Fracture Mechanics: Twenty-Second Symposium (Volume II)

    Atluri SN, Newman JC, Raju IS, Epstein JS
    Published: 1992

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    73 papers by researchers in the field of fracture provide state-of-the-art advances in fracture mechanics. Divided into two volumes: Volume I concentrates on experimental and theoretical aspects of fracture mechanics, while Volume II covers numerical and computational aspects of fracture.

    Table of Contents



    Atluri S., Epstein J., Newman J., Raju I.

    Experimental Determination of Fracture Parameters in Three-Dimensional Problems
    Smith C.

    Crack-Mouth Displacements for Semielliptical Surface Cracks Subjected to Remote Tension and Bending Loads
    Atluri S., Newman J., Raju I.

    Stress-Intensity Factors for Long Axial Outer Surface Cracks in Large R/t Pipes
    Brust F., Leis B., Stonesifer R.

    An Inverse Method for the Calculation of Through-Thickness Fatigue Crack Closure Behavior
    Dawicke D., Grandt A., Newman J., Shivakumar K.

    ASTM E 1304, The New Standard Test for Plane-Strain (Chevron-Notched) Fracture Toughness: Usage of Test Results
    Barker L.

    Comparison of Mixed-Mode Stress-Intensity Factors Obtained Through Displacement Correlation, J-lntegral Formulation, and Modified Crack-Closure Integral
    Barry A., Bittencourt T., Ingraffea A.

    Application of the Weight-Functions Method to Three-Dimensional Cracks Under General Stress Gradients
    Malik S.

    The Application of Line Spring Fracture Mechanics Methods to the Design of Complex Welded Structures
    Bell M., deLange J., Ritchie D., Voermans C.

    Crack-Tip Displacement Fields and JR-Curves of Four Aluminum Alloys
    Dadkhah M., Kobayashi A., Morris W.

    Application of the Hybrid Finite Element Method to Aircraft Repairs
    Chen L., Greif R., Tong P.

    A Hybrid Numerical-Experimental Method for Caustic Measurements of the T*-lntegral
    Fujimoto T., Nishioka T., Sakakura K.

    Three-Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Small Circumferential Surface Cracks in Pipes Subjected to Bending Load
    Franco C., Gilles P.

    Elastic-Plastic Crack-Tip Fields Under History-Dependent Loading
    Ahmad J., Brust F., Naboulsi S.

    Experimental Study of Near-Crack-Tip Deformation Fields
    Chiang F., Li S., Wang Y.

    An Engineering Approach for Crack-Growth Analysis of 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy
    Gu I.

    Advanced Fracture Mechanics Analyses of the Service Performance of Polyethylene Gas Distribution Piping Systems
    Kanninen M., O'Donoghue P., Popelar C.

    Three-Dimensional Analysis of Thermoelastic Fracture Problems
    Chen W., Huang C.

    Analysis of Growing Ductile Cracks Using Computer Image Processing
    Pyo C., Yagawa G., Yoshimura S., Yoshioka A.

    Traction Boundary Integral Equation (BIE) Formulations and Applications to Nonplanar and Multiple Cracks
    Cruse T., Novati G.

    Evaluation of Three-Dimensional Singularities by the Finite Element Iterative Method (FEIM)
    Barsoum R., Chen T.

    An Analytical Solution for an Elliptical Crack in a Flat Plate Subjected to Arbitrary Loading
    Kuo A., Shvarts S., Stonesifter R.

    Application of Micromechanical Models to the Prediction of Ductile Fracture
    Kienzler R., Schmitt W., Sun D., Voss B.

    Matrix Cracks and Interphase Failure in Transversely Loaded Fiber Composites
    Achenbach J., Zhu H.

    Dynamic Stress-Intensity Factors for Interface Cracks in Layered Media
    Bouden M., Datta S.

    Probabilistic Fracture Models for Predicting the Strength of Notched Composites
    Cheng M., Lin K.

    Analysis of Unidirectional and Cross-Ply Laminates Under Torsion Loading
    Armanios E., Li J.

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    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1131-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5193-2

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1440-1

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