Slurry Walls: Design, Construction, and Quality Control

    Paul DB, Davidson RR, Cavalli NJ
    Published: 1992

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    Learn from both successful and unsuccessful case histories presented by an international group of engineers, scientists, and practitioners in this publication from ASTM. 30 peer-reviewed papers provide experiences and findings related to the design, construction, and quality control methods for slurry walls.

    In four sections:

    • State-of-the-Art

    • Hazardous Waste

    • Seepage Cutoffs

    • and Structural.

    Table of Contents

    History of Slurry Wall Construction
    Ressi di Cervia A.

    Making Diaphragm Wall Joints Watertight with the CWS System
    Vanel P.

    Slurry Walls-Construction Quality Control
    Poletto R., Tamaro G.

    USA Practice Slurry Wall Specifications 10 Years Later
    Davidson R., Millet R., Perez J.

    Slurry Trench Cut-Off Walls for Environmental Pollution Control
    Grube W.

    Composite Barrier Slurry Wall
    Cavalli N.

    New Trenching Method Using Synthetic Bio-Polymers
    Tallard G.

    Soil-Pollution Effects on Geotextile Composite Walls
    Chaney R., Fang H., Pamukcu S.

    Using Slurry Walls to Protect an Historic Building: A Case Study
    Boward J., Garvin R.

    Effects of Construction of a Diaphragm Wall Very Close to a Masonry Building
    Chan S., Yap T.

    Design and Construction of Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall for S.A. Murray Jr. Hydroelectric Station
    Ramachandra K., Swan C.

    Concrete Slurry Wall for Temporary and Permanent Foundation Wall at Gallery at Harborplace — Baltimore, Maryland
    Gifford D., Wheeler J.

    Slurry Wall Performance Adjacent to Historic Church
    Nordmark T., Tallard G., Winter E.

    Materials for Slurry Walls in Waste Chemicals
    Khera R., Tirumala R.

    Innovative Aspects of Leachate Containment with Composite Slurry Walls: A Case History
    Manassero M., Viola C.

    Underreamed Drilled Shafts Installed Using Slurry Methods
    Dobbels D., Schoenwolf D.

    Deep Foundation Elements Installed by Slurry Wall Techniques
    Erikson C., Johnson E., Johnson K.

    Quality Control of Slurry Cutoff Wall Installations
    Bell R., Sisley J.

    Construction of Diaphragm Wall at Wells Dam East Embankment
    Ho D., Roberts D.

    Plastic Concrete Slurry Wall for Wister Dam
    Erwin E., Glenn J.

    Design and Construction of a Plastic Concrete Cutoff Wall for the Island Copper Mine
    Davidson R., Denise G., Findlay B., Robertson R.

    Design, Construction and Performance of a Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall Constructed in Two Stages
    Fayad P., Khoury M., Ladd R.

    Seepage Cutoff Wall for Mud Mountain Dam
    Davidson R., Graybeal K., Levallois J.

    The Construction of “Thin” Slurry Walls and the Supporting Liquid Slurries Used
    Breek H.

    State of the Art in Bio-Polymer Drain Construction
    Day S., Ryan C.

    Performance of an Internally Braced Slurry-Diaphragm Wall for Excavation Support
    Bono N., Liu T., Soydemir C.

    Post Office Square Garage Project — A Case History of Instrumented Slurry Wall Performance
    Abbott E., Becker J., Schoenwolf D., Whitman R.

    Quality Control in Construction of Structural Diaphragm Wall Joints
    Lee K., Ou C., Tsai K.

    Design, Construction and Performance of a Deep Circular Diaphragm Hall
    Bruce D., Chan P., Tamaro G.

    Permanent Slurry Walls at Baltimore Metro's Shot Tower Station
    Castelli R., Patel A.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1129-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5191-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1427-2

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