Geotechnics of Waste Fills—Theory and Practice

    Landva A, Knowles GD
    Published: 1990

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    Explores the geotechnical properties and behavior of waste fill materials. 23 peer-reviewed papers provide solutions to problems pertaining to placing methods, field and laboratory sampling and testing, classification, and in-situ improvement methods.

    Papers in 4 sections:

    • Landfill Investigations, Design, Construction

    • Stabilization, Compaction, Consolidation

    • Stability and Settlement Analyses

    • and Case Histories.

    Useful handbook for design and construction on and in the large number of closed landfills in North America and elsewhere.

    Table of Contents

    Knowles G., Landva A.

    Settlement and Engineering Considerations in Landfill and Final Cover Design
    Morris D., Woods C.

    Solid Waste Landfill Performance During the LOMA Prieta Earthquake
    Finch M., Orr W.

    Predicting Stratigraphy at Landfill Sites Using Electromagnetics
    Boutwell G., Lawrence T.

    Geotechnical Considerations When Planning Construction on a Landfill
    Gifford G., Hoffman V., Landva A.

    Field Measurements of Dynamic Moduli and Poisson's Ratios of Refuse and Underlying Soils at a Landfill Site
    Dukes M., Olsen D., Sharma H.

    Bottom Ash as Embankment Material
    Huang W., Lovell C.

    Geotechnics of Waste Fill
    Clark J., Landva A.

    The Wak Test to Check the Increase in Soil Stiffness Due to Dynamic Compaction
    Briaud J., Lepert P., Liu M.

    Engineering and Compaction Characteristics of Boiler Slag
    Acar Y., Puppala A., Seals R.

    The Geotechnical Properties of Cemented Colliery Waste for Use in Land Fill
    Davies M.

    Improvement of Mine Spoils in Southern Illinois
    Kiefer M., Koutsoftas D.

    Laboratory Testing of Lime Fixed Flyash and FGD Sludge

    Constitutive Behavior of Clay and Pozzolan-Stabilized Hydrocarbon Refining Waste
    Biehl F., Browning J., Martin J., Van Keuren E.

    Stability Considerations in the Design and Construction of Lined Waste Repositories
    Mitchell J., Seed H., Seed R.

    Settlement of Municipal Refuse
    Edil T., Ranguette V., Wuellner W.

    Evaluation of the Stability of Sanitary Landfills
    Murphy B., Singh S.

    Slope Stability Investigations at a Landfill in Southern California
    Anderson D., Robertson R., Siegel R.

    Stability Consideration of Vertical Landfill Expansions
    Davis K., Druback G., Tieman G., Weidner C.

    Landfill Deformation Monitoring and Stability Analysis
    Duplancic N.

    Geotechnical Analysis of Some Industrial Sludges
    Belfiore F., Manassero M., Viola C.

    Landfill Site Reclaimed for Commercial Use as Container Storage Facility
    Hinkle R.

    Case History: Use of the Cone Penetrometer to Calculate the Settlement of a Chemically Stabilized Landfill
    Oakley R.

    Monitoring Landfill Movements Using Precise Instruments
    Coduto D., Huitric R.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1070-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5130-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1285-8

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