Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1989

    Bennett HE, Chase LL, Guenther AH, Newnam BE, Soileau MJ
    Published: 1990

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    59 papers cover: Surfaces and Mirrors; Thin Films; and Fundamental Mechanisms.

    Table of Contents

    Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials

    A Set of Standard Definitions for Laser Damage Parameters and Procedures
    Arenberg J.

    Optical Characterization of Transparent Materials Using Ellipsometry
    Bennett H., Nee S.

    Microindentation as a Technique for Assessing Subsurface Damage in Optics
    Evans C., Polvani R.

    Automated Damage Testing Facility for Excimer Laser Optics
    Gerhardt H., Mann K.

    Expanded Damage Test Facilities at LLNL
    De Marco F., Gonzales R., Kozlowski M., Morgan A., Rainer F., Staggs M.

    Laser Damage Database at 1064 nm
    Gonzales R., Morgan A., Rainer F.

    Damage Measurements on Optical Materials for Use in High-Peak-Power Lasers
    Brusasco R., Campbell J., De Marco F., Gonzales R., Kozlowski M., Milanovich F., Morgan A., Rainer F., Scrivener M., Staggs M., Thomas I., Velsko S., Wolfe C.

    Laser Induced Damage to Thallium Arsenic Selenide (TAS)
    Henningsen T., Said A., Sheik-Bahae M., Singh N., Soileau M., Van Stryland E.

    Laser Induced Damage in Schott's OG-550 Optical Absorption Glass
    Goedert R., Templeton D., Whittaker T.

    Effects of Laser Damage Processes on Microwave Propagation
    Abouzahra M., Cohn D., Eng R., Harris N., Woskov P.

    Laser-Induced Damage to Silicon Photosensor Arrays
    Becker M., Benchetrit T., Walser R., Watkins S., Zhang C.

    Sensitive n2 Measurements Using a Single Beam
    Hagan D., Said A., Sheik-Bahae M., Soileau M., Van Stryland E., Wei T.

    Optical Breakdown in Particle Suspension
    Mansour K., Soileau M., Van Stryland E.

    Annealing of Induced Damage in Fluoride Glass Components
    De Rochemont L., El-Bayoumi O., Suscavage M.

    The Effect of Laser Annealing on Laser Induced Damage Threshold
    Emmony D., Kerr N.

    Shockwave Detection, An Efficient Way to Determine Multiple-Pulse Damage Thresholds
    Elg A., Matthias E., Petzoldt S., Reif J.

    Application of the Ronchi Ruling Beam Profiling Method to Axially Symmetric Laser Beams
    Chen C., O'Connell R.

    Prediction of Laser Induced Damage by Comparison of Laser Fluence Profile to Damage Spot Radius
    Goedert R., Templeton D., Whittaker T.

    IR Laser Beam Profiling Using Quenched Fluorescence
    Clark S., Emmony D., Kerr N.

    Laser-Induced Failure in Biased Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes
    Becker M., Walser R., Watkins S., Zhang C.

    The Effect of Subsurface Defects on “Incipient” (Below Threshold) Laser Damage Nucleation in Fused Silica Optical Flats
    Boyer J., Leung C., Magee T., Mauro B., Orazio F., Sanders V.

    Quantitative Analysis of Surface Trace Metal Contamination on Substrates and Films by TXRF
    Hockett R.

    An Error Analysis of the Wyko TOPO Noncontact Surface Profiler
    Hodgkin V.

    Ultra-Precision Grinding of LHG-8 Laser Glass and Laser Damage Thresholds
    Nakai S., Namba Y., Yoshida H., Yoshida K.

    Low Scatter Surfaces on Silicon Carbide
    Magida M., Paquin R.

    Physical Limits on Ultra-High Albedo Diffuse Reflectors
    Miles P.

    Optical Damage on SiO2 Cavity Mirrors Produced by High-Power VUV Laser Irradiation
    Fujiwara E., Inoue Y., Kato Y., Kurosawa K., Okuda M., Sasaki W., Takigawa Y., Yoshida K.

    Damage Assessment and Possible Damage Mechanisms to 1-Meter Diameter Nova Turning Mirrors
    Campbell J., Edwards G., Lindsey E., Wolfe R.

    Thermal Transport Studies of Optical Coatings, Interfaces and Surfaces by Thermal Diffusion Wave Interferometry
    Swimm R., Wiemokly G.

    Investigation of Thin Films Using Total Internal Reflection Microscopy
    Carniglia C., Pond B., Stowell W., Williams F.

    Scattering Characterization of Materials in Thin Film Form
    Amra C.

    Optical Properties and Laser Damage Measurements of Inorganic Polymer Films
    Crosby K., Exarhos G.

    Interfacial Stability in Optical Coatings
    Cullis A., Lewis K., Muirhead I., Pitt A., Welford K.

    Surface Analytical Methods for the Assessment of Damage in Optical Thin Films
    Hoenigman J.

    Laser Conditioning of Optical Thin Films
    Campbell J., Gonzales R., Kozlowski M., Morgan A., Rainer F., Wolfe C.

    Large Area Laser Conditioning of Dielectric Thin Film Mirrors
    Campbell J., Kozlowski M., Staggs M., Wolfe C.

    Population Distribution of Conditioned Damage Thresholds on AR Coated BK-7 Glass with Varying Laser Spot Size
    Arenberg J., Mordaunt D.

    Damage Threshold Measurements of Reflective and Transmissive Optics at 130 nm
    Hamilton C., Muller C.

    Laser Induced Damage Thresholds of Dielectric Coatings at 193 nm and Correlations to Optical Constants and Process Parameters
    Ebert J., Kolbe J., Müller H., Schink H., Welling H.

    Angular Dependence of Thin-Film Dielectric Coating Damage Thresholds Revisited
    Boyer J., Foltyn S., Mauro B., Sanders V.

    Pulse-Width Dependence of Optical Coating Damage at 1052 nm
    Ikunishi S., Kato Y., Nakai S., Yoshida H., Yoshida K.

    Damage Resistant Optical Coatings Prepared Using High Temperature, Plasma Chemical-Vapor-Deposition
    Brusasco R., Campbell J., Emmett J., Etzkorn H., Kersten R., Paquet V., Rainer F.

    A High Temperature, Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition System
    Britten J., Brusasco R., Campbell J., Johnson W., Scrivener M., Thorsness C., Unites W.

    The Evolution of Molecular Beam Deposition (MBD) from Laboratory to Production Usage
    Fisher S., Hale C., Mathew G., Muirhead I.

    Investigation and Modelling of Laser Damage Properties of Fabry-Perot Filters
    Gibson D., MacDonald C., McInnes A., Wilson A.

    High Damage Threshold AlO.OH-SiO2 HR Coatings Prepared by the Sol-Gel Process
    Thomas I.

    1-on-1 And n-on-1 Laser Strength of Binder Aided ZrO2 and ZrO2-SiO2 Reflective Sol-Gel Coatings
    Floch H., Priotton J.

    Structural Modification of D2O/H2O-Dosed CaF2 Optical Thin Films
    Franck J.

    Non-Avalanche Dielectric Breakdown in Wide-Band-Gap Insulators at DC and Optical Frequencies
    Braunlich P., Cartier E., Casper R., DiMaria D., Fischetti M., Jones S., Kelly P., Shen X.

    UV Seeding of IR Laser Induced Damage
    Clark S., Emmony D., Kerr N.

    Measurements of UV Induced Absorption in Dielectric Coatings
    Bakshi M., Cecere M., Deacon D., Fauchet A.

    The Response of Multilayer Dielectric Coatings to Low Fluence Ultraviolet Light Exposure
    Early J., Leamon W., Sanders V.

    Radiation Damage in Single Crystal CsI(Tl) and Polycrystal CsI
    Barnouin O., Chung H., Miley G., Procoli A.

    Effects of Thermal Conductivity and Index of Refraction Variation on the Inclusion Dominated Model of Laser-Induced Damage
    Fuka M., Guenther A., McIver J.

    Theoretical Determination of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Inorganic Polymers
    Ferris K., Risser S.

    Relation Between n2 and Two-Photon Absorption
    Canto E., Hagan D., Miller A., Said A., Sheik-Bahae M., Van Stryland E., Wei T.

    Photoconductivity of ZnS and ZnSe
    Marrs C., Mason B.

    Formation of a Pregiven Reflecting Surface Topography by Elastic Deformation of the Mirror Substrate. New Concept of Adaptive Optical System
    Apollonov V., Chetkin S., Ivanova E., Prokhorov A., Vdovin G.

    Application of Ultrasonic Capillary Effect in Elements of Power Optics Cooled by Means of a Heat Pipe
    Apollonov V., Chetkin S., Kharchenko V., Motorin V., Prokhorov A.

    Appendix I: List of Attendees

    Committee: E13

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1117-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5157-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-4478-1

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