Composite Materials: Testing and Design (Tenth Volume)

    Grimes GC
    Published: 1992

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    Experts in the field of composite materials and structures from government, industry, and academia discuss current research and development on composites and the state-of-the-art engineering applications to structures in this volume from ASTM.

    Important composite materials technical issues are discussed in 8 sections:

    • Compression Test Methodology Analysis and Development

    • General Test Methodology Analysis and Development

    • Material Mechanical Properties and Failure Criteria

    • Advanced Materials Analysis and Test

    • Analysis, Test, and Certification of Structure

    • Quality Assurance and Process Control

    • Interlaminar Fracture Analysis and Test

    • Damage, Flaws, and Repair.

    For those involved in composite research or design of advanced composites structures.

    Table of Contents

    Grimes G.









    Reflections on the Development of Test Methods for Advanced Composites
    Whitney J.

    The Influence of Fiber Waviness on the Compressive Behavior of Unidirectional Continuous Fiber Composites
    Davis J., Helms K., Highsmith A.

    Open Hole and Postimpact Compressive Fatigue of Stitched and Unstitched Carbon-Epoxy Composites
    Poe C., Portanova M., Whitcomb J.

    A Method for Evaluating the High Strain Rate Compressive Properties of Composite Materials
    Montiel D., Williams C.

    Thermomechanical Testing of High-Temperature Composites: Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) Behavior of SiC(SCS-6)/Ti-15-3
    Bartolotta P., Castelli M., Ellis J.

    In-Plane Biaxial Compressive Deformation and Failure of E-Glass/Epoxy Laminates
    Doong S., Faoro J., Socie D.

    The Effect of Tab Orientation on the Distribution of Strains in Composite Specimens
    Foos B., Sandhu R., Wolfe W.

    Characterization of IM7 Graphite/Thermoplastic Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) for Spacecraft Structural Applications
    Griese R., Silverman E., Wiacek C.

    Hot/Wet Testing of Celion 3000/PMR-15 Coupon Specimens
    Kinman E.

    A Scientific Approach to Composite Laminate Strength Prediction
    Hart-Smith L.

    Characterization of Unnotched SCS-6/Ti-15-3 Metal Matrix Composites at 650°C
    Johnson W., Pollock W.

    High-Temperature Fatigue Behavior of a SIC/Ti-24Al-11 Nb Composite
    Bartolotta P., Brindley P.

    Deformation and Failure of Longitudinally Loaded Brittle-Matrix Composites
    Daniel I., Lee J.

    A Macro—Micromechanics Analysis of a Notched Metal Matrix Composite
    Bigelow C., Naik R.

    Analysis and Test Techniques for Composite Structures Subjected to Out-of-Plane Loads
    Kan H., Kautz E., Mahler M., Paul P., Saff C., Sanger K.

    Analysis and Testing of a Composite Sandwich Shell Horizontal Tail
    McWhorter J., Sherrouse M.

    Composite Material Stub-Blade Wing Joint
    Franklin W., Kreimendahl B.

    Temperature and Load Cycling of a Thick Polyimide Quartz Laminate
    Keen L., Laurencot R.

    Effects of Processing Variables on the Quality of Co-cured Sandwich Panels
    Jouin P., Pollock D., Rudisill E.

    An Evaluation of the Current Status of Automated Process Control for Thermosetting Composites
    Holl M., Rehfield L.

    Analysis of Composite Material Containing Defects
    Frankle R., Jones D., Roberts B., Shusto L.

    Image Enhancement Techniques for Ultrasonic NDE Applications
    Steiner K.

    Free-Edge Stress Analysis of Glass-Epoxy Laminates with Matrix Cracks
    Fish J., O'Brien T.

    Delamination Failure in a Unidirectional Curved Composite Laminate
    Martin R.

    Efficient Use of Film Adhesive Interlayers to Suppress Delamination
    Bhat N., Lagace P.

    Damage Tolerance of Three-Dimensional Commingled PEEK/Carbon Composites
    Chu J., Hua C., Ko F.

    Damage Accumulation and Fracture of Notched Composite Laminates Under Tensile and Compressive Loading
    Kim R., Tan S.

    Advances in Thermographic Stress Analysis and Evaluation of Damage in Composites
    Sandor B., Zhang D.

    Stress Field Sensitivity of a Composite Patch Repair as a Result of Varying Patch Thickness
    Siener M.

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    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1120-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5184-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1426-5

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