Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Fifth Volume

    Stoltzfus J, McIlroy K
    Published: 1991

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    Important resource on the proper, safe use of materials in oxygen-enriched environments. 34 papers provide a previously unavailable reference of oxygen-system design concepts and practices. A keynote paper by Dr. Irvin Glassman disucsses the combustion fundamentals of low-volatility materials in oxygen-enriched environments. 6 sections follow:

    • Development and Evaluation of Test Methods

    • Ignition and Combustion of Nonmetals

    • Ignition and Combustion of Metals

    • Analysis of Ignition Mechanisms

    • Material Selection

    • Miscellaneous

    For oxygen manufacturers and users, oxygen system designers, safety officers propulsion system designers and operators, anesthesiologists and oxygen therapists, and scuba equipment users.

    Table of Contents

    McIlroy K., Stoltzfus J.

    Combustion Fundamentals of Low Volatility Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres
    Glassman I.

    Flame Penetration Test for Protective Clothing in Oxygen
    Currie J., Sanders J.

    Test Developments for Polymers in Oxygen-Enriched Environments
    Benz F., Shelley R., Tapphorn R.

    Ignition of Nonmetallic Materials by Impact of High Pressure Oxygen III: New Method Development
    Bamford L., Janoff D., Pedley M.

    Automation of Autogenous Ignition Equipment
    Garcia H., Henningson R., Lowrie R.

    Analysis of Oxygen Mechanical Impact Test Apparatuses and Methods
    deQuay L., Scheuermann P.

    Recommended Changes in ASTM Test Methods D2512-82 and G86-84 for Oxygen-Compatibility Mechanical Impact Tests on Metals
    Bransford J., McColskey J., Reed R., Simon N.

    Laser Resistant Endotracheal Tubes -- Protection Against Oxygen-Enriched Airway Fires During Surgery?
    de Richemond A.

    Endotracheal Tube Fires: A Flame Spread Phenomenon
    Aftel R., Sidebotham G., Stern J., Wolf G.

    Effects of Oxygen Concentration, Diluents, and Pressure on Ignition and Flame-Spread Rates of Nonmetals: A Review Paper
    Bunker R., Hirsch D., Janoff D.

    Reaction Sensitivities of Al-Li Alloys and Alloy 2219 in Mechanical-Impact Tests
    Gracia-Salcedo C., McColskey J., Reed R., Simon N.

    Aluminum-Lithium Alloys: Mechanical Property and Composition Effects on Liquid Oxygen Compatibility
    McNamara D., Sircar S., Stoltzfus J., Tack W.

    Macro- and Microreactions in Mechanical-Impact Tests of Aluminum Alloys
    McColskey J., McCowan C., Reed R., Simon N.

    The Relative Ignitability and Flammability of Lead-Tin Binary Alloys in Oxygen
    Gunaji M., Sircar S., Stoltzfus J.

    Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Selected Hastelloys® in Oxygen Gas Mixtures
    Mazzarella R., McIlroy K., Zawierucha R.

    Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Precipitation Hardened Engineering Alloys
    McIlroy K., Zawierucha R.

    Iron Combustion in Microgravity
    Benz F., Steinberg T.

    The Analysis of Metals Combustion Using a Real-Time Gravimetric Technique
    Benz F., Gabel H., Sircar S., Stoltzfus J.

    Burn Propagation Behavior of Wire Mesh Made from Several Alloys
    Gunaji M., Lowrie R., Stoltzfus J.

    Oxygen Compatibility of High-Surface-Area Materials
    Dunbobbin B., Hansel J., Werley B.

    Flame Propagation Rate of Unalloyed Beryllium and Silicon Nitride in Oxygen
    Franklin J., Schoenman L.

    Temperature Increases in Aluminum Alloys During Mechanical-Impact Tests for Oxygen Compatibility
    Reed R., Simon N.

    Influence of Specimen-Absorbed Energy in Lox Mechanical-Impact Tests
    Berger J., McColskey J., Reed R., Simon N.

    Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanic Analyses of Rapid Pressurization in a Dead-End Tube
    Leslie I.

    Use of Computer Analysis to Predict and Reduce Liquid Hammer Forces in High Pressure, High Flow Liquid Oxygen Systems
    deQuay L., Scheuermann P.

    An Assessment of the Metals Flammability Hazard in the Kennedy Space Center Oxygen Systems
    Bryan C., Gunaji M., Stoltzfus J.

    Assessing LOX Compatibility for Aluminum-Lithium Alloys
    Nguyen B., Pham B.

    Oxygen Compatibility of Materials and Equipment for the Vulcain European Rocket Engine
    de Monicault J., Garceau P., Vagnard G.

    Test Methods and Interpretation of Results for Selecting Non-Metallic Materials for Oxygen Service
    Barthélémy H., Delode G., Vagnard G.

    Ignition of Materials in Oxygen Atmospheres: Comparison of Different Testing Methods for Ranking Materials
    Barthélémy H., Delode G., Vagnard G.

    Is “Lox Clean” Enough?
    Bryan C., Carman W., Schehl T., Underhill L.

    Special Construction Features of Centrifugal Compressors for Oxygen Service
    Boddenberg K., Waldmann J.

    Education and Training of Nonmedical Users of Portable Emergency Oxygen Inhalators at the Occupational Setting
    Starr L.

    Test Experience with a High-Pressure Oxygen Turbopump and Heat Exchanger
    McIlwain M., Sabiers R., Schoenman L.

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    Subject Index

    Committee: G04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1111-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5170-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1461-6

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