Air Change Rate and Airtightness in Buildings

    Sherman MH
    Published: 1990

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    Information on state-of-the-art techniques for measuring air change rates. Many papers contain measured data on either airtightness or air change rates, some from large datasets. Papers also address the error associated with making field measurement using various techniques. 22 peer-reviewed papers appear in sections on tracer gas techniques, air exchange rate measurement, residential airtightness, multizone leakage, and comparison of techniques. For blower door contractors, researchers, specification writers, government agencies.

    Table of Contents

    Sherman M.

    Tracer Gas Measurement Systems Compared in a Multifamily Building
    Bohac D., D'Ottavio T., Dickerhoff D., Dietz R., Harrje D., Sherman M.

    A Numerical Investigation of the Constant Tracer Flow Technique
    Lagus P., Lie K.

    Measuring Airflow Rates with Pulse Tracer Techniques
    Axley J., Persily A.

    Air Change Measurements of Five Army Buildings in Alaska
    Flanders S.

    The User's Influence on Air Change
    Collet P., Kvisgaard B.

    The Relation of CO2 Concentration to Office Building Ventilation
    Dols W., Persily A.

    The Northwest Residential Infiltration Survey: A Field Study of Ventilation in New Homes in the Pacific Northwest
    Harris J., McSorley M., Parker G.

    Comparison of Methods for the Measurement of Air Change Rates and Interzonal Airflows in Two Test Residences
    Fortmann R., Nagda N., Rector H.

    Results of a Pre-Field Measurement Program Fan Pressurization Comparative Test
    Hadley D.

    The Effects of Wind on Residential Building Leakage Measurements
    Modera M., Wilson D.

    Fan Door Testing on Crawl Space Buildings
    Balzer F., Brennan T., Osborne M., Pyle B., Williamson A.

    Air Leakage Tests of Manufactured Housing in the Northwest United States
    Ek C., Gregg G., Onisko S.

    Air Leakage Measurements in Dwellings in Turkey
    Oskay R., Tanribilir A., Yener C.

    Investigation of a Fan-Pressurization Technique for Measuring Interzonal Air Leakage
    Herrlin M., Modera M.

    Airtightness Survey of Row Houses in Calgary, Alberta
    Love J.

    Airtightness Measurements in Two UK Office Buildings
    Perera M., Stephen R., Tull R.

    Methods for Measuring Air Leakage in High-Rise Apartments
    Gasparetto S., Reardon J., Shaw C.

    Simple Test Method for Evaluating Exterior Wall Airtightness of Tall Office Buildings
    Hayakawa S., Togari S.

    Measurement of Airtightness, Air Infiltration, and Indoor Air Quality in Ten Detached Houses in Sendai, Japan
    Matsumoto H., Nagatomo M., Utsumi Y., Yamamoto Y., Yoshino H.

    Comparison of Different Methods for Airtightness and Air Change Rate Determination
    Nantka M.

    Airtightness Characteristics of Electrically Heated Houses in the Residential Standards Demonstration Program
    Parker D.

    Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre's Guide to Air Exchange Rate and Airtightness Measurement Techniques
    Charlesworth P.

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    Committee: E06

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1067-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5128-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1451-7

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