Geotechnical Engineering of Ocean Waste Disposal

    Demars KR, Chaney RC
    Published: 1990

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    15 peer-reviewed papers on geotechnical test methods and procedures used for site evaluation, design, construction, and monitoring of both contaminated areas and waste disposal facilities in the marine environment.

    Part A -- Shallow Ocen Disposal: Dredged Material, Sludges, and Bulking Wastes includes six papers on dredge material disposal.

    Part B -- Deep Ocean Disposal: Radioactive and Concentrated Chemical Wastes presents nine papers on both subseabed disposal of nuclear wastes and concentrated chemical wastes.

    For geotechnical engineers.

    Table of Contents

    Chaney R., Demars K.

    Chaney R., Demars K.

    Geotechnical Engineering for Ocean Waste Disposal: An Introduction
    Chaney R., Demars K., Lee H.

    Ocean Disposal of Particulate Wastes: Practices, Properties, and Processes
    Bohlen W.

    The Use of REMOTS® Imaging Technology for Disposal Site Selection and Monitoring
    Germano J., Rhoads D.

    The Use of Fiber Optic Sensors for In-Situ Chemical Measurements in the Ocean
    Goswami K., Pugh W., Tokar J.

    Real-Time In-Situ Monitoring of Dredge Disposal Sites
    Baldwin K., Bokuniewicz H., Irish J.

    A Seabed Sediment Sampler for Ocean Waste Disposal
    Smits F.

    Effects of Ocean Disposal of Wastes on Properties of Marine Sediments
    Fang H., Pamukcu S., Tuncan A.

    Geotechnical Properties and Processes of Deep Ocean Sediments as Related to Disposal of Toxic Wastes—An Overview
    Silva A.

    Geotechnical Aspects of Deep Ocean Radioactive Waste Disposal
    Freeman T.

    Subseabed Disposal Project Experiment: Piezometer Probe Measurement Technology
    Bennett R., Burns J., Li H., Lipkin J., Percival C., Valent P., Walter D.

    In-Situ Pore-Pressure Measurements for a Detailed Geotechnical Assessment of Marine Sediments: State of the Art
    Schultheiss P.

    Subseabed Disposal Project Experiment: Pore Water Pressure Response to Piezometer and Canister Insertion
    Bennett R., Burns J., Li H., Valent P., Walter D.

    Pore Pressure Response to Probe Insertion and Thermal Gradient: ISIMU-II
    Riggins M., Valent P.

    Thermal Aspects of the Subseabed Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste
    Hickox C., Olson L., Percival C.

    A Geotechnical Investigation of a Deep Ocean Site
    Freeman T., Schüttenhelm R.

    Microfabric of Illitic Clays from the Pacific Deep-Sea Basin: Significance to High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal
    Bennett R., Bryant W., Burkett P.

    Research Needs: Geotechnical Aspects of Ocean Waste Disposal
    Noorany I.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1087-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5145-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1390-9

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