Surface-Crack Growth: Models, Experiments, and Structures

    Reuter WG, Underwood JH, Newman JC
    Published: 1990

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    Helps those responsible for predicting structural integrity understand the most common type of crack growth in structural components. 22 papers divided into sections on Models and Experiments, and Fatigue Crack Growth.

    Table of Contents

    Newman J., Reuter W., Underwood J.

    A Surface Crack Review: Elastic and Elastic-Plastic Behavior
    Parks D.

    Evaluation of Finite-Element Models and Stress-Intensity Factors for Surface Cracks Emanating from Stress Concentrations
    Newman J., Raju I., Shivakumar K., Tan P.

    Tabulated Stress-Intensity Factors for Corner Cracks at Holes Under Stress Gradients
    Grandt A., Perez R., Saff C.

    Fracture Analysis for Three-Dimensional Bodies with Surface Crack
    Yingzhi L.

    On the Semi-Elliptical Surface Crack Problem: Detailed Numerical Solutions for Complete Elastic Stress Fields
    Andersson B., Blom A.

    Analysis of Optical Measurements of Free-Surface Effects on Natural Surface and Through Cracks
    Chang C., Rezvani M., Smith C.

    Optical and Finite-Element Investigation of a Plastically Deformed Surface Flaw Under Tension
    Chiang F., Olinkiewicz J., Tippur H.

    Extraction of Stress-Intensity Factor from In-Plane Displacements Measured by Holographic Interferometry
    Dally J., Sciammarella C., Shareef I.

    Fracture Behavior Prediction for Rapidly Loaded Surface-Cracked Specimens
    Hackett E., Kirk M.

    Measurements of CTOD and CTOA Around Surface-Crack Perimeters and Relationships Between Elastic and Elastic-Plastic CTOD Values
    Lloyd W., Reuter W.

    Surface Cracks in Thick Laminated Fiber Composite Plates
    Chatterjee S.

    Surface Crack Analysis Applied to Impact Damage in a Thick Graphite/Epoxy Composite
    Harris C., Morris D., Poe C.

    Experimental Evaluation of Stress-Intensity Solutions for Surface Flaw Growth in Plates
    Blind J., Canda W., Carter D.

    A Novel Procedure to Study Crack Initiation and Growth in Thermal Fatigue Testing
    Dorner W., Ilschner B., Marchand N.

    Observations of Three-Dimensional Surface Flaw Geometries During Fatigue Crack Growth in PMMA
    Grandt A., Nicholas T., Troha W.

    Some Special Computations and Experiments on Surface Crack Growth
    Prodan M., Radon J.

    Influences of Crack Closure and Load History on Near-Threshold Crack Growth Behavior in Surface Flaws
    Jira J., Nagy D., Nicholas T.

    Growth of Surface Cracks Under Fatigue and Monotonic Increasing Load
    Hodulak L.

    Experimental Investigation of Subcritical Growth of a Surface Flaw
    Ramulu M.

    Measurement and Analysis of Surface Cracks in Tubular Threaded Connections
    Glinka G., Newport A.

    Propagation of Surface Cracks in Notched and Unnotched Rods
    Caspers M., Mattheck C., Munz D.

    Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of Surface Fatigue Cracks in Weldments
    Glinka G., Niu X.

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    Committee: E08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1060-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5121-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1284-1

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