Advances in Fatigue Lifetime Predictive Techniques

    Mitchell MR, Landgraf RW
    Published: 1992

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    Papers from fatigue researchers and practitioners review recent progress in the development of methods to predict fatigue performance of materials and structures and to assess the extent to which these new methods are finding their way into practice. 27 papers on:

    • General Approaches

    • Elevated Temperature Phenomena

    • Spectrum Loading

    • Multiaxial Behavior

    • Applications.

    Table of Contents

    Landgraf R., Mitchell M.

    Fatigue Mechanics: An Assessment of a Unified Approach to Life Prediction
    Everett R., Newman J., Phillips E., Swain M.

    A Fracture Mechanics Based Model for Cumulative Damage Assessment as Part of Fatigue Life Prediction
    Heuler P., Seeger T., Vormwald M.

    Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life Prediction Methods
    Sehitoglu H.

    Evaluation of the Effect of Creep and Mean Stress on Fatigue Life Using a Damage Mechanics Approach
    Abuelfoutouh N.

    Cumulative Creep-Fatigue Damage Evolution in an Austenitic Stainless Steel
    McGaw M.

    Application of a Thermal Fatigue Life Prediction Model to High-Temperature Aerospace Alloys B1900 + Hf and Haynes 188
    Arya V., Halford G., Saltsman J., Verrilli M.

    Thermomechanical and Bithermal Fatigue Behavior of Cast B1900 + Hf and Wrought Haynes 188
    Duckert R., Halford G., Holland F., Kalluri S., Ritzert F., Verrilli M.

    Elevated Temperature Crack Growth in Aircraft Engine Materials
    Mall S., Nicholas T.

    Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction under Spectrum Loading
    Sunder R.

    Contribution of Individual Load Cycles to Crack Growth under Aircraft Spectrum Loading
    Sunder R.

    Fatigue Crack Growth from Narrow-Band Gaussian Spectrum Loading in 6063 Aluminum Alloy
    Van Den Avyle J., Veers P.

    Modeling High Crack Growth Rates under Variable Amplitude Loading
    de Koning A., Dougherty D., Hillberry B.

    A Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics Approach for Structural Reliability Assessment of Space Flight Systems
    Creager M., Ebbeler D., Moore N., Sutharshana S.

    A Multiaxial Fatigue Life Estimation Technique
    Bannantine J., Socie D.

    Small Crack Growth in Multiaxial Fatigue
    Fatemi A., Reddy S.

    Failure Modes in a Type 316 Stainless Steel under Biaxial Strain Cycling
    Davis D., Kulowitch P., Zamrik S.

    Nonproportional Fatigue of Welded Structures
    Kurath P., Lawrence F., Siljander A.

    Damage Evaluation in Composite Materials Using Thermographic Stress Analysis
    Sandor B., Zhang D.

    Fatigue Life Prediction and Experimental Verification for an Automotive Suspension Component Using Dynamic Simulation and Finite Element Analysis
    Baek W., Stephens R.

    Plasticity and Fatigue Damage Modeling of Severely Loaded Tubing
    Newburn D., Tipton S.

    Electric-Potential-Drop Studies of Fatigue Crack Development in Tensile-Shear Spot Welds
    Kurath P., Lawrence F., Swellam M.

    Life Prediction of Circumferentially Grooved Components under Low-Cycle Fatigue
    Fujimitsu T., Hatanaka K., Omori J., Shiraishi S.

    Reliability Centered Maintenance for Metallic Airframes Based on a Stochastic Crack Growth Approach
    Manning S., Marler J., Pretzer F., Yang J.

    On the Prediction of the Fatigue Propagation of Semi-Elliptical Defects
    Soboyejo W.

    Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Fatigue in Lap Joints
    Chih-Chien C., Derber T., Swenson D.

    Fatigue Lifetime Monitoring in Power Plants
    Deardorff A., Griesbach T., Riccardella P.

    Fatigue Analysis Techniques for Vintage Steam Turbine/Generator Components
    Jhansale H., McCann D.

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    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1122-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5185-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1423-4

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