Acoustic Emission: Current Practice and Future Directions

    Sachse W, Yamaguchi K, Roget J
    Published: 1991

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    Topics addressed include: sensors and AE systems; fundamental aspects of AE acousto-ultrasonics; new AE signal processing techniques; structural monitoring applications; material deformation studies; novel applications of AE measurement; geotechnical applications; and the use of AE to monitor failure processes in composite materials.

    Table of Contents

    Roget J., Sachse W., Yamaguchi K.

    The General Problems of AE Sensors
    Higo Y., Inaba H.

    Stress Wave Sensing - Affordable AE for Industry
    Holroyd T., King S., Randall N., Tracey T.

    Monitoring Electron Beam Welding Process Using Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT's)
    Bohm P., Crostack H., Storp H.

    Development and Future Aspects in AE Source Characterization
    Enoki M., Kishi T.

    Joule Heating Line and Point AE Sources and the Adhesion of Thin Metal Films
    Kim K., Sachse W.

    A Calibration Source for Acoustic Emission Analysis
    Carpenter S., Christiansen S., Heiple C.

    Simultaneous Velocity Tomography and Source Location of Synthetic Acoustic Emission Data
    Hutchins D., Maxwell S., Young R.

    Acousto-Ultrasonics: An Update
    Vary A.

    Theoretical Basis of the Acousto-Ultrasonic Method
    Duke J., Kiernan M.

    Acoustic Emission Technology Using Multi-Parameter Analysis of Waveform and Application to GFRP Tensile Tests
    Johkaji J., Kobayashi Y., Oyaizu H., Yamaguchi K.

    Acoustic Emission Detection of Crack Presence and Crack Advance During Flight
    Bowman P., MacPhail J., McBride S., Peters D., Pollard M.

    Structural Integrity Evaluation Using AE Techniques
    Harris R., Wood B.

    Solving AE Problems by a Neural Network
    Govekar E., Grabec I., Sachse W.

    Periodic Inspection of Compressed Gas Cylinders and Transport Vessels by Using Acoustic Emission Testing
    Barthélémy H.

    Detectability of Defects in Reactor Pressure Components by Location and Interpretation of AE-Sources
    Sklarczyk C., Waschkies E.

    Effect of Pre-Exposure to Water on the Acoustic Emission Behavior of 2091-T3 Al-Li Alloy
    Roman I., Zeides F.

    Acoustic Emission During Tensile Deformation and Fracture in Austenitic Alloys
    Jayakumar T., Raj B.

    Relationship between Acoustic Emission and Flaw Size in Si3N4 Ceramics
    Kishi T., Mori Y.

    A Comparison of the Acoustic Emission Generated from the Fracture and Decohesion of Graphite Nodules with Theoretical Predictions
    Carpenter S., Zhu Z.

    Evaluation of Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of Carburized Gear by Acoustic Emission Technique
    Aoki K., Kobayashi H., Obata Y., Shibata K., Yamaguchi T.

    Characterisation of Dust Impact Process at Low Velocity by Acoustic Emission
    Buttle D., Scruby C.

    Applications of Acoustic Emission Techniques for Diagnosis of Large Rotating Machinery and Mass Production Products
    Sato I., Sato K., Takikawa K., Tanaka T., Yanagibashi M., Yoneyama T.

    Cavitation Monitoring of Hydroturbines with RMS Acoustic Emission Measurement
    Derakhshan O., Houghton J., Jones R., March P.

    Tool Monitoring by Acoustic Emission
    Deschamps M., Gsib N., Roget J., Souquet P.

    Monitoring of the Machining Process by Means of Acoustic Emission Sensors
    Dornfeld D.

    Microseismics and Geotechnical Applications
    Ohtsu M.

    Acoustic Emission/Microseismic Activity at Very Low Strain Levels
    Armstrong B., Valdes C.

    Acoustic Emission Monitoring and Analysis Procedures Utilized During Deformation Studies on Geologic Materials
    Hardy H., Rao M., Sun X.

    Acoustic Emission Analysis and Ultrasonic Velocity Imaging in the Study of Rock Failure
    Chow T., Falls S., Hutchins D., Young R.

    Fracture Mechanism Studies of a Carbon Fiber-Peek Composite by Acoustic Emission
    Jeng J., Ono K., Yang J.

    On the Correlation between Acoustic Emission and Progression of Matrix Splitting in a Unidirectional Graphite/Epoxy Composite
    Awerbuch J., Ghaffari S.

    Identification of Fatigue Failure Modes in Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites with the Energy Discriminating Acoustic Emission Method
    Aernoudt E., De Meester P., Verpoest I., Wevers M.

    Detection of Impact Damage in Composite Bi-Axial Test Specimens by Use of Thermally-Activated Acoustic Emission
    Brosey W., Whittaker J.

    Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Contact Drying of Southern Pine Veneer
    Beall F.

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    Committee: E07

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1077-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5160-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1389-3

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