Insulation Materials: Testing and Applications, 2nd Volume

    Graves RS, Wysocki DC
    Published: 1991

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    Brings together the latest research data on thermal insulation materials. 38 papers cover:

    • Reflective/Radiant Barriers/Radiation Control Coating

    • Economics and Energy impact

    • Long-Term Thermal Performance of Foams

    • Assessments and Properties of Foams

    • Convection in Fibrous Insulation

    • Tests and Models

    • Performance Factors

    • Innovative Insulations

    • Test Methods and Comparisons

    Table of Contents

    Graves R., Wysocki D.

    Preliminary Assessment of Radiation Control Coatings for Buildings
    Anderson R., Graves R., Wendt R., Yarbrough D.

    Prediction of the Thermal Performance of Single and Multi-Airspace Reflective Insulation Materials
    Desjarlais A., Yarbrough D.

    A Stratified Air Model for Simulation of Attic Thermal Performance
    Fairey P., Gu L., Parker D.

    The Use of Economic Analysis in Developing an Energy Standard: Lessons Learned
    McBride M.

    Energy Code Measures to Assure the Effectiveness of Thermal Insulation Installed in Buildings
    Nelson B.

    A Survey of Loose-Fill Insulations Installed in Residential Attics
    Penney R., Yarbrough D.

    Zip 2.0: The Enhanced Zip-Code Insulation Program
    Petersen S.

    Evaluation of Long-Term Thermal Performance of Cellular Plastics Revisited
    Bomberg M., Kumaran M.

    Thermal Measurement of In-Situ and Thin-Specimen Aging of Experimental Polyisocyanurate Roof Insulation Foamed with Alternative Blowing Agents
    Christian J., Courville G., Graves R., Linkous R., McElroy D., Weaver F., Yarbrough D.

    Fundamental Aspects of Thermal Conductivity Aging and Dimensional Stability of Rigid Polyurethane Foams
    Smits G., Thoen J.

    Some Factors Affecting the Long-Term Thermal Insulating Performance of Extruded Polystyrene Foams
    Booth J.

    Thermal Performance of HCFC-22 Blown Extruded Polystyrene Insulation
    Christian J., Graves R., Yarbrough D.

    CFC Blowing Agents Substitutes — A Status Report
    Knopeck G., Shankland I., Zwolinski L.

    A Review of Techniques for Improved Foam Conductivity: Reducing Radiation Heat Transfer, Limiting Aging and Inclusion of Vacuum Elements
    Burke M., Glicksman L., Marge A., Mozgowiec M.

    The Effect of Natural Convective Air Flows in Residential Attics on Ceiling Insulating Materials
    McCaa D., Rose W.

    Thermal Performance of One Loose-Fill Fiberglass Attic Insulation
    Childs P., Delmas A., Wendt R., Wilkes K.

    Forced Convection Effects in Fibrous Thermal Insulation
    Arquis E., McCaa D., Silberstein A.

    Experimental Test Results of Interior Vs. Exterior Insulation in Extremely Hot Climates
    Al-Mofeez I., Woods P.

    Hot Box Instrumentation, Calibration and Error Estimation — A Survey
    Goss W., Miller R.

    Comparison of Heat Transfer Modeling with Experimental Results for Residential Attic Insulations
    Gorthala R., Levins W., Roux J., Wilkes K.

    Combined Conduction, Radiation Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer in Fibrous Attic Insulations
    Fairey P., Gorthala R., Roux J.

    Moisture Diffusion in Thermal Insulating Materials
    Abrantes V., Crausse P., Freitas V.

    The Effect of Exterior Insulating Sheathing on Wall Moisture
    Tsongas G.

    Thermal Conductivity of Several Concretes as a Function of Moisture
    Ashworth E., Ashworth T.

    Thermal Insulation Under Fire
    Schultz N.

    Gas-Filled Panel High-Performance Thermal Insulation
    Arasteh D., Griffith B., Selkowitz S.

    Aerogel — A High Performance Insulating Material at 0.1 Bar
    Cao W., Hunt A., Jantzen C.

    Reduction of High Temperature Thermal Conductivity of Thin-Wall Ceramic Spheres
    Chapman A., Cochran J., Ford T., Furlong S., McElroy D.

    Automated Low-Temperature Guarded Hot Plate for Measuring Apparent Conductivity
    Dube' W., Filla B., Smith D.

    Intra-Laboratory Comparison of a Line-Heat-Source Guarded Hot Plate and Heat-Flow-Meter Apparatus
    Zarr R.

    A Round-Robin Comparison of Australasian Thermal Laboratories
    Desjarlais A., Trethowen H.

    Interlaboratory Comparison of the Apparent Thermal Conductivity of a Fibrous Batt and Four Loose-Fill Insulations
    Desjarlais A., Graves R., McCaa D., Mumaw J., Noonan P., Scott J., Sikund R., Smith D., Troyer R., Zarr R.

    ASTM/DOE Hot Box Round Robin
    Bales E.

    Thermal Properties of Selected Materials from Steady-State and Transient Tests
    Fine H., Graves R., McElroy D., Yarbrough D.

    Underground Cellular Glass Pipe Insulation Failures in Quebec and Louisiana
    Lotz W.

    Effects of Aeration on Corrosiveness of Wet Residential Building Thermal Insulation on Low Carbon Steel
    Stansbury E.

    Tensile Testing of EIFS Laminas
    Davies A., Flanders S., Lampo R.

    Field Performance, Hydrolysis and Durability of Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation in Australian Dwellings
    Brown S.

    Author Index

    Subject Index

    Committee: C16

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1116-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5174-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1420-3

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