Laser Damage to Optical Materials
    Manenkov A., Nechitailo V.

    Closed-Form Onset Threshold Analysis of Defect-Driven Surface and Bulk Laser Damage
    O'Connell R.

    Finite Element Analysis of the Transient Behavior of Optical Components under Irradiation
    Borik S., Giesen A.

    Dispersion of n2 in Solids
    Hagan D., Hutchings D., Sheik-Bahae M., Soileau M., Van Stryland E.

    Damage Resistant Optics for a Mega-Joule Solid-State Laser
    Campbell J., Kozlowski M., Milanovich F., Rainer F., Thomas I., Wolfe C.

    Thermal Analysis of Multifacet-Mirror Ring Resonator for XUV Free-Electron Lasers
    Goldstein J., McFarland R., McVey B., Newnam B.

    Determination of SBS Induced Damage Limits in Large Fused Silica Optics for Intense, Time-Varying Laser Pulses
    Kyrazis D., Weiland T.

    Monte Carlo Calculations of Laser-Induced Free Electron Heating in SiO2
    Arnold D., Cartier E., Fischetti M.

    Thermal Stress Modeling for Diamond-Coated Optical Windows
    Klein C.

    Contributions of π' Bonding to the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Inorganic Polymers
    Ferris K., Risser S.

    Correlation Between the Laser-Induced Breakdown Threshold in Solids, Liquids, and Gases
    Bettis J.

    Damage to InAs Surface from Long Pulse 10.6μm Laser Radiation
    Kovalev V.

    Effect of Polarization on Two Color Laser-Induced Damage
    Becker W., Guenther A., McIver J.

    Two Photon Absorption Calculations in HgCdTe
    Nathan V.

    Excimer Laser Optics
    Morozov N., Sagitov S., Sergeyev P.

    Appendix: Participant List

    Author Index

    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1141-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5179-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8194-0532-6

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