Liquid Particle Size Measurement Techniques: 2nd Volume

    Hirleman ED, Bachalo WD, Felton PG
    Published: 1990

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    Covers important diagnostic techniques currently in use for detailed spray characterization. 19 papers in section on:

    • Calibration and Standardization

    • Spray Diagnostics

    • Ensemble Scattering Techniques

    • Optical Single Particle Analyzers

    Table of Contents

    Hirleman E.

    European Progress on Calibration and Standardization for Particle Sizing
    Meesters G., Merkus H., Scarlett B.

    Morphology Dependent Resonance Measurements of Berglund-Liu Generator Droplet Dispersion
    Bayvel L., Driver H., Knight J., Robertson G.

    A Multiple Drop-Size Drop Generator for Calibration of a Phase-Doppler Particle Analyzer
    Dressler J., Kraemer G.

    A Review of the Fraunhofer Diffraction Particle-Sizing Technique
    Felton P.

    The Method of Moments in Particle Sizing
    Mroczka J.

    Small-Droplet Spray Measurements with a Scattered-Light Scanner
    Buchele D., Ingebo R.

    A Laser Small-Angle Scattering Instrument for the Determination of Size and Concentration Distributions in Sprays
    Hayashi S.

    Influence of Size Distribution on Droplet Mean Diameter Obtained by Ensemble Light Scattering
    Dobbins R., Gupta A., Presser C., Semerjian H.

    Optical and Electronic Limitations of the Forward-Scattering Spectrometer Probe
    Baumgardner D., Cooper W., Dye J.

    An Image-Processing Technique for Determining Focus and Statistical Information about Nonspherical Particles in Sprays
    Talley D., Zhang Y.

    Characterization of Aerial Spray Nozzles with Laser Light-Scattering and Imaging Probes and Flash Photography
    Kristmanson D., Payne N., Picot J., van Vliet M.

    Droplet Sizing Interferometry
    Jackson T.

    Sensitivity Assessment of a Phase-Doppler Interferometer to User-Controlled Settings
    McDonell V., Samuelsen S.

    Phase-Doppler Measurements Near the Nozzle in a Low-Pressure Water Spray
    Sellens R.

    Time-Resolved Measurements of Spray Drop Size and Velocity
    Bachalo W., Rudoff R., Sankar S.

    Effect of Vaporization and Turbulence on Spray Drop-Size and Velocity Distributions
    Reitz R.

    Sampling Techniques to Determine Droplet Size Spectrum for Fan Nozzles
    Bode L., Bouse L., Mitchel R.

    Experimental Investigation of a Fan Spray Using Laser Diffraction and Phase-Doppler Instruments
    Dannehl M., Schöne F., Schulte G.

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    Committee: E29

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1083-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5141-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1459-3

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